Peter Brimelow Visits The Manhattan Institute
November 20, 2007, 10:20 PM
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On October 29th, there was a discussion at the Manhattan Institute of a new book by Victor Davis Hanson, Heather Mac Donald, and Steven Malanga. The book is called The Immigration Solution: A Better Plan Than Today`s , and it covers much of the same ground that Alien Nation covered 12 years ago.

It will be on BookTV on Sunday, November 25, but thanks to the internet, there`s no need to wait.

You can see it embedded here, or get a direct RealPlayer link by clicking here.

If you move the slider forward to 36:40 out of a 55 minute program, you can hear Peter Brimelow asking a question or two, and giving a friendly warning to the authors:"I think this is a very important contribution—this book—to the immigration debate and my advice is: watch your backs!"