De Facto Amnesty Means Republicans Must Endorse Mass Deportation
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Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar made a startling point this week. “We have in the range of 40 million illegal aliens in our country,” he said. “Using trains, buses and planes the US could deport 115,000 illegal aliens every week.” The provenance of his 40 million figure is unclear, but the larger truth is very clear. We have well more than 11 million illegals here, the claim is—and thousands are being added every day. Joe Biden is remaking the country with open borders. Too many Republicans simply focus on the border and ignore the millions of illegals already here. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas granted these illegals de facto Amnesty with his pledge to not deport them. Many will stay permanently and give birth to citizens unless Republicans vow to do something about it. The GOP must discuss mass deportation forthrightly if it wants to be serious—and be taken seriously—about immigration.

As to how many illegals are in the country, Ann Coulter estimated 30 million in 2015’s Adios America. Wall Street analysts have estimated more than 20 million. A new study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform puts the number at 15.5 million. Whatever the true figure, this much is clear: it’s significantly higher, again, than 11 million. And Biden’s policies are designed to add even more. The same FAIR study concluded that 1 million illegals colonized American communities during Biden’s first year in office [Illegal immigrant population increased by 1 million in Biden's first year, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, April 26, 2022].

Even the official records indicate the government is allowing a large number of illegals to stay. Border agents detained almost 2 million illegals last year. Only 70 percent were deported or transported to detention. Roughly 30 percent were allowed to stay, with most of them being counted as minors. More than 56 percent of deportations were done under Title 42, the law that allows deportations for health reasons. But another 2 million slipped past border agents [Rising Border Encounters in 2021: An Overview and Analysis, American Immigration Council, March 4, 2022]. A lower figure for gotaways is about 600,000, but as with the total living here, whatever the figure is, it’s unacceptably large [Former CBP Chief: Biden Invites More than 3,000,000 Border Crossers to U.S., by John Binder, Breitbart, January 20, 2022]. 

Biden, as most readers know, wants to stop Title 42 expulsions. A federal court has temporarily blocked the planned elimination of Title 42 set for this month, and amazingly enough, sources told VDARE that the Border Patrol, which had already stopped enforcing Title 42, has reinstated it. Without Title 42, many of the illegals detained last year will be allowed to stay in America. Some 750,000 illegals detained since January 1 were simply let loose. If Title 42 goes, hundreds of thousands more illegals will simply receive a notice to show up in immigration court, then, again, be freed to disappear. And the Biden Regime won’t deport illegals who do show up in court. Unindicted visa fixer Mayorkas has repeatedly said only illegals guilty of serious felonies will be deported, and even then, the government won’t even do that much.

All those illegal-alien women, thanks to Birthright Citizenship, will drop anchor babies, the paper Americans who permit the illegal parents to establish a foothold. In 2016, Pew estimated that illegals birthed 250,000 children in America. That was down from 2007’s 390,000, but either number is unacceptable, and nothing can be done about it without ending Birthright Citizenship [Number of U.S.-born babies with unauthorized immigrant parents has fallen since 2007, by Jeffrey Passel et al., Pew Research Center, November 1, 2018]. 

As for Biden’s other Great Replacement policies, he barely enforces Remain in Mexico, a policy that keeps asylum seekers out of the country. Biden wants to scuttle it. He has handcuffed ICE so it can’t do its job, with the expected result: deportations crashed [ICE arrests and deportations plunged in 2021, by Camilo Montoya-Galvez, CBS News, March 11, 2022]. Biden also ended border wall construction [Biden Leaves Holes in Border Wall, Creating Ideal Path for Illegal Aliens, by John Binder, Breitbart, April 22, 2022]. And remember, none of these policies are evidence of “failure” or “incompetence.” They’re designed to swamp America with more illegals.

All this—most notably refusing to enforce black-letter immigration law—merits impeachment, an idea many Republicans will strongly consider if they retake Congress in November. But impeaching Biden won’t send a single illegal back home. Nor will building a wall. Only deportation will.

Few Republicans discuss it. Gosar’s tweet is one of the depressingly rare times a GOP lawmaker emphatically supported deportation. Another deportation supporter is Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel, who says every single illegal must be deported. And these aren’t fringe views among ordinary Republicans; it’s the majority opinion among those polled. Seventy-six percent of Republicans back mass deportation [Republican Views On Immigration Are Shifting Even Further To The Right Under Biden, by Michael Tesler, FiveThirtyEight, August 17, 2021]. Yet only a few Republicans bother to mention this idea in public.

As I have written many times, the party no longer publicly endorses grand Amnesties like the Gang of Eight’s. But for whatever reason, GOP Brain Trusters think pushing for mass deportation is impolitic. What else are we to do? Just let illegals declare squatter’s rights and establish colonies from coast to coast? Mass deportation must be endorsed.

And Republicans must champion ending Birthright Citizenship. We cannot make America America again if we allow millions of illegals to birth pseudo-citizens. A rate of 250,000 anchor babies a year is one of the most disturbing signs of demographic replacement one can imagine. That number will grow larger if nothing is done to deport illegals or strip their children of citizenship.

But again, few Republicans raise the topic. Texas Rep. Brian Babin and 30 cosponsors proposed a measure to end it last year. It received zero attention. Only a handful of candidates mention it on the campaign trail. Yet like mass deportation, it’s a popular idea with the base. A majority of Republicans polled want to abolish birthright citizenship [On Immigration Policy, Wider Partisan Divide Over Border Fence Than Path to Legal Status, Pew Research Center, October 8, 2015].

It’s not enough for Republicans to say they oppose illegal immigration. They can’t just run on border security or even opposing Amnesty. The only things that will curtail this illegal-alien invasion is building a wall, ending Birthright Citizenship and mass deportations, the last two of which will deprive illegals of the two biggest incentives to jump the border. 

Without the whole package—most notably, removing illegals from the country en masse—the Democrats will accomplish The Great Replacement of the Historic American Nation. 

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous D.C. insider.

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