Did We Vote For President Kushner? Is It To Be MAGA Or MIGN!?
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H/T Pic Mondoweiss

In his sagacious post: Collapse Of Trumpism—On War AND Immigration?  yesterday John Derbyshire observed

Of course, it’s a shame for little kids to be killed. And poisoning by gas is a nasty way to go. But the world is full of horrors. Why is this particular one any of America’s business?

…One possibility being aired: The President has been captured by his daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner… speaking as the father of a princess myself, I know how susceptible we can be.

Today I read Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’ By Vincent Wood Daily Express Sat April 8, 2017.

This is bad enough, but Jared Kushner is far, far worse. A very-well informed observer is Philip Weiss, founder of the intrepid and iconoclastic site Mondoweiss. What he has to say in Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago Mondoweiss January 18 2017 is chilling:

Kushner was 25 when he bought the New York Observer from investment banker/artist Arthur Carter in 2006… I was apprehensive about Kushner’s view of…me. I knew that he had been a big supporter of the orthodox Jewish Chabad House at Harvard and had lauded Alan Dershowitz there. Not a good sign — when I was discovering Rachel Corrie and The Israel Lobby
(Remember Rachel Corrie?)

Weiss continues -

It was somewhat shocking…that a guy who had no experience of journalism, and was a boob about literature, wasn’t a very good reader, had spent his college years doing real estate deals, etc., was eager to make decisions about the paper’s values.

I didn’t last…long. Jared and I had… two very uncomfortable meetings over Israel and Palestine…In the first, Kushner told me about his Holocaust background, his grandparents who barely survived, and his regard for Israel...when I started talking about the occupation [of Lebanon], the room went cold as the poles, and Kushner gazed right through me with those unsmiling dark little eyes…

My interactions with Jared were limited, but they don’t give me hope about his ability to achieve peace in the Middle East. He lived in a deeply-Zionist-patriarchal mental space then; I never saw him take a step out of it. There was a provincial element to his commitment. As [the NYO editor] said, he didn’t know what he didn’t know…I never saw any worldliness or largeness of spirit.

Weiss says some nice things about Kushner which are chivalrous and irrelevant to the present question:

Was the 2016 campaign purpose MAGA?

Or MIGN! ?

(Make Israel Greater NOW! )

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