NYT: Nice White Lady Teachers Are Practically George Zimmerman-Level Racists
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In the past, affirmative action for black schoolteachers, especially black male teachers, was usually justified with a Role Model rationale: It’s good for poor black children, especially black boys, to see that some blacks grow up to have respectable jobs where they show up to work on time.

But lately, the conventional wisdom has been shifting away from that somewhat condescending Role Model rationale toward the remarkably hostile argument that blacks must be given special breaks when applying to be teachers because lots and lots of those Obama-voting, MLK-worshipping Nice White Lady schoolteachers are actually secret implicit racists, practically homicidal George Zimmermans. For example, here’s an op-ed by a black teacher in the NYT:

The Real Reason Black Kids Benefit From Black Teachers


For black students, having even one black teacher can make a huge difference. That’s the conclusion of a new study, which found that that black boys who had a black teacher during their elementary school years were less likely to drop out of high school.

Replicate much?
… The fact that my skin color matches that of my students doesn’t give me any superpowers as an educator. But it does give me the ability to see them in a way that’s untarnished by the stereotypes, biases and cultural disconnects that fuel inequality and injustice — like the outlook that made Trayvon Martin, carrying Skittles, appear dangerously suspicious to the man who took his life.
So all you nice white lady teachers out there, you’re this close to going all George Zimmerman on saintly young Trayvons.

Something must be done about you.

Seriously, the anti-white rhetorical hostility level keeps going up and up.

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