Peter Brimelow Visits The Manhattan Institute
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On October 29th, there was a discussion at the Manhattan Institute of a new book by Victor Davis Hanson, Heather Mac Donald, and Steven Malanga. The book is called The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today's , and it covers much of the same ground that Alien Nation covered 12 years ago.

It will be on BookTV on Sunday, November 25, but thanks to the internet, there's no need to wait.

You can see it embedded here, or get a direct RealPlayer link by clicking here.

If you move the slider forward to 36:40 out of a 55 minute program, you can hear Peter Brimelow asking a question or two, and giving a friendly warning to the authors:"I think this is a very important contribution—this book—to the immigration debate and my advice is: watch your backs!"

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