Medicaid Agency Required To Give Foreigners Voter Registration Forms—Then Tell Them Not To Use Them
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The Federalist has a story about a South Carolina Medicaid agency, which has been giving registration forms to foreign nationals who apply for Medicaid.

Why? Because they’re required by federal voter registration law.

It’s part of the movement to register people who aren’t interested in voting, can’t be bothered to register, people who don’t have jobs, permanent residences, or photo ID—you know, Democratic voters.

According to the Federalist:

South Carolina state Rep. Adam Morgan has been pushing for answers after a refugee reported receiving a packet of information, including voter registration forms, at the Health and Human Services office. Morgan did not return The Federalist’s requests for comment, but he did speak about the issue last week on FrankSpeech. 

“The refugee was actually confused. They were like, ‘Am I supposed to fill this out?’ They asked a relative, and the relative is a citizen who said, ‘No, you can’t fill this out. You’re not a citizen.’ [The refugee] said, ‘Why are they giving this out to noncitizens?’ And we were, like, “Exactly! That’s insane,” Morgan told The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson. 

This “register everyone“ approach can have bad results for people who are too ignorant to know it’s illegal for them to vote—see A Black Felon In North Carolina May Go To Jail For Illegal Voting Because The ACLU Wouldn’t Let Him Be Purged From Voter Rolls Or Forced To Show ID.

But the Democrats don’t care, and the GOP is too cowardly to fight this stuff.

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