An Unemployed Indiana Reader Says America Not A "Nation Of Immigrants"
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07/05/10 - An Obama Supporter Is Horrified By His "Simple-Minded" Amnesty Speech

From: Leland Meeks (e-mail him)

Re: Edwin S. Rubenstein's Column: June Jobs: Immigrants Displacing American Workers…Again

Despite President Barack Obama's distorted amnesty speech, America hasn't been a "nation of immigrants" for a century.

What we are instead is an immigrant-overwhelmed nation. We're out of work, our savings are depleted and we can't afford health insurance.

Worse, there's not a job in sight. Yet the Democrats invite people into America legally and illegally to compete against U.S. taxpaying citizens. Our children need jobs, too. But they can't find employment either because, like their parents, they must compete with immigrants.

The only thing that Washington D.C. should be concerned about is putting Americans back to work.

Instead, Obama and his Hispanic allies are trying to figure out ways to sneak an amnesty past us, despite the nation's strenuous objections.

Meeks lives in Fort Wayne where the unemployment rate has been in double digits since February 2009.

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