Grass-Roots Americans Revolt Against Critical Race Theory
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Suddenly, ordinary Americans are rising to resist anti-white Cultural Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination in their schools. An authentic grassroots movement at the state and local level is forcing state legislatures and school boards to act against this poisonous Communist doctrine. Naturally, the Regime Media is speaking power to truth, trying to “explain” things to the peasants who don’t want their children harmed. But that this is even judged necessary is a very good sign.

Of course, if we were to take Journofa and academics at their word, Critical Race Theory would make Civic Nationalism completely impossible. If CRT really becomes the orthodox teaching of the American Global Empire, the Historic American Nation would need to break away in order to survive.

The scope of the anti-CRT movement should not be underestimated. Idaho has successfully banned Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools [Idaho governor signs bill to ban critical race theory from being taught in schools, by Mike Jordan, The Guardian, May 6, 2021]. Oklahoma has passed a similar law [Gov. Stitt signs bill that restricts teaching of critical race theory in Oklahoma Schools, by Hicham Raache, News4Oklahoma, May 7, 2021]. In Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee is expected to sign a similar bill passed by the legislature banning CRT [Race shouldn’t be taught in ‘divisive’ way, Tennessee governor says, by Jonathan Mattise and Kimberlee Kruesi, Chattanooga Times Free Press, May 8, 2021]. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who increasingly looks like a presidential contender, has condemned CRT [DeSantis condemns critical race theory, says it won’t be taught in Florida classrooms, by Brooke Singman, Fox News, March 18, 2021]. Finally, there is an effort to ban CRT in Texas, where it just passed the House [Texas House advances bill targeting ‘critical race theory’ over objections from education, civics, and business groups, by Talia Richman, Dallas Morning News, May 11, 2021].

There are also important battles being waged at the local level. Near Dallas, a group of parents won a victory over pro-CRT candidates for the school board in a local election that became national news [Voters in Dallas Suburb Lead Revolt Against Critical Race Theory Curriculum, by Jarrett Stepman, Daily Signal, May 6, 2021]. In Loudon County in Northern Virginia, parents organized against CRT and were so effective that a teacher openly denounced them as, guess what, racists [Teacher accuses parent group of ‘racism,’ after group criticizes LCPS equity effords, Loudon Times-Mirror, by John Battison, Loudon Times-Mirror, April 16, 2021]. There is now a PAC for parents to fight back against those who want to impose CRT on students [Virginia parents group starts PAC to unseat school board members over racial and reopening controversies, by Kaelan Deese, Washington Examiner, April 13, 2021].

However, we should be clear about what this is about. This isn’t about white identity, unless we want to say this is some implicit, subconscious form of it. Instead, it’s people who really believe in colorblindness pushing back against an effort to make everything about race.

National Review, for example, concedes that “obviously” the “legacy of racism” should be taught in American schools, but argues that CRT specifically is bad [A Welcome Backlash against Critical Race Theory, by The Editors,  May 10, 2021]. The Federalist’s Gabe Kaminsky argues (accurately) that CRT is “atomizing” and would “divide” the American people [Biden’s Support Of Critical Race Theory Tells You All You Need To Know About His Version Of ‘Unity,’ May 3, 2021]. Christopher Rufo calls CRT—aargh!—“neoracism” (and has blocked on Twitter for some (triangulating?) reason. But we don’t deny that he’s getting results, each battle carefully tracked on his Twitter feed).

In response, the Regime Media has unleashed a flurry of condescending articles explaining what Critical Race Theory “really” is. A lot of this is the usual motte-and-bailey strategy: Critical Race Theory, we are told, is merely about examining the impact of racism in American institutions. With many Americans, including Conservativism Inc. denizens, conceding the point that pre-1965 (or these days, pre-2014) America was irredeemably immoral, framing the issue in this way is effective for the Left. Why must students be prevented from learning this version of history, they could ask?

Thus the Regime Media insinuates that conservatives are just having a silly moral panic again. Notice these sneering headlines:

Of course, President Trump also gets the blame [How Trump ignited the fight over critical race theory in schools, by Char Adams, NBC News, May 10, 2021].

Yet it’s precisely those who understand Critical Race Theory (probably because they were forced to sit through it in college) who know why it is poisonous. If anyone doesn’t understand it, it’s the naïve, patriotic conservative white Boomers who are vulnerable to it because they are still operating under the assumption that Martin Luther King’s lie about “colorblindness” was ever a goal of the so-called Civil Rights Movement.

Those pushing CRT know precisely what they are doing. Critical Race Theory requires you to accept, as a cornerstone premise, that America is inherently racist and that racial disparities exist because of that racism. You can’t opt out of this by saying that you personally are not racist. Comparing racism to cancer, Ibram Kendi intones: “There’s just no way we’re going to survive racism as a society and even as individuals without pain” [How to Be an Antiracist: A Conversation With Ibram X. Kendi, by Zenobia Jeffries Warfield, Yes!, October 25, 2019]. Making things worse for whites is part of the program.

Of course, there are several problems with this right off the bat:

  • First, Critical Race Theory is unfalsifiable, meaning that there is no possible evidence that could disprove it.

It’s a dogma. To claim otherwise is taken as proof that you’re a bigot, just as the theory predicts. It thus negates any evidence which shows that biology, culture, progressive government policies, or anything other than white racism explains continuing and seemingly perpetual racial disparities.

  • Second, there’s no conceivable end to the CRT program.

There is no point where the specter of “whiteness” can be fully excised and an “equitable” society realized. It’s an eternal struggle and one that is artificially created. If we are to take Kendi’s disease metaphor, CRT is the intellectual equivalent of taking a healthy person and subjecting him to painful radiation therapy until he dies, all while telling him it’s for his own good.

  • Third, we aren’t allowed to mention what groups are imposing this dogma.

The whole theory rests on the assumption that America is institutionally racist and designed for whites and that blacks can’t be racist because they lack institutional power. Yet it’s hard to imagine a more coddled, subsidized, and corporate-sponsored “public intellectual” than Ibram Kendi and his countless equivalents. This is being pushed by elites with money and media power from the top down.

For example, even when a local school board in Texas defeated critical race theory, we are told it came over the objections of “education, civics and business groups” [Texas House advances bill targeting ‘critical race theory’ over objections from education, civics, and business groups, by Talia Richman, Dallas Morning News, May 11, 2021]. Parents are the underdogs in these battles.

  • Fourth, and most importantly, CRT is entirely self-serving.

As with the Refugee Resettlement Racket, many of those who preach it as a moral imperative in fact benefit financially from it. Indeed, Newsweek reports that a company which sent out a “survey” promoting an anti-racist curriculum to parents also had signed a contract with Fairfax County, VA public schools to train school staff in anti-racism [Virginia Bureaucrats Map Out ‘Anti-Racist’ Reeducation Plan, by Asra Nomani and Elizabeth Schultz, May 11, 2021]. Potentially millions of dollars are at stake. Why would anyone trained in CRT say their job is done?

More to the point, what value can someone schooled in Critical Race Theory possibly provide? Such a person is trained to invent grievances and appeal to the state and media for redress. Every student that would graduate from schools with CRT curriculum would be a massive potential liability.

It’s not just a waste of money. It’s actually spending money to make students dumber and institutions more committed to failure—the educational equivalent of having the U.S. Air Force bomb its own bases.

The Trump Administration’s so-called 1776 Commission may have been “typical Conservatism Inc. tripe.” But it at least was an attempt to create a unifying national history instead of perpetual racial conflict. CRT not only divides, but it is designed to divide and render that division perpetual. It won’t solve “racism” but simply ensure racial complaints become more ludicrous, extreme—and unchallengeable.

If CRT isn’t defeated at the national level, and the GOP doesn’t do more to support the grassroots activists, every white person in the country will have to choose between three options:

  • First, shut up, pay up, and suffer by design.
  • Second, pretend to be non-white, like Rachel Dolezal, and hope no one notices.
  • Finally, break free of a system that is institutionally racist and oppressive–against whites.

I hope it won’t come to this choice. If it does, let’s pray European-Americans have a shred of the integrity possessed by their Revolutionary forebears and choose freedom over submission.



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