Trump: What's the Matter with Minnesota?
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To mourn George Floyd, BLM and Antifa rioters backed by the Democratic leadership of Minnesota burned down much of business districts of Minneapolis. Similar but but not quite as expansive wanton destruction was wreaked upon the Wisconsin cities of Kenosha, Madison, and Milwaukee. But the Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who ran a personality-free campaign from his basement, wound up eking out a narrow win in Wisconsin and a sizable win in Minnesota, much bigger than in 2016.


One analyst attributes this to a difference in cultural preferences between two types of seemingly similar white Protestants of working and middle class status: British vs. Germanic-Nordic. The latter don’t like the former’s tradition of braggadocio, which goes back to Andrew Jackson and before.

I can’t find a line from a Garrison Keillor short story about a Minnesota minor league baseball announcer who confides in the young G.K. to the effect that “Norwegians refuse to be entertained.”

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