Tales Of The Undocumented
May 12, 2006, 04:07 PM
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Undocumented, as we all know, doesn`t mean someone who`s lost his papers, but an illegal, who never had legal residence in the first place.

One of the jokes in the Late Night Roundup did was this from Jay Leno:

If you left your driver`s license at home, you are "undocumented:" if you`re driving without a license, you`re a criminal.

I remember hearing a story about a detective who was asked for spare change by a vagrant.

He showed the guy his badge, and aked him for his ID, and the vagrant said "Er, sorry, I left my wallet on my dresser at home."

The cop said "I`ve heard that so often, that sometimes I think there`s a dresser somewhere in this town with a pile of wallets on it three feet high."

He was wrong: it`s in Guadalajara.