GREER AT THE CASTLE: Identity Issues SLOWLY Entering Conservative Mainstream
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James Fulford writes: Scott Greer gave this speech at’s Summer Conference on June 26. While he’s dismissive about the attempt to destroy him, which Peter Brimelow mentioned in his introduction (see video/audio below) he was in fact one of the early victims of doxing by Katie McHugh, and was fired by the Daily Caller in 2018 for writing for a Dissident Right publication under a pseudonym.

Greer is on Twitter at @ScottMGreer, on Substack at for both written and podcast commentary, on YouTube (so far) here, and is the author of No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination

Scott Greer: Peter Brimelow gave me a great introduction—he made me sound like I’m a war refugee! People are hunting me down. It’s like Terminator! I don’t know if it’s quite that way, but we’ll believe it.

I’m going to talk about Identity Issues, the GOP and the Conservative Media, how it covers them.

Identity Issues refer to those topics like race, national identity and demographics, mass immigration, Affirmative Action, anti-white racism, how we deal with American history—all those things are Identity Issues. And I’d argue that this should be the chief focus of the American Right. But Conservative Media and the GOP see things differently.

I’m first going to talk about Conservative Media.

Conservative Media has dramatically improved on this front since I’ve been in politics. Back in 2013, when I started this out, they didn’t talk about these issues at all. It’d be a good thing if you heard them say anything about illegal immigration. Because in 2013, they were all beating the drum for Amnesty, how we need to do this to win over more Hispanics. So, big changes since then.

Since I began with The Daily Caller, they’ve become more open to certain writers. When I was there, I was very careful about sneaking in references to Steve Sailer and Sam Francis. And now people openly champion them. They talk about them in news articles. They are no longer afraid to cite them.

So Conservative Media has improved greatly on the issue of immigration. You will rarely see a major commentator promote Amnesty now. And 10 years ago, 15 years ago, they would say, “Well, immigrants come here and do the jobs  Americans just won’t do.” And “They love America more than actual Americans.” That was very common. They’re a little bit more circumspect about saying that stuff now. They know that their audience is going to get mad about it. They know that they’re going to get blowback from other commentators if they do that.

So that’s a big improvement. But it’s not just an improvement in what they don’t say or don’t advocate for. Legal Immigration restriction is now a mainstream item in Conservative Media. Nobody talked about this 10 years ago.

Tucker Carlson is largely responsible for that. I think Trump is also responsible, he talked about it in 2016. But Tucker pushed this idea every night on his cable news show. Current Fox News host Laura Ingraham still advocates for it, as well as many talk radio personalities.

Restricting legal immigration was hardly ever mentioned in the Tea Party days. All they wanted to talk about is illegal immigration. Now they talk about legal immigration. So that’s a huge improvement.

Anti-white racism was a term unmentioned in Conservative Media just a few years ago. Now it’s regularly discussed. Charlie Kirk and Matt Walsh talk about it all the time. And if you guys remember the Groyper Wars from almost four years ago now, everyone went after Charlie Kirk for not wanting to talk about these issues. But now he sounds like the people who were attacking him in the Groyper Wars, because he realized that’s what the audience wants. And he talks about anti-white racism all the time.

And, you know, both Kirk and Walsh and other mainstream figures who talk about it, they get attacked all the time by Media Matters. They’re talking about a dangerous idea. And still, they don’t apologize for it. They still continue to talk about it. Even Establishment outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Examiner will talk about anti-white racism. They wouldn’t have just a few years ago.

And Critical Race Theory, which we all know is just another term for anti-white racism, became a central focus for conservatism and the GOP just recently.

And now conservatives frequently mention the Great Replacement, an idea they had never even heard of a few years ago. Now they all talk about it. Even if they don’t use the term Great Replacement, a lot of conservative commentators will admit that, yes, Democrats want more immigration because they want more Democratic voters—they think that demographic change benefits them politically. So conservatives may not use the term Great Replacement, or speak of it in the way that the Dissident Right talks about it, but they will mention the gist of it.

And the Color Of Crime has also become surprisingly mainstream. This is largely due to Elon Musk tweeting about it. But the fact is, Conservative Media now take a lot of their cues from Elon Musk, just like they used to take cues from Tucker or from Trump. And the fact that Musk is interacting with Dissident Right accounts and giving them huge engagement means conservatives don’t want to back away.

Remember how they were discussing the “hate crimes” against Asians a few years ago. Everyone in the Main Stream Media was blaming Trump and White Supremacy. Now most conservative outlets will say: “Actually it’s a different group of people who are attacking Asians.” Now it’s become mainstream to say, blacks are just 13% of the population yet commit 60% of the murders. And people would have not wanted to say that openly a few years ago. But the Dissident Right talking about it has popularized it among the mainstream Right.

But this doesn’t mean that Conservative Inc. is perfect. It still has a lot of problems. And the primary problem I think now: what they focus on.

They may express support for immigration restriction and condemn anti-white racism, but it’s not what they primarily discuss. Right now the Transgender issue and Drag Queens get far more attention than the border.

Those are serious issues. But what is a bigger problem for our country? The fact that we’re having millions and millions of people pour in, or is it that there’s a Drag Queen Story Hour in Des Moines? Both are bad. But what’s a greater threat to our civilization?

And so that’s also coming out with this War On Wokeness. I’m starting to see this disturbing trend: a lot of Muslim parents go up to these schools and protest stuff, which is a good thing. So Conservatism Inc. is saying “Oh, based Muslim immigrants, yes!”

It’s all these people in burkas, and they barely speak English. It’s nice that they’re protesting. We appreciate that. But at the same time, this isn’t necessarily the type of America we want. But Conservatism Inc. can’t resist the fact that they have another based minority group to celebrate and say that it’s better than Americans.

And so there’s also the issue of what will conservatives focus on when Tucker is gone. Tucker got removed from his Fox slot, and a lot of these people were taking their cues from Tucker. If someone else takes over that throne, somebody, say, like Ben Shapiro, that guy becomes the number one influential voice in Conservative Media. Then conservatives will then talk about different issues. They won’t be talking about the right nationalist issues like they were before. So there’s that threat.

Switching gears to the GOP: It’s also shown some improvement on this front, but not as much as Conservative Media. And there’s also been some significant backsliding.

Like conservative commentators, few Republicans will champion Amnesty. There are some notable exceptions, like this horrible Congresswoman from Florida, Maria Elvira Salazar, she’s always championing Amnesty. But she’s one of only a handful.

There will be a few more Republicans who will talk about Amnesty for Dreamers, etc. But none of them embrace the type of Gang of Eight Amnesty that the leadership of the Republican Party was saying we have to do. So there is an improvement on that.

There were two plans released last year by two Establishment guys, Rick Scott and Mike Pence. Neither one of them is anyone’s idea of a hardcore conservative. But both of them had an agenda. And when it mentioned immigration, it said absolutely no Amnesty.

And some of the ideas included in their immigration planks implied that they wanted to restrict legal immigration. So that’s a big change.

Most Republicans still don’t discuss immigration restriction, but more bring it up than ever before. J.D. Vance, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, and a couple of others have offered concrete proposals to limit immigration, from an Immigration Moratorium, which was the first to popularize and champion, to the RAISE Act, and to a number of other ideas.

And a number of Republicans have brought up demographic change as a political weapon used by the Democrats. These include figures such as Ron Johnson and Scott Perry, who have a conservative reputation, and also people like Elise Stefanik, who is not at all very conservative and actually terrible on the issue of immigration. But even she even implies that the Democrats are using demographic change for their own gain.

There are also some Republicans who are willing to directly call it anti-white racism. Mike Pence, of all people, is one of those who say Critical Race Theory is explicitly anti-white.

Some other Republicans, they hedge and haw about this. They don’t want to mention it’s anti-white racism. They feel that that’s too controversial to say. But there are a few who will mention it.

And Donald Trump also attacks Critical Race Theory as anti-white racism. And one of the most surprising figures is Tommy Tuberville, who beat Jeff Sessions. And I think most people in this room were upset about that. But he’s turned into one of the more surprisingly outspoken figures in the Senate on this issue.

He delivered a terrific speech about reparations last year. That was one of the best things I’ve heard from a Republican. Most Republicans hide behind minorities to attack reparations, they say, “Oh, it doesn’t reward individual effort” and those types of things. But he went up there and he’s like, they’re willing to reward those who do the crime [Tuberville, who said reparations for slavery would reward criminals, won’t back down, Seattle Times, October 11, 2022]. And that’s a word we can’t repeat on the VDARE stream.

And he’s defended “political extremists” in the military and a couple of other things.

And there’s a couple of other Establishment guys. Bill Haggerty in Tennessee, a very Establishment guy, has been pretty solid about offering immigration proposals.

And state Republicans have also started to target Critical Race Theory and diversity indoctrination in schools, government jobs, universities. Just last week, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a ban on DEI offices (Diversity Equity Inclusion offices) at public colleges in his state.

But there are serious weaknesses.

Republicans are more willing to embrace racially Woke policies than conservative commentators. And bringing back Governor Abbott, also last week he signed a Crown Act which protects black hair from discrimination. I know you guys think that this is one of the most important issues facing our civilization today.

 And thank God, Greg Abbott was there to sign the bill! And he had this horrible signing ceremony. He’s around a bunch of black lawmakers who clearly don’t like him. They’re frowning. And he’s smiling.

He’s like, “This is so important. We’re banning discrimination against cornrows and dreadlocks and other things!”

And even Ron DeSantis, who’s also one of the more conservative governors, maybe arguably the most conservative governor, who’s done a lot of stuff about anti-white indoctrination, illegal immigration and “diversity training,” He signed into law a requirement for all state public schools to teach Asian-American and Pacific Islander history.

I remember when I reported this on Twitter, some people were saying, “Oh, well, they’ll teach them that they shouldn’t subscribe to victimhood, they’ll focus on the classic American values.”

But that’s not what AAPI history courses teach.

As you can look in California’s use of it, it’s all teaching anti-white stuff. It’s teaching about how they were discriminated against with the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Japanese internment, colonization of Hawaii, etc. It’s about teaching an anti-white framework for American history. And he signed that as a requirement.

Now, maybe there’s a conservative version. But the materials that the courses will likely be based on will be Left and Woke. It will teach the same anti-white lessons as CRT.

It also must be remembered that only 14 Republicans voted against Juneteenth, which Juneteenth—once again, is about teaching an anti-white framework of American history.

Only 14 Republicans opposed it. And the Republicans who did oppose it were attacked by their own party as kooky.

And also, just a few years ago, most Republicans were still supporting “Criminal Justice Reform.“ But they have backed away from it when they saw crime rising after the George Floyd revolution.

And Republican legislators, like Conservative Media, don’t prioritize Identity Issues.

The big battle in Congress this year isn’t over the border. It’s over the debt ceiling.

Now, once again, the debt ceiling is a problem. But when we’re having millions of people pour across the border and they have one opportunity to push for border security, to push for immigration enforcement, what do they do? They push the same type of spending cuts that they’ve always wanted to do.

And all they wasted a ton of their political capital, if not all of it

Some of the debt ceiling battle was portrayed as the Establishment, business-first class, versus the Trumpian national populism. But what the hardcore conservatives were actually fighting for was the same stuff they were fighting for in the Tea Party days, and even the same stuff that a lot of establishment Republicans care about, but they’re just using harder rhetoric.

And it’s the same also with there seem to be more—these Republican lawmakers seem to be more worked up about Drag Queens than illegal immigrants and anti-white discrimination in the workplace. So that’s a problem.

But comparing the American Right of 2023 to the American Right of 2013, I see a massive, massive improvement. The state of the right was terrible back then. I was there. Several other people in this room were there. We can all agree it was absolutely horrible.

And you just didn’t feel like our issues were reaching the mainstream. Now they are. But there’s still much room for improvement. The goal for true nationalists is to emphasize the Identity Issues above all other concerns.


Drag queens and high taxes are unpleasant, but they’re not what threaten our civilization. Their great replacement threatens our civilization. [Applause]

And so we have to get Republicans to focus on what matters most.

Scott Greer [Tweet him] is on Substack at for both written and podcast commentary, on YouTube (so far) here, and is the author of No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination

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