What I Saw At The Rally—Profound Patriotism, Trump Fecklessness, And, Yes, Antifa
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Unlike Ann Coulter, I believe Trump won the election and I believe that this matters. And the millions that voted for him did so knowing all his personality flaws and failings. Donald Trump didn’t build the wall (well, just 400 miles of it), he didn’t deport all the illegals, he didn’t stop H1B, he didn’t even end the notorious Carried Interest loophole. Yet people kept faith in him. Why?

Standing in the bitter cold of the Mall on Jan 6 with perhaps 400,000 others waiting for hours to hear Trump speak the answer seemed simple and as old as the basic human need to organize in self-defense. The people were there to hear their leader. Shivering and waiting, they wanted someone to give them some hope for the future—a sense of resolution and confidence and superior strength.

But strength against what? What were these people afraid of that made them stick with Trump through all his personality flaws, shrugging off the relentless attacks from the Left that have gone on for years?

A common view is that they were fooled by Trump. But they were not fooled. They saw everything and looked beyond. They ignored Trump the quasi-literate vulgarian who really thought having a "top running reality show" was boast-worthy instead of an embarrassment. They stuck with Trump because Trump was one of them, only with the power to stop the Globalist nightmare.

What the Left is setting about doing now tells us more about the Trump movement than Trump ever did: the complete dissolution of a people and a nation, the relentless lying and propaganda, the Big Tech censorship and surveillance. Trump’s voters instinctively sensed this threat. So did Trump, but he did nothing about it.

And Trump never escaped the Leftist narrative within himself. He stood up to incredible abuse, but still at some level he remained terrified of being called a racist or a white supremacist or Eurocentric. He never saw Jared Kushner as a menace even as he let Kushner’s liberalism gut his agenda. He fought against the Marxist media that wanted him dead. However, he also constantly tried to appease them, wanting desperately to be liked. But Communism never likes anyone or anything it uses and destroys everything.

The history of the 20th Century taught that lesson. But reading history is not something real estate tycoons have time for. Trump was a man of great intelligence and courage but no intellectual understanding of what he was dealing with.

But above all it was Trump’s failure with the GOP itself that destroyed him and his movement. The final blow came even during the rally when Vice President Mike Pence, the poker-faced GOP hack whom Coulter and VDARE.com warned Trump against selecting, stabbed him in the back and certified the election results, to Trump’s apparently genuine surprise. Thus putting an end to challenging what I and many others view as the most corrupt election in history and handing the country over to the Left and to China.

The Trump Revolution was very real, immensely powerful—but then went nowhere. And January 6th rally showed why.

While driving to the rally from New England, I was passed by trucks with Trump flags whipping in the breeze. Every 100 miles I pulled over in a rest stop and went up to gatherings of Trump supporters to say hello. The camaraderie was immediate. We were in this together. They all said the same thing: they were going to fight for Trump. They were going to take the county back.

But what awaited them in DC was typical of the entire movement. An empty field, a podium waiting for Trump to speak and that was it.

There was no organization to bring these people into something bigger than Donald Trump. I imagined how easy it would have been to have tables set up for each state Colorado, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, etc. At each table, an organizer with sign-up lists for networks within each state.

This should have begun the moment Trump announced he was running in 2015. Very soon Trump organizations much bigger than the GOP would have dominated the political landscape. Organizations that told the GOP "you need us…we don’t need you". Organizations that had their own communications networks, broadcast stations, meeting places, election candidates.

An entirely new political party could have been formed out of these Trump rallies something we desperately need now. But no emails were collected, no officers appointed, no funds gathered.

Nothing that Trump said on Jan 6 was new—in fact, people were drifting away towards the end. But it is the missed opportunity to organize has crippled us, perhaps fatally. The Swamp is already denouncing Trump. Soon the entire four years will go down the Memory Hole.

Everyone I met at the rally and in years before would have loved a job helping his movement. These guys were computer programmers, social media wizards, electricians, writers, printers, real estate brokers, farmers, police, and government officials. They would have worked for $5 an hour.

But no one in Trump World thought about these people and no-one thought of them on Jan 6th. They stood in cold empty field as the buildings of The Swamp looked down on them sneering.

A cup of coffee would have been nice…a place to get warm…maybe a word of welcome from the organizers…a free hat to say I was there. Yeah, a free hat. But nothing.

Trump sabotaged himself from the start—arguably when he endorsed the treacherous Paul Ryan against Paul Nehlen in the 2016 primary which I’d driven across country to work in. He thought in Swamp terms, worried by what the Swamp would say, went from one Swamp creature to the next, making himself reliant on the GOP Establishment that hated him so much, trying to communicate through the Marxist media and whining pathetically when they didn’t tell the truth.

On January 6th, both strategically and tactically, Trump was way behind his enemies. He had warned Antifa against coming to the rally. But I believe that Antifa was already there amongst the crowd, something strenuously denied by the MSM.

You could see it in the assault on the Capitol building. One group of older folks climbed on the balconies waving American flags singing God Bless America. But another, 20-something group, behaving in a way strangely reminiscent of the streets of Portland, immediately began breaking windows.

The two activities are not compatible. You don’t sing God Bless America while smashing public property. I even saw one group trying to stop the vandalism, and knocking down the window breakers. The other was cursing at cops and throwing rocks.

But it’s the reaction of the Swamp to the vandalism tells the story. Cities burned in 2020 and the Ruling Class did nothing. Not one golf tee-off time was missed as these people thought about Minneapolis or Kenosha.

But Now Trump Must Go!—to "stop the violence".

The only significant violence of the day: the point-blank execution by a Capitol Hill cop of a woman holding a Trump flag trying to go down a hallway. Evidently, she was filled with the belief that if she could just walk down that hallway and explain her views to the right person things would change.

Now it’s over. For Conservatism Inc. there is an upside to the coming Communist tyranny—another four years of talk show publicity, First Class air travel, longs lines at book signings where a scribbled signature on a fly sheet brings the sound of a cash register. $29.95 ka-ching. Thank you…good luck. Next please.

But for the rest of us there is no upside.

Americans returning from the January 6 rally defeated by the Swamp will go back to their dead-end jobs, bullied by lies that now surround them every second. Every news article directed against them. Every act of their Government aimed on erasing them from history. They will grow poorer more hopeless and more angry—while knowing that if they cross the line, savage selective prosecution and jail is waiting.

Jared Kushner and his group will skate away as they always do. I hear he bought a billion dollars of rental property in the DC area. Apartment buildings to be filled with new Government workers of the Biden Administration.

Win Win.

J.R. Kipling (email him) drove across the country to help Paul Nehlen’s primary campaign against Paul Ryan.

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