The Cold Civil War On Thanksgiving—Thanksgiving Table Arguments About "Racism" Are Only Happening In White Families
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Former conservative Bruce Bartlett was radicalized to a surprising degree by the Bush Administration, and now tweets from the Left, attacking social conservatives as well as neocons. His latest tweet, with one word crossed out by me, seems surprised that there is such a thing as a War On Thanksgiving:


The War On Thanksgiving is real, and wasn't started by conservatives—below you can see articles we've been doing about this for years,  like Sam Francis's  2002 columns Then They Came For Thanksgiving…  and War On Holidays Is War on America.

But Bartlett is linking to something I've been hearing about for the last few days, which is not really the War On Thanksgiving but what John Derbyshire calls the Cold Civil War—a division among white Americans about how to treat minorities...and whether to allow them to become a majority, and take over:

Democrats Hate Thanksgiving: Here's How They Plan To Ruin It

By Kerry Jackson, Investors Business Daily, November 25, 2015

When Americans gather for Thanksgiving dinner, some just might want to follow the conventions of the holiday and talk about what they are thankful for. At tables around the country conversation will naturally drift toward Christmas shopping, football and the weather.

But for the Democrats, Thanksgiving is just a chance to ruin a fine holiday.

On Tuesday, @TheDemocrats tweeted "It's the holiday season, which means lots of time with your Republican uncle. Give him the facts this weekend." Included was "The Democrat's Guide To Talking Politics With Your Republican Uncle," in case Democrats out there "need help setting your Republican relatives straight this holiday season." The guide is supposedly useful for sorting out "the most common myths" and has "the perfect response for each of them."

Thanks, guys, for spreading misery all across the country. Our Thanksgiving holiday should be a time for joy and reflection, but the Democrats want to turn it into a war zone, where family members are pitted against each other. [More]

These, of course, would be mostly white families—very few blacks have a Republican uncle. (Bruce Bartlett's nephews, if any, used to have a Republican uncle.)

Michelle Malkin did a column asking people, on both sides, to not do this:Have a Happy, Politics-Free Thanksgiving.

Paul Nachman wrote a blog post entitled Expecting Thanksgiving Table Immigration Arguments? Prepare With The “Gumballs” Video!

The WSJ's James Taranto has more of this:

The talking points are unsubtle and tendentious enough that one suspects they were written by the unwieldily named Debbie Wasserman Schultz herself. Example: If your uncle says, “I like that Donald Trump! He says what he means,” you’re supposed to respond:
He certainly does say what he means, and most of the time, it’s xenophobic, or sexist, or out of touch, or totally irresponsible. But what’s really scary is that the rest of the GOP field agrees with him. Because Trump is leading in the polls, the other Republican candidates are competing with each other to see who can echo his message the loudest.
In case that isn’t enough to destroy your uncle, there are a couple of follow-ups.

The DNC idea is far from original: Battle prep for holiday political arguments has been a liberal trope for several years now. Salon’s Alex Pareene, for instance, observed Christmas in 2011 with a piece titled “How to Argue With Right-Wing Relatives” and Thanksgiving in 2013 with “How to Win Thanksgiving: A Holiday Guide to Arguing With Right-Wing Relatives.” The latter he billed as “a special ‘Obamacare train wreck’ edition.”

Dreams From My Uncle| Why liberal nieces and nephews need help arguing,   Nov. 25, 2015

Personally, I don't think you're  going to convert anyone with these arguments, but I'll note, again, that the point of this is to divide "Goodwhites" (the young folks) from "Badwhites" (the older folks/Patriots/conservatives) and that blacks, Hispanics, and Muslim immigrants aren't having this argument.

Maybe that's the problem. wishes you a happy and united thanksgiving!

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