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Thanksgiving is here again, and with it the War On Thanksgiving, which as I’ve said before is really a War on “Your Father’s America.”

The Left wants their partisans to start this kind of argument over family dinners:

The article DeScushin is responding to is:

Should America Keep Celebrating Thanksgiving?

Sean Sherman argues that we need to decolonize Thanksgiving, while Chase Iron Eyes calls for replacing Thanksgiving with a “Truthsgiving.”

Sean Sherman and Chase Iron Eyes, The Nation, November 20, 2023

Two Nation writers (both of them apparently genuine American Indians ) argue about which way to hate America on Thanksgiving. Sherman wants to forget the whole thing, Iron Eyes thinks we should have a Truthsgiving instead, in which we all talk about how wonderful the American Indians were, and never mention scalping knives, massacres, or torture.

I reject both ways of hating Thanksgiving (and America).

Talk Radio guy Jesse Kelly advises pushing back against this kind of thing:

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He's right about Aunt Peggy, but I’d like to point out that these arguments—which our readers, of course, could win with all the facts we provide about history—are probably not good for families.

But, to repeat myself once again: The only families these young vs. old arguments take place in are white families. Black families and Hispanic families are generally united politically on the Left—and united against what we call the Historic American Nation.

So enjoy your dinner, and from all of us here at VDARE.com, Happy Thanksgiving!


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