VDARE.com Wishes Readers A Happy (And Based) Thanksgiving!
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It seems that every year, we hear advice from various “woke” people around the internet about how to deal with one’s racist, trans/xeno/homophobic family at Thanksgiving Dinner.

The gay Filipino illegal alien  (and Treason Lobbyist) Jose Antonio Vargas tweeted this:

What Vargas is promoting—a typical article with suggestions for dealing with “Cousin Marty”, “Uncle Eldon”, “Grandma Nance” and your stupid brother Austin. [5 Tips For Talking to Your Definitely Not Racist Family on Thanksgiving | If the thought of Thanksgiving dinner conversation is already giving you the sweats – we got you, Michael Conti, DefineAmerican.com, November 17, 2017]

(I think Conti is an actual American citizen, unlike many of the DREAMer/DACA illegal staff at the Soros-funded “Define American”).

Here are Conti’s suggestions:

  1. Use the power of story.

He means sob stories about young illegals. (There are no sob stories about displaced Americans. The MSM sees to that!)

  1. Listen actively.

Pretend to treat your Uncle Eldon with respect. This is actually a good idea—don’t forget that some of these elderly people are veterans of the twentieth-century’s wars, and can break your arm without half trying.

  1. Avoid name calling.

Don’t call Grandma Nance a racist—apparently they have finally figured out this is bad tactics.

  1. Paint a positive alternative picture.

Author Conti’s suggestion—ask “What do you want your neighborhood to be like in ten years? What kind of future do you envision for immigrant children and their families?” (We agree!)

  1. Emphasize points of agreement.

Conti says: “One thing everyone can agree on is that you’re both jerks for distracting from a perfectly good meal and trying to resolve your deep-seated cultural differences in an evening.”

I don’t know, maybe only one of you is a jerk—the disloyal Open Borders advocate who’s insulting his elders and advocating for the invasion of his own country.

WHITE PILL! !  We always tend to assume that the young people are to the Left of the old people, and are advocating for “change” in the form of socialism. A science fiction novel I read years ago had a girl who was protesting that the old ways were no longer in effect. The author said: “She hadn’t been around for long, but she had been around long enough to know that whatever things may have been like once, in these days they were very different.”

This was a four-year-old girl.

College graduates should know better than four-year-olds—and the good news is: some of them do!

You may not have noticed it, but a considerable portion of today’s youth is not “woke”—it’s based.

What that means is they voted for Trump, and they know a considerable number of facts about immigration that their Boomer relatives don’t know (even if their “racist” grandfather still remembers).

For example, using the “power of story,” the based youth could point out that Trump was right about the “rapists” thing. (A quick review of Chapter 11 of Adios, America—"Why Do Hispanic Valedictorians Make the News, but Child Rapists Don’t? is good here.)

He could explain that the kind of future we can expect for immigrant children and their families is

And finally, everyone knows what a “positive alternative picture” of the future is—it’s the election-winning slogan “Make America Great Again.”

I personally try to avoid arguments of this kind at family gatherings. But whatever your family situation, I and VDARE.com want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

And if the turkey hasn’t put you to sleep, check out the earlier years of Thanksgiving coverage from VDARE.com

VDARE.com wishes you a happy and united thanksgiving!

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