Trump/Pence: Blunder Or Betrayal?
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I do not agree with James Fulford. In choosing Mike Pence as his running mate Donald Trump has made a serious blunder as Ann Coulter warned. And the best that can be hoped is that it is just a mistake, and that Trump has not been betrayed.

I see no reason to alter my judgement of Pence in Help! Helen Krieble's Horse Farm Workers Want To Be Paid Too Much! ten years ago. Pence was a ‘contemptible disgrace’ for trying sneakily to assist Plutocrats to get cheap labor. His scam was thoroughly dissected for us by Bryanna Bevans in The New Senate Bill Is Amnesty For Millions—The Pence Plan Is Amnesty For Millions More and Marcus Henry in Congressman Mike Pence and the Amnesty Lobby.

Last year as Peter Brimelow discussed in Three Key Terms That Could Have Saved Mike Pence! (And Will Save America) Pence totally disgraced himself by fleeing in terror when legislation he had signed incurred the wrath of the Gay Gestapo. No hero here!

Last week One Old Vet, a veteran of Indiana politics,  reposted The Mike Pence I Know relating a conversation with him in which he directly lied about his 2006 proposal

Pence personally assured me that he would never support amnesty nor any legislation that rewarded ILLEGALS. He lied.

In May of this year (2013) Mike Pence signed into Indiana law a bill that provides in-state tuition for ILLEGAL aliens. We can expect more of the same hispandering and semantic game playing from him that we”ve seen from other RINOS like Graham, McCain and Rubio

JAG commented on our Facebook posting of NO To “Hapless Jackal” Mike Pence Too! Trump Has Better VP Choices

As a Hoosier, I can tell you that Mike Pence is a turncoat establishment GOP creep who believes in nothing but making money.

All in all, this has the hallmark of Stupid Party Consultants in action – causing questions to be raised about the sincerity of Trump’s commitment to Patriotic Immigration Reform, and therefore creating the risk of another low white turnout fiasco.

And the terrible thing is this may be deliberate. If Trump wins with a Vice President of proven corruptibility and cowardice, a rapid impeachment is guaranteed. He is challenging such powerful vested interests on a range of subjects that a knock-down drag-out fight with Congress is inevitable. The only way to avoid impeachment is to choose someone who would scare the Bad Guys even more.

Does Trump realize Vice Presidents can’t be fired? Who passed him this poisoned chalice? He may think he is conciliating the DC Barons but he is giving them the means to destroy him.

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