Is Trump Un-American for Saying Americans Have a RIGHT to Choose Which Immigrants We Want?
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A fascinating thing is how much the 2016 debate over immigration is hinging on the issue of whether or not the American public has a right to set immigration policy, with Trump being widely denounced for taking the extremist stance that American citizens should get a say in who immigrates.

For example, from CNN here’s a spontaneous response to Trump’s immigration speech last Wednesday:

SELLERS: … But Donald Trump’s thesis tonight, I mean, a lot of the things that he said, I mean, they just have to offend the common notion of America.

Just one line. He says that we want to develop an immigration system to choose immigrants based on merits, skill and proficiency.


SELLERS: I mean, what about those people who come over and may not have — they may not have — it may not all of the different attributes or may just be coming for just to actually learn how to start a small business or find a job and do all of those things.


BORGER: Is that extreme vetting?

LEMON: I want to…

SELLERS: That’s extreme. That’s not America. …

LEMON: Yes. Hey, listen, I need Bakari to respond to this as a Democrat on panel. Because you mentioned this, chooms [probably meant "choose," but, who knows, Lemon may have meant "chooms"] immigrants based on merits, skill and proficiency. And someone a viewer e-mailed me and said — and said, “Is he talking about choosing people base on merit? Not of my poor Irish labor ancestors would have made it.”

SELLERS: I mean, no. I mean, I think it’s absurd and it should have been the notion of common decency and what it means to be an American.

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