An Actual White Privilege: The Mixed-Party Marriage
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Richard Brookhiser tweets a Wall Street Journal piece by Jeanne Safer about her "mixed marriage" to Brookhiser himself:  she's liberal, he's conservative.  But they're still in love, and isn't that sweet?

Now, we hear incessantly about "white privilege" from the anti-white crowd, and in all respects in which they use it, it's a false accusation.

But under all that buzz, it occurs to me that there are, in fact, some forms of "white privilege" that white advocates, race realists and immigration restrictionists might recognize.

That is to say, the privilege of politics as a parlor game, instead of a life-or-death showdown with the enemy.

The Anonymous Attorney extended family suffers from the mixed-party effect, with many relatives who completely buy multiracialism as the beautiful future and whites as just an unfortunate road bump on the way to this paradise.

Whites may not all have mixed political marriages, but as a race, they're split between Republican and Democrat.  Because we've traditionally held the majority, we see politics as a self-enclosed white realm, with the debates being between rich and poor, labor and management, men and women, etc.  That's our current "privilege".

But the stakes have historically been low, because it's always been about whites, and only whites.  Nobody is going to actually die if you vote the wrong way.  You'll just pay more in taxes, or less.

And who really cares?  Truth is, if America were all white, we could do socialism one year, libertarianism the next, and fascism the third, and day-to-day life would pretty much be the same.  They will never take the Starbucks from our hand or the New Balance off our feet.

But politics-as-parlor game is now coming to an end.  Whites are getting shoved into the minority.  The cultural and political assault on whites is looming ever stronger, and as the glorious Trump Revolution shows, whites are increasingly unimpressed with either party as their protector.

White dissident Sam Dickson once quipped at an American Renaissance conference that blacks—contrary to the mainstream conservative view—were actually smart to pack all their votes with the Democrats.  It would be foolish for them to do otherwise, because they're such a small percentage of the population.  Their vote would go from almost meaningless to completely meaningless.

The sooner whites understand they're headed for the same territory, the better.



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