A Historically Minded Reader Reminds Us That The Worst Massacres In American History Are Still Those Conducted By Indians—Without Guns
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Re: A Left-Wing Reader Misses The Point On Black Mass Shootings, Tries To “White Guilt” VDARE.com

From: Mitchell Day [Email him]

Letters editor James Fulford wrote

The massacre at Wounded Knee is notable only in that the dead were Indians and the killers white soldiers. Most Indian massacres in the Old West were massacres of whites by Indians.
I think you should have used a specific example of an Indian Massacre to counter the letter writer’s “White guilt" BS.

This is my choice: the 1622 Massacre that wiped out Wolstenholme Towne in Virginia, killing 78 settlers. See First Look at a Lost Virginia Settlement by Ivor Noel Hume, National Geographic June 1979. [ PDF] See also Massacre Site Found in Virginia, By Wilson Morris, Washington Post, July 5, 1978 and The Skulls Tell the Tale, By Hank Burchard April 25, Washington Post, 1980 which calls it “Virginia’s worst mass murder.”

When the Indians rose, they spared not child, woman or man. There were 78 dead among some 140 residents of Wolstenholme Towne, seat of the private venture known as Martin's Hundred. After the slaughter it was abandoned, and later became famed Carter's Grove plantation.
I actually have this issue of National Geographic. The Marxists who run American academia) are now calling the Massacre of 1622 an "uprising". Of course the Powhatans and English had been at peace since 1614 and the English had no control over the Indians so the Indians had nothing to "rise up" against! It just shows that there was (slightly) more sanity in America in 1979 than there is today.

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