The Great Replacement: Cat Out Of Bag, Democrats Frantic
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No one was surprised that Leftists from President Biden down to the governor of New York demanded the eradication of “Hate Speech” after the terrible mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. The rhetoric urging censorship is bad enough. But mandating policies that actually attack free speech is even worse [White supremacy is a poison,’ Biden says as he calls for ending Hate Speech and curbing guns, by Robert J. McCarthy, Buffalo News, May 17, 2022]. Yet the shooting itself, of course, is not driving the crackdown push. Rather, Leftists fear that mainstream Republican and conservative lawmakers—and, more threateningly, voters—are Noticing the Great Replacement. Demographic change is essential to the Democrats’ political mission, but they don’t want the Historic American Nation to know they are pushing the change. Thus, Leftists call the Great Replacement a “white nationalist conspiracy theory” to silence discussion…unless, of course, those discussing the replacement think it’s a good thing. But that tactic is failing. Millions of Americans and their leaders are openly discussing the obvious.

Anyone vaguely familiar with the America’s demographics, including Leftists, know that the Great Replacement is far from a conspiracy theory. It simply posits that the Ruling Class of the West is electing a new people through mass immigration, a fact has long pointed out. In 50 or so years, America has gone from 87 percent to 57 percent white. Here’s why: insane immigration policies, anti-white immigration legislation—most notably the Hart-Celler immigration bill in 1965—the 1986 Amnesty, and today, simply opening the borders to millions of Third World illegal aliens. Democrats themselves admit the truth. They’re trying to brown the country.

Leftists would have you believe the change is akin to changing seasons; no one is really responsible for the Camp-of-the-Saints invasion this country is suffering. “Migrants” looking for a better life just showed up. To suggest otherwise is a dangerous conspiracy theory.

So now the Democrats and their Leftist Mainstream Media Information Ministry are linking the shooting in Buffalo to that “conspiracy theory” in general, and to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson in particular. The host of the No. 1 cable news show talks about it regularly and influences Republican politicians. Carlson is arguably the Democrat-MSM combine’s principal target. Just a few weeks prior to the shooting, the  New York Times published a mammoth hit piece on the Fox News star. It lamented his discussing demographic change and anti-white racism, allegedly a sign of unspoken white nationalism. The Gray Lady unleashed another attack against Carlson right after the shooting that strongly implied his rhetoric encouraged the shooter [A Fringe Conspiracy Theory, Fostered Online, Is Refashioned by the G.O.P., by Nicholas Confessore and Karen Yourish, New York Times, May 15, 2022]. Carlson’s name trended on Twitter after the shooting, with Leftists explicitly blaming him for the attack and demanding the Feds yank him off the air. The Anti-Defamation League demanded that Fox fire Carlson. NBC News contacted Fox News sponsors to get them to condemn Tucker’s rhetoric. Two of the sponsors insisted they don’t advertise on Carlson’s show and the others didn’t respond [Fox News’ Tucker Carlson under fresh scrutiny after Buffalo mass shooting, by Daniel Arkin, NBC News, May 16, 2022].

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was particularly exercised about Carlson and condemned him and Fox News in a Senate floor speech. He also sent a formal letter to the cable news giant. “I implore you to immediately cease all dissemination of false white nationalist, far-right conspiracy theories on your network,” Schumer wrote. When Tucker invited Schumer to defend his position on his show, the Democrat declined. He instead insisted: “Tucker Carlson needs to stop promoting the racist, dangerous ‘Replacement Theory’” [Chuck Schumer Sends Letter To Rupert Murdoch Calling For End To Amplification Of “Great Replacement Theory,” by Ted Johnson, Deadline, May 17, 2022].

The bad news for Democrats is this: It’s too late. Republicans now openly discuss the threat of demographic replacement. It’s not a fringe idea anymore, but instead part of mainstream discussion in GOP circles. Just look at this list of Republicans whom the media attack for promoting the “Great Replacement”:

  • Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters in a podcast last month: “The Democrats, they hope to just change the demographics of our country. They hope to import an entirely new electorate. Then they call you a racist and a bigot.”
  • Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, speaking to Breitbart: “They are trying to transform the electorate of this country.”
  • Former Missouri governor and current Senate candidate Eric Greitens, at a border event last month: “Joe Biden’s [immigration] policies are an assault on the entire idea of America. He’s wiping out the distinction between citizens and non-citizens, and he’s doing it on purpose.”
  • Missouri attorney general and Senate candidate Eric Schmitt, to Glenn Beck: “They are fundamentally trying to change this country through their illegal immigration policy’” [Mainstream Republican Senate candidates promote ‘replacement’ conspiracy theory, Associated Press, May 17, 2022].
  • New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, a notorious immigration squish, in a Facebook ad: “[Democrats’] plan to grant amnesty to 11 MILLION illegal immigrants will overthrow our current electorate and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington” [Racist Attack Spotlights Stefanik’s Echo of Replacement Theory, by Annie Karni, New York Times, May 16, 2022].
  • Washington House candidate Joe Kent in an interview in March: "[Democrats] are elite whites who have no issue whatsoever bringing in that unskilled cheap labor from country—you name the country, you name the ethnicity, that’s going to displace, a working-class White, a working-class Hispanic, or working-class Black African-American. And you know, they’ll say oh if you even mention that, then you’re some sort of neo-Nazi, white nationalist. … Well no, you're literally trying to replace an American” [Trump-Backed House Candidate Slams Dems, Supports 'Replacement Theories', by Justin Klawans, Newsweek, March 11, 2022].

Other Republicans began discussing it last year:

  • Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz: “.@TuckerCarlson is CORRECT about Replacement Theory as he explains what is happening to America.”
  • Charlie Kirk on YouTube: “We're going to talk more about that, we're going to talk about how the other side has openly admitted that this is about bringing in voters that they want and that they like and honestly, diminishing and decreasing white demographics in America. We're going to say that part out loud, as so many people in the corporate media are afraid to talk about it [Charlie Kirk: “Deputize a citizen force, put them on the border” in order to protect “white demographics in America,” September 23, 2021].
  • Texas Lt Gov. Dan Patrick, on Fox News: “[Democrats] are allowing this year, probably 2 million, that’s who we apprehended—maybe another million into this country. At least in 18 years, even if they all don’t become citizens before they can vote—in 18 years, if every one of them has two or three children, you’re talking about millions and millions and millions of new voters. And they will thank the Democrats and Biden for bringing them here. Who do you think they’re going to vote for?” [Texas Lt. Guv Spews Racist ‘Great Replacement’ Theory on Fox, by Justin Baragona, Daily Beast, September 17, 2021].
  • Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson on Fox News: “This administration wants complete open borders and you have to ask yourself why. Is it really, they want to remake the demographics of America to ensure their—that they stay in power forever? Is that what's happening here?”
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, in a House hearing: “[W]hat appears to [Americans] is we’re replacing national-born Americans, native-born Americans to permanently transform the landscape of this very nation.”

As well, ordinary Republicans —possibly and partly because of Carlson—believe the Great Replacement is real. Nearly half of Republicans polled last year agreed that “a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants who agree with their political views.” Roughly one in three Americans overall agree with this notion [Nearly half of Republicans agree with ‘great replacement theory,’ by Philip Bump, Washington Post, May 9, 2022].

While the press and Democrats demand that Republicans condemn this rhetoric and punish those who mention it, the mainstream Right is, surprisingly, showing some backbone. Several conservatives defend Carlson and others and say the Great Replacement is an obvious truth. That includes National Review (albeit tactfully hidden behind a paywall) [Replacement Theory and Replacement Facts, by Michael Brendan Dougherty, May 18, 2022]. Ron DeSantis’ popular spokeswoman Christina Pushaw tweeted her support for conservatives who discuss it. And many of the major figures accused of spreading this “dangerous” theory—Carlson, Vance, Masters, and Patrick—stayed on message through the last week [After Buffalo massacre, Republicans double down on ‘great replacement,’ by Paul Waldman, Washington Post, May 20, 2022].

Thus, Democrats now know they can’t just wag censorious fingers and hope no one notices their political scheme. That’s why they want to censor anyone who mentions it.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is leading the charge. She called upon Big Tech to censor even more than it does now. Hochul absurdly believes that the Constitution does not protect Hate Speech. (It does.) “I will protect the right to free speech, but there is a limit, there is a limit to what you can do in hate crimes. Hate Speech is not protected,” she said [Hochul says social media must crack down after Buffalo killings, Bloomberg, May 15, 2022]. She also proposed an Orwellian state police agency to track “Hate Speech” on the internet. Whether this agency will actually have the power to censor or even arrest WrongThinkers remains to be seen [Gov. Hochul Orders New York State Police to Create New Unit to Fight Hate Speech Online, by Emma Colton, Fox News, May 18, 2022].

Good thing is, no matter what the Democrats do, the cat’s out of the bag. The Great Replacement is no longer an idea consigned to the fringes of the right. It’s part of the new Republican consensus on border security and immigration. As well it should be.

Maybe the Historic American Nation stands a chance, after all.



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