UNION JACKAL ON IMMIGRATION [3 Items]: Europe Awakening? Regime-Orchestrated “Hold No Hate” Response To Nottingham Immigrant Mass Murder; Migrants Offer 1-Star Reviews To Free Hotels
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Is Europe Awakening To The Great Replacement?

The United Kingdom is the No. 1 destination for “migrants” from the Indian sub-continent and the Maghreb region of North Africa. This affects the European Union, Italy in particular, as it means that more migrants will pass through en route to Britain under the Schengen Agreement. The tiny island of Lampedusa between Tunisia and Malta, population 6,000, is the natural jumping-off point for Africans trying to reach Italy. On just one day in April, 2,200 immigrants landed there [Over 2,200 migrants brought to Italy’s Lampedusa center in a day, La Prensa Latina, April 25, 2023].

Georgia Meloni’s Italian government, speaking through her brother-in-law and political ally, Agriculture Minister and Chamber of Deputies member Francesco Lollobrigida, is concerned about the joint effects of a declining Italian birth rate and unfettered migration [Italian minister sparks fury for saying immigration leads to ‘ethnic replacement, by Barbie Latza Nadeau, CNN, April 19, 2023]. Meloni openly subscribes to Renaud Camus’ “great replacement” theory [The French Origins of ‘You Will Not Replace Us,’ by Thomas Chatterton Williams, New Yorker, November 27, 2017].

Yet Meloni seemed to strongly approve of the UK’s come-hither immigration policy when she met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in April [Sunak says UK, Italy ‘aligned’ as he meets far-right Meloni, by Jill Lawless, Associated Press, April 27, 2023]. She told Sunak that “tackling traffickers and illegal immigration is something your government is doing very well.” That’s clearly untrue, and Meloni’s political judgment might be suspect, but it is more likely that she neither needs nor wants to pick a fight with the UK, having already piqued the EU and the French [Six months in power: Italian PM Meloni ‘collides with reality,’ by Marta Rodriguez Martinez, Euronews, May 10, 2023; Meloni and Macron clash over migrants, by Hannah Roberts, Politico, November 11, 2022].

Meloni isn’t alone. Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is a veteran of clashes with the EU over migration. Poland is considering a joint referendum on migration and EU membership [Poland may combine EU migration referendum with election, minister says, Reuters, June 19, 2023]. In France, President Emanuel Macron has seen Marine Le Pen and her anti-immigration stance looming larger in his rear-view mirror for six years. Last year, Le Pen’s party, Rassemblement National, took an unprecedented 89 seats in the French Parliament at local elections, up from just six at the previous ballot [Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National achieves historic success in French legislative elections, by Ivanne Trippenbach, Le Monde, June 20, 2022].

Finland’s general election in April ended with the National Coalition Party narrowly winning a three-way voting split, ousting the Social Democrats but setting up a new right-wing coalition government with the populist party, The Finns, who campaigned on an anti-immigration platform.

Then there are the potential kingmakers. Germany’s AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), Sweden Democrats, and Spain’s Vox Party all have the potential for this role [Vox’s role as kingmaker takes centre stage in Spain, by Barney Jopson, Financial Times, May 30, 2023].

Yet migration is more than just the raw mass movement of people. It also affects national cultures. We hear a lot about “culture wars,” which are fought on many battlefields. Poles, Italians, Hungarians—most ordinary indigenous European whites—none of them want a mass influx of hostile “migrants” nor a repeat of Germany’s Next Top Model, recently won by a fat black woman [Surprise in the final! Vivien is Germany’s next top model in 2023, VIP.de, June 16, 2023].

If a sick Europe really is resisting, then it is assured that the EU Deep States will try to smother it. We have to hope that white Europeans can vote their way out of their current plight.


“Hold No Hate” Response To Immigrant Crime Was “Controlled Spontaneity”

When the British media cover crimes committed by ethnic minorities and immigrants, standard procedure is not to mention non-white ethnicity, use the phrase “lone wolf” if Islamic, and stressing the probability of “mental health issues.”

Most recently, Nottingham police even went so far as to announce on social media the arrest of a man they knew by then to be a black West African with a stock photo showing a white man being handcuffed [Nottingham: Three killed, three injured in city centre attacks, by Amy Phipps and Alex Smith, BBC News, June 13, 2023].


So much for government curation of the Leftist Mainstream Media. What of social media? Has the government its own department from which to manipulate an obedient narrative?

The memorial speeches for those killed and injured in the attacks were swiftly organized online and well choreographed. “He is just a person,” said the mother of the man who had just slaughtered her child. “Please hold no hate that relates to any colour, sex, or religion.” Added a bereaved father, “imagine a world of just love and no violence. Just imagine that world” [Nottingham attacks: Victims’ families tell vigil crowd to ‘hold no hate,’ Sky News, June 16, 2023].

As well as channeling John Lennon, we might justifiably imagine a world with no psychotic black “migrants.” But that is just what the authorities don’t want, and they have policies to keep it that way.

2017’s Muslim terror stabbing at London Bridge was preparation for another such attack. Protection of the public was not paramount. It was public response that counted:

The British Government has prepared for terrorist incidents by pre-planning social media campaigns which are designed to appear to be a spontaneous public response.

[‘Controlled spontaneity’: The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning, by Ian Cobain, Middle East Eye, May 22, 2019]

The Nottingham memorial and speeches were very slick politically and culturally Correct, and the whole event looked very much staged, with maximum media coverage. One “veteran contingency planner” was nostalgic:

This job has changed significantly from planning for organic, people responses to tragedy, to being told: “We would like the people to do that, how do you get them there?”

No blacks, apparently, were available at the memorial for comment. See 1 minute 30 seconds in this video:


Penniless Migrants Don’t Like Their Free Hotels

Migrants who have made it to the fabled city of London might believe their troubles are at an end, but for some they are only just beginning. British conservatives often complain that immigrants fail to assimilate. Yet these immigrants have obviously used their long journey to master the predominant British cultural value of today: know your rights!

When several hundred cross-Channel illegal aliens were transferred from a hotel in Essex, where most of them had single rooms with bathrooms, to a hotel in London’s prestigious Pimlico area, where they were expected to sleep four to a room, tempers frayed. Government-supplied information said nothing about such awful accommodations, complained a 21-year-old Iranian newcomer:

They gave us the postcode, when we looked on Google Maps, we said “oh, this is very nice.” But when you get in it’s like a jail. And they treat you very, very bad. They treat you like an animal.

[Migrants threatened with loss of rights if they refuse to share hotel rooms, by Charles Hymas, The Telegraph, June 2, 2023]

The “migrants,” who escaped war-ravaged countries and economic failed states for one of London’s more expensive postcodes, had only one choice: protest. Barricading the hotel doors, 40 of them camped out in the street to demand rooms more to their liking.

This stand-off brought predictable “tough line” talk from immigration minister Robert Jenrick, who told officials “not to back down and allow migrants to select their hotel of choice or demand individual rooms at extra cost to the taxpayer.”

But inevitably, the “migrants” got their upgrade [Pimlico hotel caves in to asylum seekers: Migrants end their street protests over ‘unsafe’ four-to-a-room policy after staff agree maximum of two will share, by Milo Pope, Daily Mail, June 3, 2023].

Britain is slow to learn that what Islam wants—the vast majority of immigrants being Muslims—Islam gets. And that means one thing: British taxpayer foots the bill. And what a bill it is becoming.

The figure of £6 million [$7.62 million] a day to house illegal aliens has become familiar, but is about to change [Migrant hotel costs could soar to £11bn a year if small boats Bill fails, by Edward Malnick, Daily Telegraph, June 24, 2023]. This is about £30 million [$38.1 million] a day, or a rise of 400 percent.

The increasingly desperate Tory government is not concerned with immigration in itself. The Ruling Class wants more of it. Rather, it’s worried about optics.

So far, to try and ease an all-too-visible hotel crisis, the Home Office has tried barges, private homes, and deportations to Rwanda. The government now plans to house “migrants” in ex-military bases [UK to house migrants in ex-army barracks, mulls use of barges, by Andrew Macdonald, Politico, March 29, 2023].

What happens when the new arrivals discover a lack of en suite facilities, and are forced to give yet another one-star review?


Mark Gullick [Email him] has a PhD in philosophy. Originally from London, he has relocated to Costa Rica. He has also written for TakiMagNew English Review, Counter Currents (including a monthly UNION JACKAL column on general political and cultural topics), Standpoint and The Brazen Head.

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