Musk Channels VDARE… Sort Of
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Elon Musk channeled VDARE a few days ago even if he didn’t know it.

Tweeting a reply to World of Statistics that showed the Top 10 most populated nations in the world—India, China, and the United States are the top three—Musk delivered a line familiar to VDARE readers and immigration patriots everywhere: “Demographics is destiny.”

Forget the agreement problem and look at the data to which Musk responded. India’s population is 1.46 billion, a shade more than China’s 1.425 billion. But the U.S. is a distant third with 339.6 million.

Not a single European nation, of course, is on the list.

Musk didn’t mention race, but he didn’t have to.

India and China make up 2.85 billion of the world’s 7.9 billion people, or 36 percent. Toss in Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mexico and you have almost half the world’s total.

In 2018, a Gallup survey found that 750 million people want to invade white countries. Top desired destination: the United States. Musk knows that. He might have voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, but maybe he’s not as sanguine about the Democrats and their Treason Lobby auxiliary as one would think.

Surely he knows what’s happening to whites in South Africa, and what might happen to us if we become a minority and lose political power here.

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