Obama Last Year Countdown: Say Goodbye to Public Safety!
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How low can the President go in endangering the American people in his final months? It’s frightening to think. There’s no question that he despises the people he governs, demonstrated by the years of disparaging remarks, from Americans as bitter clingers of guns to disparaging the religion of Americans because of bad behavior during the Crusades.

On Tuesday, Obama announced his plan to empty Gitmo of the remaining hard-core jihadists and relocate many to prisons in America. The move would guarantee a lawyer scrum to service Islam’s top killers because the US locale confers new rights on the bad guys. Plus, the possibility of Islamist jail breaks in America will probably inspire jihadist dreams and create terror magnets if their heroes are incarcerated in rickety local jails.

In addition, it was recently reported that nearly 90,000 criminal illegal aliens were released into American neighborhoods.

America’s Senator Jeff Sessions finds it “unbelievable” and “shocking” that foreign criminals are needlessly let loose when they should have been at least deported. He spoke with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs on Monday. During that discussion, Sessions also pointed out the extent of Senator Marco Rubio’s treachery: not only is he a continuing open-border enthusiast, but he also supports the globalist “free trade” agenda that has shipped entire industries overseas to cheap labor nations. [Spare video.]

LOU DOBBS: First is this dispute that’s arisen around what we’re doing with with illegal immigrants in this country. The Washington Examiner is reporting first that 90,000 — 90,000! — dangerous illegal immigrants have simply been released and gone free. What is happening that our agencies are not carrying out their responsibilities, their duties to protect the country and to enforce laws?

JEFF SESSIONS: Lou, it’s unbelievable what’s been happening and it’s just shocking. People can’t believe it. This administration has devastated law enforcement. The ICE officers, the federal law officers, sued their supervisors and then the administration in effect, saying you have caused us to violate our oath to enforce the law. They’re been told by policies and regulations and executive orders throughout this entire system that makes it virtually impossible to create a lawful system of immigration.

It can be done, if we had presidential leadership. It’s not that hard. It’s really possible and we’ve got to do it. The American people have demanded it for 30 years, they get promises from Washington and nothing happens.

DOBBS: In dealing with Immigration Customs Enforcement the head of the the union there, in a dispute with Marco Rubio, the head of the union saying point-blank Marco Rubio betrayed law enforcement in the Gang of Eight legislation and did so just bald-faced in front of everyone. You have supported him in this, that is the head of the union. What actually stopped the Gang of Eight bill in your judgment?

SESSIONS: Well, I think Chris Crane played a big role in it. He and other law enforcement officers exposed this bill. They said it would not make us more safe, but less. They said it wouldn’t work as promised. They met for months, the Gang of Eight did, with La Raza and they met with the Chamber of Commerce, but they wouldn’t allow law enforcement to come in to explain how the system really works and what you have to do to end the lawlessness. And they were just pushed out, and it got to be a big deal and I guess the disagreements continue between those two. I just so admired Chris Crane. He was a Marine, he loved America, I believe he told the truth about the legislation and I thought it was very important for the American people that he did.

DOBBS: Senator Rubio’s saying today that Crane’s suggestions were basically conspiracy theories on his part, trying to dismiss them; they’re not easily dismissed, as you know. I would also like to take up Senator Rubio’s support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the free trade agreement that this president wants to have validated by the Senate. Marco Rubio has been a supporter of it, has he not?

SESSIONS: He’s been a very big supporter, I mean he did provide the 60th vote the vote necessary to pass the fast track that led us to this. He has said that he has three pillars of his foreign policy, and one of them was the passage of this bill. I really believe that we are a nation that trades, we’re not against trade, but I really believe these trade agreements are not working effectively for us. Trading partners cheat and manipulate too much, and we have all the leverage in the world to stand back against that. And if we go into this trading agreement that has 5,000 pages now — I think we will regret this. We need bilateral trade agreements, I’ll support them, but we always need to be able to pull out and not have a commission like a nascent European Commission that evaluates disputes and changes the rules whenever they want to. These commissions are dangerous and they erode sovereignty and the power of Congress and the American people.

Here’s the report about illegal alien criminals being released mentioned during the interview:
Almost 90,000 dangerous illegal immigrants go free, Washington Examiner, By Paul Bedard, February 22, 2016

Nearly 60 percent of illegal immigrants identified by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as criminal threats are not deported and are eventually released, the latest example of the Obama administration’s failed immigration policy.

Internal ICE figures show that in fiscal 2015, the agency encountered 152,393 illegal immigrants labeled a criminal threat, mostly in jails, but charged 64,116. About another 88,000 were not processed for deportation, according to the Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica Vaughan.

The numbers are even worse for those who ICE asks local police and sheriffs to detain but never collect.  Under Obama’s recently announced Priority Enforcement Program, officials work with local police to arrest and deport criminal immigrants. In reality, that amounts to a phone call from ICE requesting local authorities hold the suspect for 48 hours after they’re set to be freed.

But several sheriffs from around the country say that just 35-40 percent of those held are ever seized by ICE, even after they’ve been released.

Richard W. Stanek, sheriff of Hennepin County in Minneapolis, said he had 75 illegals ICE wanted, but the agency only picked up about 35 percent. “And these are people that they want,” he told theWashington Examiner.

Susan Benton, sheriff of Florida’s Highlands County, said “mine would be much much lower.” Worse, she added, many are seized and sent to a federal facility in Miami and immediately released and return to her county.

It’s become a huge issue for local police. Benton said she wants to help ICE and hold illegal immigrants longer, but can’t legally. Often the result is more crime from the suspect and questions about why her department’s jail frees them.  “We’re the bad guys, we’re the ones CNN is on saying, ‘That sheriff left that killer out.'”

David J. Mahoney, sheriff of Dane County in Madison, Wis., said departments are less likely to comply with ICE requests because of the legal issues and a lack of support from the federal government.

“It’s kind of a, ‘Do me a favor and hold them for 48 hours or more.’ When in fact there is no legal standing to do that. ICE says ‘hold ’em, but we won’t defend you if you get sued.'”

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