Oklahoma’s Governor Stitt Decries ”Hate Speech,” Says It Won’t Be Tolerated. But Who Defines ”Hate Speech”?
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Oklahoma’s Governor Kevin Stitt (who thinks it’s ok for a Mexican diplomat to help draft state legislation) believes in ”hate speech” and that some people should be expelled from universities for their point of view.  

What if the governor of Oklahoma doesn’t agree with your point of view?

Stitt was being interviewed by Brian Kilmeade on Fox News about the pro-Hamas demonstrations on university campuses. The Oklahoma governor said pro-Hamas students should be expelled from universities and he spoke about ”hate speech.”

On his twitter account, Stitt added this comment : ”We’re all about free speech in Oklahoma. But hate speech isn’t going to be tolerated.”

Is he not aware that ”hate speech” is not an American legal concept? And it shouldn’t be. After all, who defines ”hate”?

Today it’s pro-Hamas students and tomorrow it may be your point of view.

Demonstrators who break things and hurt people should be punished, but not for their beliefs. Does Governor Stitt not understand that?

Ask Governor Stitt about it here.


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