Tweets From The VP Debate—They DID Mention Immigration
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In the debate Kaine and Pence talked about black Republican Senator Tim Scott's complaint that he was stopped by the police for being black, and thus looking suspicious.

They also speed more. People think blacks get stopped more for speeding because they commit so much crime,  and police want to check them out, but actually it's because they also speed more. Twelve years ago I wrote about a study that shows that black drivers speed twice as much as white drivers. Tim Scott is a United States Senator who was caught speeding four times in one year. "Was I speeding sometimes? Sure. "

More on immigration:

For a businessman to buy and sell in either Russia or Saudi Arabia is legitimate. For a former President and serving Secretary of State to be taking bribes is not:

On the Huma/Muslim Brotherhood question, see the article I wrote in 2012 when Michele Bachmann raised it.

Here are some things noted by Megan McArdle, in spite of her not being a Trump fan.

And finally, one from Laura Ingraham:

By the way, Peter Brimelow, watching the debate, said that Tim Kaine reminded him of Pekinese:

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