Report From Wisconsin: An Immigration Patriot On Ryan, Nehlen, Ann Coulter, And the MSM
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The First Congressional District of Wisconsin is perfect for the purposes of the GOP Establishment. Here the demographics of the Historic American Nation are still largely intact. No one here has felt the impact of who Paul Ryan really is, or who he represents or what he promotes. And so they vote for him. Maybe.

Elsewhere are the Third World slums of Miami, Houston and Los Angeles, elsewhere the collapsing infrastructure, the rot, the crime, the corruption. Elsewhere, the 2300 Hispanic gangs, the thousand Spanish-language radio stations, the graffiti-covered walls proclaiming the New Aztlan or the New Afrikka or The New Caliphate. Elsewhere, the dull angry stares of new arrivals from Cambodia, Haiti, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan. Elsewhere, the teeming welfare offices, full of the same dull angry faces, staring, feeling cheated, hating this infidel country, hating Whitey, planning for a different future where they will have more say.

Planning for a Post-Ryan America, so to speak.

But all that comes later. Right now the GOP Establishment wants Paul Ryan to be reelected in Wisconsin.

Here in Southern Wisconsin, it’s quiet. There is only the sound of Lake Michigan’s waves lapping the sand, the sound of corn rustling in the breeze. Elsewhere the gunshots and sirens in the night, elsewhere the crying and cursing across a disintegrating country. Here there’s only the immaculate farms and quaint towns.

Yes, here in Southern Wisconsin the boys from Goldman Sachs have found the last remnants of traditional America to use as a launching platform for Globalism. A place that will trust and vote for the likes of Paul Ryan and never figure out who he really is.

It’s funny how Globalism promotes itself as futuristic, cosmopolitan, urbane, the product of faster information, better markets, the face of a even more efficient Brave New World. What Globalism really needs to work is local gullibility, local ignorance and local corruption.

Globalism preys on places like Southern Wisconsin. Here, people live out their lives and can’t quite get the big picture of what Paul Ryan really means. But they can be counted to vote for him—the local “Aw Shucks” boy with the nice smile.

People love Paul Ryan. He is “one of them.” And that’s all Goldman Sachs needs in a reliable functionary.

On the other side of the world, the local African dictator takes the Goldman Sachs bribes and agrees to turn his country into an open-air toxic waste dump site. The rusting barrels of dioxin and radioactive waste lie hidden in the weeds. No one questions, no one understands. But the people love their leader too. He cares. He built a Community Center. Like the Clintons, Globalism, is, if anything, opportunistic.

Yes, Goldman Sachs. As primary challenger Paul Nehlen describes it, Wall Street groomed Paul Ryan. They spot the Paul Ryans and Eric Cantors and John Boehners early on—the local nice guys, genial, mediocre, slightly dim, preferably drunk, but above all purchasable. And if they come from places like Janesville, Wisconsin, Glen Allen, Virginia, or Butler County Ohio so much the better.

Wienermobile_OURDOG_plateThere will always be campaign money for them to overcome any local challengers. There will always be a friendly Main Stream Media to protect them. A lapdog media based in Manhattan.

The two Pauls. Paul Nehlen, Paul Ryan. They both come from Southern Wisconsin. But no two men are more unlike. As unlike as, say, Americanism and Globalism.

Nehlen at 18 started repairing machines on the factory floor. Then he sent himself through night school to become an engineer. It took him 12 years. Money was short. He worked all day and went to bed tired.

But for Paul Ryan, money has never been short, time was plentiful. Time for golfing, time for photo ops, time for Gala dinners with celebs. Time for the Freedom Caucus.

How can this be? Ryan has never had a real job in his life. “He drove the Wienermobile!!” snorts Paul Nehlen. Yes!—the only recorded job Paul Ryan held before he got into the political racket and onto the Goldman Sachs payroll was driving the Wienermobile at college pep rallies. But once Goldman Sachs discovered how reliable an investment Paul Ryan was, the gravy train never stopped.

So there you have it, again. Globalism vs Americanism. Paul Nehlen, the product of the quaint, now obsolete nation-state of USA vs. Paul Ryan the product of Globalism. You choose who to vote for.

The Globalist media will help you decide. They will tell you, the GOP Establishment will tell you, the Media will tell you , Goldman Sachs, the Fed, the Beltway foundations—all of them will tell you: it’s time to reelect Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.

Nehlen rally, Kenosha WI.—4pm, Saturday, August 6 2016.

The rally in a parking lot is something we've seen before. The patriotic music, the American flags. The sun beat down on the asphalt. The crowd sat in the shade until the event began. 94 degrees at 4 PM!

First speaker: Ron Maxwell, the movie director, on the arrogance of the political/ cultural Elite. He knows. He works in Hollywood. Maxwell makes movies (Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, Copperheads) about the Civil War. That’s 1861-1865. He might as well make movies about 1961-1965. A date just as remote from the current state of America.

How about a movie about, not the 1865 surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, but about the surrender of America to the 1965 Immigration Act?

Then came the Gold Star Mothers…whose sons were killed by illegal aliens. Mere backwash from Paul Ryan’s globalist vision. They are a nagging embarrassment for the Political Elite. Can’t they just go away?

Paul Ryan has refused to talk with Laura Wilkerson, whose son was set alight with gasoline by an illegal alien who just hated Whitey. Paul Ryan won’t roll down the windows of the black SUV to talk Ms. Wilkerson and just wants to get to his meeting with, perhaps, the Chamber of Commerce. Of course Ryan won’t just run her over—they only do that in Third World countries.

The rally continues. Next, the incendiary Ann Coulter. “Just what does mass immigration do for Americans?” she asks.

The crowd shuffles in silence. Across the street, the electronic billboard from the First Methodist Church of Saccharine Christianity blinks out its faux Christian message “God is Love” “There is Room at the Table for Everyone.”

The mindless machine blinks on and off. It’s the message beaten into the head of every American since birth. Charity, Love, Caring…But to whom, for what reason, to benefit whom?

What to say to Ann Coulter’s blunt question? The crowd shuffles in silence. After all, we are a “Nation of Immigrants” aren’t we? The ADL says so.

Suddenly, someone answers Coulter: “Nothing!”

The cork is out of the Outrage Bottle! An electric moment of understanding flashes through the crowd! The crowd is in frenzy! It’s all a con job!  "NO MORE Immigration! NO SYRIANS!" begin the chants.

Could a crowd of Americans have said this five years ago? Before Paris, before London, before Orlando, before San Bernardino?

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the Media looking at each other nervously. Things are moving in a bad direction for them.

Paul Nehlen takes the stage. He understands complex machines. He has been working with them all his life. He understands all the complex workings of the Globalist machine. The banks, the politicians, the all the D.C. foundations, the TV evangelists, the airhead movie stars, the fake charities, the refugee racketeers, Goldman Sachs, Michael Bloomberg…In short, the rip-off of every decent feeling and their replacement by Globalist con artists. The complete degradation of a culture and country.

Nehlen’s speaking style is masterful. If there is going to be a new model for American politician, let Paul Nehlen be it. He has come so far since I first heard him. Fluent, masterful, his voice alive with emotion, then moving onto stark statistical fact.

The seething anger of the Coulter-driven crowd calms down as Nehlen moves calmly across the spectrum of the Globalist scam. Quoting the Commerce Clause by heart, Nehlen reminds America of the Founding Fathers’ vision of a patriotic business class. Which is clearly not Goldman Sachs.

Nehlen goes on with stark statistics about the loss of manufacturing—and the grimmer narrative of American being replaced by the H1B visa scam. 50,000 American factories sent to China. “The lights went out in Kenosha and are going on in Shanghai,” Nehlen proclaims. We have lost our apparel industry, we have lost our car industry—he runs down the endless list of things once built here and now elsewhere.

I have driven by the shuttered factories myself. Chrysler, Oscar Meyer, Jockey Brand underwear.

Nehlen then brings it home to the dullest farmer in Rock County. Paul Ryan has just secured the importation of $900 million of Brazilian beef into the US market. Try to compete with that.

Suddenly Nehlen pauses. “We see you!” he says. He looks across the street. I wheel around to see what he is looking at. There is a large a group of large thuggish men gathered on the outskirts of the rally. It’s the Ryan Mafia. Laughably, they are dressed in Nehlen t-shirts three sizes too small. Damn…is there going to be a fight?

Suddenly, the Nehlen crew comes out and forms a line of defense between the stage and the group at the edge of the crowd. Damn this is getting serious. A rumble?

I found out later that Ryan has been trying to shut down Nehlen rallies from the local media and using the local police. Computers have been hacked, servers blanked out by DOS attacks, yard signs ripped up.

This time, nothing happens. The Ryan goons drift off to meet again back under the trees in the park.

Nehlen finishes his speech. There is a closing prayer. “In Jesus name we pray. Lord Save our Country...”

The rally is over. The media is packing up—they are glad to get away from so much unpredictability. Their broadcast message for the 6PM news was scripted long ago. The rally meant nothing to them.

Broadcast now for the Six O’clock news—in three, two, and one: “It’s time to reelect Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.”

J.R. Kipling (email him) drove across the country to help Paul Nehlen’s primary campaign against Paul Ryan.

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