Why Pence Prevailed—The FUNDAMENTAL STRENGTH Of Trump’s Positions On Immigration And Law And Order
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VDARE.com has had a fairly low opinion of Mike Pence ever since his clumsy attempt, while in Congress, to change sides and betray Tom Tancredo and his Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus during the Amnesty Wars. And our view was deepened by his disastrously incompetent defence of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015. We reacted with coolth to his selection as running mate by Donald J. Trump. But there’s no doubt Pence performed well in Tuesday’s debate—in significant measure by using the immigration issue.

We find that even immigration patriots don’t know the role that immigration played in this debate. This is because the Main Stream Media seems to have reacted to the Internets' breaking its monopoly by completely abandoning even the pretense of reporting as opposed to editorializing—and, in the case of Trump’s candidacy, the editorializing is blatantly orchestrated to an unprecedented degree. Accordingly, we excerpt below the immigration sections of the October 4 debate transcript, with supporting hyperlinks and our helpful comments.

Two further points:

  • Pence was far from making full use of the immigration weapon.
Even experienced debaters miss tricks, often through sheer fatigue. But my guess is that, for example, Pence, a fairly conventional Conservatism Inc. type, has never heard of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome. As a result, when Tim Kaine said “I’ve got a lot of scar tissue, because when I was governor of Virginia, there was a horrible shooting at Virginia Tech” and claimed the incident showed the need for more restrictions on gun sales, it never occurred to Pence to point out the killer was an immigrant—the murders would not have happened if he had been kept out. At the very least, better screening is needed keep out immigrants who have already exhibited signs of mental illness.

(Pence actually replied by praising police officers and criticizing Clinton for not defending them against the “implicit bias” smear— “Senator, when African-American police officers involved in a police action shooting involving an African-American, why would Hillary Clinton accuse that African-American police officer of implicit bias?” Which we have to admit was pretty good!)

Note also that Pence never brought up legal immigration, the H1-B Educated Millennial Displacement Scheme, or the need for Official English in the face of linguistic Balkanization —although while in Congress he repeatedly co-sponsored Steve King’s Official English bill, HR 997.

Which leads us to—

  • Pence demonstrated the enormous fundamental strength of Trump’s positions
It is not actually necessary for Trump/ Pence to out-debate, out-zing, or even argue with Clinton/ Kaine—all they need do is state their differences over an Angela Merkel-type Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, border security, eliminating the illegal presence, Official English, etc. which most Americans simply do not know.

There is a reason these issues were not even mentioned in the first presidential debate—the Democrats, and their MSM enablers, know that to the extent America knows about them, Hillary Clinton will lose.

Debate Text With Comments By Peter Brimelow and James Fulford

QUIJANO: All right. I want to turn to our next segment now, immigration. Your running mates have both said that undocumented immigrants who have committed violent crimes should be deported.

[James Fulford: Putting it another way, Hillary has said that any illegal who hasn’t committed a violent crime should not be deported. We’ve called this the Full Merkel.”]

What would you tell the millions of undocumented immigrants who have not committed violent crimes? Governor Pence?

PENCE: Donald Trump’s laid out a plan to end illegal immigration once and for all in this country. We’ve been talking it to death for 20 years.

[JF: I.E. since Alien Nation and the Smith Simpson bill—sabotaged by the GOP leadership.]

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to continue the policies of Open Borders, Amnesty, Catch-And-Release, Sanctuary Cities, all the things that are driving—that are driving wages down in this country, Senator, and also too often with criminal aliens in the country, it’s bringing heartbreak.

But I—Donald Trump has a plan that he laid out in Arizona, that will deal systemically with illegal immigration, beginning with border security, internal enforcement.

It’s probably why for the first time in the history of Immigration and Customs Enforcement their union actually endorsed Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, because they know they need help to enforce the laws of this country.

And Donald Trump has laid out a priority to remove criminal aliens, remove people that have overstayed their visas. And—and once we have accomplished all of that, which will—which will strengthen our economy, strengthen the rule of law in the country and make our communities safer once the criminal aliens are out, then we’ll deal with those that remain…

KAINE: [….] Immigration. There’s two plans on the table. Hillary and I believe in Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Donald Trump believes in deportation nation. You’ve got to pick your choice.

[JF: Polls show that Americans are generally for “Deportation Nation”—which of course is already the law.]

Hillary and I want a bipartisan reform that will put keeping families together as the top goal [i.e. prioritize illegal aliens over Americans], second, that will help focus enforcement efforts on those who are violent, third, that will do more border control, and, fourth, that will provide a path to citizenship for those who work hard, pay taxes, play by the rules, and take criminal background record checks. [Blah blah a.k.a. Amnesty]

That’s our proposal. Donald Trump proposes to deport 16 million people, 11 million who are here without documents. And both Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to get rid of birthright citizenship. So if you’re born here, but your parents don’t have documents, they want to eliminate that. That’s another 4.5 million people.

[PB: Actually, Trump has never proposed that birthright citizenship be abolished retroactively—alas! Only I have been imaginative enough to do that].

These guys—and Donald Trump have said it—deportation force. They want to go house to house, school to school, business to business, and kick out 16 million people. And I cannot believe…

PENCE: That’s nonsense. That’s nonsense.

[PB: Of course it is nonsense, because there are many steps between Amnesty and mass deportation, as I pointed out to Fox’s Alan Colmes before Trump actually adopted this argument in his August 31 Phoenix speech. It’s easy to assume that Leftists use this caricature of the Immigration Patriot position because they think it’s polemically effective. But of course it exposes them to easy refutation. Over time, I’ve concluded that they really believe their own propaganda. They’re just that stupid.]

KAINE: I cannot believe that Governor Pence would sit here and defend his running mate’s claim that we should create a deportation force to—so that they’ll all be gone.

PENCE: Senator, we have a deportation force. It’s called Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And the union for Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the first time in their history endorsed Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States of America.

KAINE: So you like the 16 million deportations?

PENCE: Senator, that’s—that’s nonsense. Look, what you just heard is they have a plan for Open Borders, Amnesty. That’s…


KAINE: Our plan is like Ronald Reagan’s plan from 1986.

[JF: Reagan was talked into signing that by GOP leaders—he told Ed Meese that signing the 1986 IRCA amnesty was the “biggest mistake of his presidency”. We’ve learned a lot from that amnesty.]

PENCE: They call it Comprehensive Immigration Reform—they call it comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill. We all know the routine. It’s Amnesty.

[PB: Funnily enough, I made exactly this point to Pence when he was supporting the Krieble plan during the Amnesty Wars].

PENCE: And you heard one of the last things he mentioned was border security. That’s how Washington always plays it.


PENCE: They always say we’re going to do this, we’re going to do that, we’ll eventually get the border…


PENCE: Ronald Reagan said a nation without borders is not a nation.

[JF: Here’s the verbatim quote: “This country has lost control of its borders, and no country can sustain that kind of position”. America's borders are out of control: Congress tackles illegal immigration, By Leon Daniel, UPI, November 27, 1983]

Donald Trump is committed to restoring the borders of this nation and securing our nation, enforcing our laws.

QUIJANO: So, Governor, how would these millions of undocumented immigrants leave? Would they be forcibly removed?

PENCE: Well, I think Donald Trump laid out a series of priorities that doesn’t ends with border security. It begins with border security. And after we secure the border, not only build a wall, but beneath the ground and in the air, we do internal enforcement.

But he said the focus has to be on criminal aliens. We just—we just had a conversation about law enforcement. We just had a conversation about the—the violence that’s besetting our cities. The reality is that there’s heartbreak and tragedy that has struck American families because people that came into this country illegally are now involved in criminal enterprise and activity. And we don’t have the resources or the will to deport them systemically.

Donald Trump has said we’re going to move those people out, people who’ve overstayed their visas. We’re going to enforce the law of this country. We’re going to strengthen Immigration and Customs Enforcement with more resources and more personnel to be able to do that.

And then Donald Trump has made it clear, once we’ve done all of those things, that we’re going to reform the immigration system that we have…

KAINE: I just have to correct Governor Pence….

PENCE: … where people can come into this country.

KAINE: I have to…

PENCE: That’s the order that you should do it. Border security, removing criminal aliens, upholding with law, and then—but then, Senator, I’ll work you when you go back to the Senate, I promise you, we’ll work you to reform the immigration system.

KAINE: I look forward to working together in whatever capacities we serve in. But I just want to make it very, very clear that he’s trying to fuzz up what Donald Trump has said. When Donald Trump spoke in Phoenix, he looked the audience in the eye and he said, no, we’re building a wall, and we’re deporting everybody. He said, quote, “They will all be gone.” “They will all be gone.”

And this is one of these ones where you can just go to the tape on it and see what Donald Trump has said. And to add—

PENCE: He’s talking about criminal aliens.

KAINE: And to add to it, and to add to it, and to add to it, we are a nation of immigrants. Mike Pence and I both are descended from immigrant families. Some things, you know, maybe weren’t said so great about the Irish when they came, but we’ve done well by absorbing immigrants, and it’s made our nation stronger.

When Donald Trump says Mexicans are rapists and criminals, Mexican immigrants, when Donald Trump says about your judge, a Hoosier judge, he said that Judge Curiel was unqualified to hear a case because his parents were Mexican, I can’t imagine how you could defend that.

QUIJANO [not giving Pence a chance to respond]: Governor Pence, Mr. Trump has proposed “extreme vetting” of immigrants from parts of the world that export terrorism. But that does not address many of the recent terrorist attacks in the United States, such as the Orlando nightclub massacre and the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey. Those were homegrown, committed by U.S. citizens and legal residents. What specific tools would you use to prevent those kinds of attacks?

[PB: Of course, these attacks are not “homegrown”—they’re committed by “immigrant stock” Muslims, the children of immigrants. So Trump’s Muslim moratorium IS an answer: if you’re in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.]

PENCE: Well, I think it’s—I think it’s a great question, Elaine, but it really does begin with us reforming our immigration system and putting the interests, particularly the safety and security of the American people, first.

I mean, Donald Trump has called for extreme vetting for people coming into this country so that we don’t bring people into the United States who are hostile to our Bill of Rights freedoms, who are hostile to the American way life.

But also, Donald Trump and I are committed to suspending the Syrian refugee program and programs and immigration from areas of the world that have been compromised by terrorism. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine want to increase the Syrian refugee program by 500…


KAINE: Elaine, I want to…


QUIJANO: Governor, the question was about homegrown.

PENCE: Yeah, and so—but first, you know, let’s make sure we’re putting the safety and security of the American people first instead of Hillary Clinton expanding the Syrian refugee program

KAINE: Or instead of you violating the Constitution by blocking people based on their national origin rather than whether they’re dangerous.

PENCE: That’s not—that’s absolutely false.

KAINE: That’s what the Seventh Circuit decided just—here’s the difference, Elaine.

PENCE: The Seventh Circuit…

KAINE: We have different views on—on refugee issues and on immigration. Hillary and I want to do enforcement based on, are people dangerous? These guys say all Mexicans are Mexicans

PENCE: That’s absolutely false.

KAINE: And with respect to refugees, we want to keep people out if they’re dangerous. Donald Trump said keep them out if they’re Muslim. Mike Pence…

PENCE: Absolutely…

KAINE: … put a program in place to keep them out if they’re from Syria. And yesterday an appellate court with three Republican judges struck down the Pence plan…

PENCE: Right. Right.

KAINE: … and said it was discriminatory…

PENCE: And those judges—those judges said…

KAINE: We should focus upon danger, not upon discrimination.

[JF: The Daily Caller’s headline on the decision was 7th Circuit To Mike Pence: You’re A Racist—the judges claim that not wanting Syrian refugees is “National Origin Discrimination”. That’s the terror of Civil Rights law—you’re required to treat everyone as equally safe no matter who dies.]

QUIJANO: Governor?

PENCE: Elaine, to your point, those judges said it was because there wasn’t any evidence yet that—that ISIS had infiltrated the United States. Well, Germany just arrested three Syrian refugees that were connected to ISIS.


KAINE: But they told you there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

PENCE: But, look, if you’re going to be critical of me on that, that’s fair game. I will tell you, after two Syrian refugees were involved in the attack in Paris that is called Paris’ 9/11, as governor of the state of Indiana, I have no higher priority than the safety and security of the people of my state.

KAINE: But, Governor Pence…

PENCE: So you bet I suspended that program.

KAINE: But, Governor Pence, I just…

PENCE: And I stand by that decision. And if I’m vice president of the United States or Donald Trump is president, we’re going to put the safety and security of the American people first.

KAINE: Sure. Can we just be clear—Hillary and I will do immigration enforcement and we’ll vet refugees based on whether they’re dangerous or not. We won’t do it based on discriminating against you from the country you come from or the religion that you practice.

PENCE: But the problem with that…

KAINE: That is completely antithetical to the Jeffersonian values of…


PENCE: Elaine, the director of the FBI, our homeland security, said we can’t know for certain who these people are coming from Syria.

KAINE: Yes, we can, and when we don’t let them know, we don’t let them in.

PENCE: So—the FBI…

KAINE: When we don’t know who they are, we don’t let them in.

PENCE: The FBI and homeland security said we can’t know for certain. You’ve got to err on the side of the safety and security of the American people, Senator. I understand the…

KAINE: By trashing all Syrians or trashing all Muslims?

PENCE: … the U.N. wants us to expand the Syrian refugee program…

QUIJANO: Senator Kaine, let me ask you this. Secretary Clinton…

PENCE: We’re going to put the safety and security of the American people first.

[PB: One further outbreak at the end of the debate—]

KAINE: When Donald Trump says women should be punished or Mexicans are rapists and criminals...

PENCE: I’m telling you...

KAINE: ... or John McCain is not a hero, he is showing you who he is.

PENCE: Senator, you’ve whipped out that Mexican thing again. He—look...

KAINE: Can you defend it?

PENCE: There are criminal aliens in this country, Tim, who have come into this country illegally who are perpetrating violence and taking American lives.

KAINE: You want to—you want to use a big broad brush against Mexicans on that?

PENCE: He also said and “many of them [I assume] are good people.” You keep leaving that out of your quote.

[PB: Pence is right—Trump said in his announcement that “When Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. They are not sending you. They are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and they’re rapists.” He added “Some, I assume are good people.”]

And if you want me to go there, I’ll go there.

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