Anthropologist Ed Dutton Gets YouTube Ban Because Race Denier Angela Saini's Book Is Above Criticism
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If you are a protected group, then the work you produce cannot be criticized. This fact was brought into sharp relief on 27th June over a video review of the book, Superior: The Return of Race Science by Angela Saini, which was published earlier this month.

British anthropologist Edward Dutton naively uploaded a highly critical, yet very fair, review of Superior on his YouTube Channel The Jolly Heretic. But Dutton failed to understand that because Saini is a female journalist of Punjabi heritage, this simply isn’t allowed. She and her work are not to be criticized. YouTube, under mob pressure, deleted his video.

Dutton began his video—as he always does—with a comical introduction. He did an impression of Saini, highlighting the fact that her body language—in interviews—seems at odds with her verbally expressed certainty and noting the fact—quite obvious from the book—that she has a “chip on her shoulder” about race, has experienced some kind of family “rift” over inter-caste marriage, and is extremely emotional about the whole issue of “race.”

But for the SJWs dressed up as scholars, impersonation of a public figure—Saini has been all the over the British media—is fine, as long she’s not in a “protected” category: “he’s impersonate Angela in that bit [sic.]. This is just awful” tweeted Dr Jess Wade, a privately educated physicist and trained artist based at Imperial College, London, whose Wikipedia page claims that Saini is one of her “influences”.

Beyond the insufficiently deferential impersonation, Dutton’s praised Saini’s apparent skill as a writer, criticized her postmodern viewpoint and systematically refuted each of her arguments against the reality of race. Dutton then—and this may have triggered the clearly emotional Dr Wade—noted that Saini ignored widely known rebuttals of her criticisms of race and of intelligence, and had completely misunderstood the Flynn Effect—rising IQ scores scores across the twentieth century—implying that she hadn’t read much about it.

Dutton then went through the numerous mistakes, and evidence of “sloppiness,” he had found in the book: Saini got the Darwin book that presented evolutionary theory wrong, she had got the editor of the journal Mankind Quarterly wrong (Dutton has been the editor since January), she had used Mankind Quarterly as a source despite dismissing its value out of hand, she had misrepresented assorted researchers . . . her book was laden with “errors,” argued Dutton, because, having been bullied as a child in London due to her race, she was simply too emotionally involved in her subject. Indeed, Dutton explored Saini’s psychology, arguing that she was traumatised, Neurotic, and also too “empathetic,” resulting in her “emotional” world view. He compared her book to The Bell Jar by Silvia Plath, though he ultimately recommended reading it.

This was too much for the scientifically-minded physicist Jess Wade. She tweeted:

Persuading her various follows to do likewise, she demanded YouTube remove Dutton’s video because “It is literally inciting hate” and when it was removed the emotionally mature Wade tweeted “Take that racists!”

Dutton himself tweeted that the video had originally been demonetized by YouTube for being “controversial”—their policy is that if a video is “controversial” it has “limited or no adds.” Dutton appealed against this, YouTube “manually reviewed” his video, and YouTube decided it was not “controversial” and thus fully monetized it, implying that it was nowhere close to breaking YouTube’s “community guidelines on hate speech.” However, the SJW mob compelled YouTube to reverse this decision, Dutton appealed, and YouTube refused to budge

But this wasn’t good enough for the blood-scenting private school girl. Wade got in touch with Oulu University, in northern Finland, where Dutton is a ‘Docent’ - a kind of honorary adjunct senior lecturer (the official English translation is “Adjunct Professor”)—demanding that Dutton be stripped of his affiliation.

Reflecting Finland’s “shame culture” and its obsession with the views of Western foreigners, and especially of the British, which Dutton has explored in his book The Silent Rape Epidemic: How the Finns Were Groomed to Love Their Abusers, Oulu University tweeted:

Being from Englan-istan, and happily so, where academics, such as Dr Noah Carl, are fired for logical and reasoned arguments, wealthy Wade was rather winded by this:

Especially as a Finnish academic added:

Meanwhile Dutton’s withering evisceration of Saini’s booka shorter version of which was published in the eminently respectable Quarterly Review which was founded in 1809has reached far more people than it otherwise would have. And he has now uploaded it to Bitchute; the YouTube of 15 years ago, before the anti-intellectual Left got their hands on it.

In the review, Dutton argues that Leftists are deficient in “systematising” ability and so obsessed with “empathy”—finding external signals of underlying states—that they are like paranoid schizophrenics. They see “power” conspiracies everywhere and nothing is what it seems. They are also high in Neuroticism, meaning they demand absolute certainty and see the world as do children, in terms of “good” and evil”.

This is clearly how Dr Wade sees the world. It is why any criticism of her idol is unacceptable. It is why those who do so must have evil motives. It is why “minorities” must be above criticism. But, clearly, this way of thinking hasn’t taken hold in Finland as much as it has in the UK.

Let’s hope the nationalistic spirit that held out against Stalin in 1939 keeps people like Stalin—people like Jess Wade—well beyond Finland’s borders.  


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