Rasmussen Poll: 72 Percent of Voters Want Visa Overstayers Deported
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Has Donald Trump made it socially acceptable to want illegal aliens sent home? Certainly 72 percent of voters seems a high polling number for a proposal that’s common sense in these politically correct times. For example, a 2014 Rasmussen poll found just 52 percent of respondents thought the government wasn’t aggressive enough in deportations, a kind of milquetoast statement with barely half agreeing.

So thank you, Donald, for striking a blow against the evil of political correctness, a leftist strategy to shut people up.

Back to visa subject, Senator Jeff Sessions noted in his visa overstay hearing earlier this month, “What we are witnessing is tantamount to an open border. Millions are free to come on temporary visas and no one is required to leave.”

So it’s good that the citizens are paying attention.


Poll: 72% demand Obama find, boot out immigrants who overstay visas, Washington Examiner, By Paul Bedard, January 27, 2016

With a majority of voters believing that visa overstayers are a danger to the United States, a whopping 72 percent want the administration to find and deport them, according to a new poll.

Amid concerns about the administration’s plans to let in thousands of Muslim immigrants from Syria, Americans are becoming worried about the impact they will have and the threat to security they pose. Just this month, the government reported that 500,000 visitors to the United States overstayed their visa and didn’t go home. There may be up to 5 million others in the U.S.

Rasmussen Reports found that 72 percent believe the administration is not aggressive enough in finding those who have overstayed their visas and kicking them out.

Just 15 percent said the level of visa enforcement is correct.

Rasmussen said that the 72 percent “compares to 55 percent of voters who said three years ago that the government should find those who have overstayed their visas and send them home.”

Their concerns are expressed in another Rasmussen question about the risk visa overstayers from other countries pose. The survey found that 68 percent consider overstayers a “serious national security risk,” with a third, 31 percent, who rate it a “very serious one.”

And 51 percent said that the administration has made it too easy to get a visa, said Rasmussen.

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