OU Donors Waking Up To The University's Wokeness And Discontinuing Donations
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Donors to the University of Oklahoma are waking up and noticing that the university (like many others) is going off the rails. And they are ending their donations, at least for now. Good for them, more donors need to do so, in many universities.

From Fox News:

University of Oklahoma donors have ceased their payments to the institution citing far-left biases and agendas, according to multiple contributors who spoke with Fox News Digital. [Donors flee from ’very disturbed’ university in Oklahoma amid radical DEI agenda: ’Better named DIE’, by Hannah Grossman, Fox News Digital, May 12, 2023]

The article quotes Dr. Boxell, a donor who is concerned about the direction the OU school of medicine is taking.

”I’m not happy with where they’re headed,” a neurosurgeon named Christopher Boxell said about the university’s medical school. ”The diversity, equity and inclusion [agenda] I think is better named DIE for DEI because I think that’s what’s going to happen because of it.”

The university medical school created a ”diversity alliance” to ensure equity was incorporated at every level and aspect of the institution.

”We all should be looking at his best qualified. I don’t care which race they’re from. If they’re best qualified, that’s who should be there,” he said. ”Do you want that person who is at the top of the class or do you want the person at the bottom of the class? A lot of [patients] don’t ever ask those questions. They say, well, they graduated medical school, they’re a doctor.”

Dr. Boxell was concerned that the medical school at the university has strayed from picking the best and brightest to incorporating woke agenda into its recruitment and how that would impact patient care down the line.

”I was really very disturbed,” the doctor, who said he donated about $250,000 to Oklahoma University and its medical school, added.

Dr. Boxell also took issue with the university using its funds for a drag queen event, a sentiment shared by another donor who spoke with Fox News. The university paid $18,000 to host its annual drag show, which a GOP lawmaker said showed a ”perverted agenda.”

It quotes a former donor who quit giving because of the CRT-type stuff.

Other examples of the DEI agenda included professors hosting a workshop in which they discussed promoting ”anti-racism” and rooting out ”problematic” ideas.

A former donor named Mo Anderson delivered a letter to the president—Joseph Harroz Jr.—in 2021, obtained by Fox News Digital, accusing the institution of promoting Marxism.

”OU has embedded a Marxist-derived worldview in its colleges via so-called ’diversity, equity, and inclusion’ (DEI) programs that foster racial and social division. OU’s DEI efforts produce the opposite of diversity and inclusion. Mainstream Oklahomans know they will now be labeled ’privileged’ individuals regardless of life circumstances, meaning OU is not a welcoming place for all students.”

”As a proud Oklahoman, I cannot support the deliberate destruction of our state’s future. I will not donate to OU’s academic efforts any longer,” the letter continued.

Another former donor was concerned with the college of education. And she should be. Colleges of edcuation train future teachers. You can ban CRT and other ideologies, but educrats can just keep teaching the same stuff under a different name, if that’s what they believe. So it must be rooted out at the source, the education colleges.

A former donor named Susan Bergen said that its far-left curricula affected teachers who were trained in its programs. ”We were 35 years donating,” and averaging $50,000 a year, she said.

”They train the teachers for the state of Oklahoma. So we count on them to put out quality teachers. And what they’re doing is sending a lot of woke people that believe somehow White people are bad and wrong.”

The article quotes an oilman who stopped donating due to the anti-white indoctrination

In 2020, the university launched a mandatory course called ”managing bias” which addressed racial identities, power and privilege, according to the announcement.

”I think that everybody ought to be treated with respect and that we ought to spread love and kindness,” said John Brock, who says he donated about $2 million to the university over the years. Brock served in the U.S. Army Artillery in Korea from 1953 to 1955 and began his career in the oil business with Shell Oil Company in 1955. Thereafter, he became a successful leader in the petroleum industry.

”And they have a requirement that you go to a three-hour class to graduate… that teaches people that if you’re a White person, you’re guilty of racism, even though you don’t think so.”

As a result of this course, which was implemented in 2020, he is no longer donating to the institution.

”And they teach people that no matter how hard they work and White people are going to keep them down. I don’t think any of those things are true, in my opinion,” he said.

”You know, I think they call it wokeness. That’s the whole problem. In the first place they don’t want people to think [for themselves] anyhow. So I think [even if] the course was not harmful, which I think it is. I think it was not necessary,” he added. ”I think that we need to treat people equally and treat everybody with respect, spread kindness and love, reject hate and resentment and practice forgiveness.”

The president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, Jonathan Small said, ”Students, parents and taxpayers deserve better than the continued advance of destructive far-left ideologies constantly advanced and facilitated by the employed leadership at OU.”

OCPA is a good organization, and Jonathan Small, by the way, is black.

”The continuance of this behavior is just confirmation that only one thing will cause the destructive behavior to stop, which is for both donors and lawmakers to completely withdraw funding until OU’s employed leadership gets the message and changes course,” Small continued.

Amen to that. Cut the funds if they keep this up.

The university did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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