Murders Of Whites By Black Teens Go Down The Memory Hole
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On July 11, 2015, Derrys Sanders, Jr., age 14, shot and killed Jacob Pushinsky, age 18. The 14 year-old murdered Pushinsky to steal his bicycle. Remember that? No?

The only news of this seems to be from Pennsylvania. The murder took place in Erie. With all the news of kids with guns, it's time to go down the memory hole.

Derrys Sanders is black and Jacob Pushinsky was white. From reading old news reports, one finds that Derrys had "mental health issues" and Jacob Pushinsky was a model student.

Derrys Sanders was convicted  and sentenced to 35 years to life for the murder and the long  sentence was just upheld.

From old news reports, Derrys Sanders lived in a home with two parents and no guns according to his mother's statement.

Why are stories of black juveniles murdering whites not making national news?

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