ANN COULTER: White Police Officer Stuck in BLM Nightmare
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Did Ricky Cobb II have a position on the war in Gaza?

It must be a shock to police officers busting up campus protests to be cheered, rather than jeered, as they have been since the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a decade ago—a completely justified shooting, according to President Obama’s Justice Department. The anti-Israel demonstrators seem kind of surprised, too. They thought they were going to get the BLM treatment.

I don’t know how many times we have to go over this, but you’re not black, Palestinians. No offense! Nor are gays or illegals or Jews or womyn, etc.

There are different rules for black people, some for good and sound reasons (the legacy of slavery) and some for moronic reasons (we can’t possibly expect black people to obey police commands).

So while you applaud the cops arresting pro-Hamas agitators, remember that a lot of brave law enforcement officers are still living the nightmare of BLM’s cop hatred. This column is about one of them.

Last week, the lunatic progressive attorney for Hennepin County, Minnesota, Mary Moriarty, announced that she will spend at least a million dollars in taxpayer money to have Steptoe, a white-shoe law firm in Washington, D.C., prosecute Minnesota State Trooper Ryan Londregan for murder.

Londregan’s crime was to save his own life and that of another officer last summer while trying to arrest Ricky Cobb II, repeat felon and father of five by at least three different mothers. (Insert first communion photo here.)

Cobb was pulled over at around 2 a.m. last July for driving without taillights. The troopers checked his record and found that Cobb was wanted for violating a felony order of protection in a neighboring county. The officers called it in and asked if the county wanted him arrested. Yes, they did.

Hang onto your hats, readers, but Cobb resisted arrest. He refused to get out of his car, refused to hand over his keys, and then, with two officers half-inside his vehicle, moved the gearshift to “drive.” As the car lurched forward, throwing the officers to the ground, Londregan shot Cobb.

The troopers ran after the car, pulled Cobb out, and engaged in frantic efforts to keep him alive, including giving him CPR. But he died.

When the monster Moriarty first got the case, she: 1) met privately with Cobb’s family, showing her absolute impartiality, and 2) hired a use-of-force expert to conduct an independent review, saying she wanted to “get this right.”

But when her own hand-picked expert found that the shooting was lawful, she blew off his report, refused to show it to the defense, and proceeded to indict Londregan for murder anyway. That’s how you “get this right” as a progressive.

Even the Democratic governor, Tim Walz, criticized Moriarty, asking: “Why would you not listen to use-of-force? Why would that not be central to something you do?”

For her next trick, Moriarty’s office lied about what the Minnesota State Patrol’s use-of-force expert had said. Sgt. Jason Halvorson, who created the use-of-force training program, concluded that the shooting was lawful.

But Deputy County Attorney Mark Osler quoted Halvorson’s response to a hypothetical that had nothing to do with Cobb’s shooting—as Halvorson revealed in a subsequent affidavit that was quickly placed under seal. The shooting in the hypothetical: not reasonable. The actual shooting: reasonable.

Moriarty is such a wacko that even the progressive, Soros-backed Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison had to take another case away from her—the first time in 30 years a state AG had done so. Two brothers, 15 and 17 years old, had shot and killed a 23-year-old black woman, Zaria McKeever, execution-style, during a home invasion. Moriarty offered the killers a plea deal, sentencing them to a couple years in a juvenile facility. This, she said, was based on the “science.”

She denounced Ellison for even making the request, calling it “deeply troubling.” The next day, Gov. Walz reassigned the case to Ellison.

At least Moriarty learned her lesson! A few months later, she gave a slap on the wrist to two other teenaged murderers. This time, the victim was white, so the governor and AG declined to intervene. It’s almost like there are two systems of justice.

How did this nut become the prosecutor for Hennepin County? Moriarty was elected in 2022 with cash infusions from a bunch of left-wing organizations flush with money from the BLM gold rush. (In the Year of Our Floyd, corporate America gave $50 billion to BLM and related organizations, according to the Washington Post.) She defeated a far more experienced black judge, Martha Holton Dimick, who was endorsed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune in an editorial noting that Dimick “understands from personal experience that communities of color with higher crime rates want prosecutors to bring offenders to justice.”

But the white lesbian knows better! (At least Moriarty doesn’t have a “white savior” complex.)

As long as protesting is the thing to do these days, how about a nice, peaceful protest in support of law enforcement officers who are being maliciously prosecuted for murder by a powerhouse law firm? Here’s Steptoe’s address: 1330 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20036.



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