Are We Looking At Another Muslim Moratorium Moment? Americans Do Wonder About Impartiality Of Judges—And About Multiculturalism
Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Here’s the edited transcript of the interview I did with KLZ-560’s Steve Curtis on Tuesday, June 7. Thanks to all concerned. Steve and I will talk again 8 am ET, 6 am Mountain, Tuesday July 5.

Steve Curtis started by asking about the uproar over Donald Trump’s outing of Trump U. judge Gonzalo Curiel as a “Mexican.”

Peter Brimelow: I think that this is a real decisive moment in the campaign. Of course, Trump is right. And everybody knows that he is right. Sonia Sotomayor, who is now on the Supreme Court, actually said that the reason she should be a judge was because she was a “wise Latina” and she was going to make decisions based on her race. So, in different circumstances, the Left openly boasts about how they make decisions based on race and that this is right.

But this uproar reveals two really interesting things. One is the intense hostility toward anybody daring to point this out from the Main Stream Media, the pundits. They are really Official Opposition party in this country—they are the ruling class.

They don’t want anyone to make this point because it goes to the heart of what is going on in America, which basically it has become a kritarchy—ruled by judges. For example, that’s why we have homosexual marriage in this country.

The Ruling Class wants Americans to believe that these rulings are coming down from God. They don’t want to have people looking into the actual human motives behind them.

The second thing is the total and complete cowardice among Republican Party leaders. People who have been relatively good on Trump, like Newt Gingrich, are running for cover—even though Gingrich himself when he campaigned for president, raised this issue—that judges have become legislators, and that something had to be done about it. He was suggesting term limits for judges, and it became a hot issue when he ran for president.

But even he is running for cover now.

So, this really shows the extent with which the Ruling Class in this country is completely in the grip of Cultural Marxism.

Curtis: I’m just going to quote from the piece:

Does Newt think that when LBJ appointed Thurgood Marshall, ex-head of the NAACP, to the Supreme Court, he did not think Marshall would bring his unique experience as a black man and civil rights leader to the bench? Surely, that was among the reasons Marshall was appointed.”

Of course it was.

PB: The point is that, because the Left depends on judges making these decisions and on people lying down for them—because they are dependent on the prestige of the Court as an Olympian body—they can never admit to what is actually going on here.

On, we have a whole series of court rulings, for example on attempts by states and local governments to stop illegal immigration—bad rulings by bad judges. We are always look who these judges are, and they are invariably minorities, invariably appointed by Democratic presidents. They’re just making the law there, they’re just making this stuff up. They rule politically.

But if you are going to have judges acting as legislators, as politicians, then we should have elections. That’s why we repeatedly called, on, to have judges impeached based on their rulings.

Curtis: You can’t even say that a Mexican that is in the U.S. illegally should be thrown out and should go back to Mexico. That’s somehow racist. But, if you were to say to a Frenchman from France, who is here illegally on his visa, should go back to France, and if he wants to come back, should do so legally. Nobody would blink; nobody would bat an eye at that, would they?

PB: Right. And the problem is not just illegal aliens in the country, but also the tremendous racial divisions that are developing in the country because of immigration policy.

Because of immigration policy, American whites—the people who until the 1965 Immigration Act were referred to as “Americans”—are going to go into a minority sometime in the next 20 to 30 years.

And the question is will America continue to exist as it has been known to history when that happens. Of course the answer is No. It will become a Third World country of some sort or another.

At the moment, whites could stop it. We could stop it through an immigration moratorium. And the Left is desperate that this option not be raised. They are desperate to keep this out of public debate, because they know that would end their attempt to Elect A New People.

This accounts for this extraordinary hysteria over what Trump said about this judge. They are highly coordinated, they’re on these ListServ groups, and they know that any time this issue raises its head, they have got to hit it—because they can’t allow people to start thinking in terms of what will happen to America when whites do go into a minority.

American institutions were designed for a homogenous society. There’s a famous passage in the Federalist Papers where John Jay said exactly that—that we’re a common people with a common religion, a common heritage, and so on. These institutions will not stretch across dramatic racial divisions. And we’re going to have to grapple with that.

What Trump is doing here is that he is raising issues that the Left absolutely does not want to see raised.

Curtis: I think it’s time that white people stand up and say we’re not going to put up with your racist rhetoric against us. It’s just high time.

PB: The only example that I can find right now of a senior Republican who is sensible on this is, of all people, George W. Bush’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. He actually wrote a piece in The Washington Post, or least he signed it, saying that of course Trump is entitled to wonder if the judge is impartial. [Alberto R. Gonzales: Trump has a right to ask if Judge Gonzalo Curiel is fair , June 9, 2016]

Other than that, it’s been a complete wipeout.

It’s the Republicans that I’m most annoyed at here. Even if they thought that they had a presidential nominee who had made a mistake of some kind, they normally would just keep their mouths shut and wait for it to go away. But, instead, they are doing their best to disassociate themselves from him. It’s craziness.

But I wonder, actually, if we’re not looking at another moment like when Trump said a few months ago that we should review whether Muslims should be allowed into the country. Of course, the US is a sovereign state and it has an absolute right to determine who is coming in. But that precipitated a lot of hysteria—and then it polled amazingly well. Seventy-odd percent of Americans, all across America, want to know why we are admitting Muslims. And of course it is a perfectly sensible question. The issue actually helped him in the primary race.

I’ll be very interested to see if this works the same way. I think that Americans do wonder about the impartiality of judges—and they wonder about the viability of multiculturalism.

Curtis: This is beginning to more and more every single day, to feel like something other than America, isn’t it?

PB: Of course, as Pat Buchanan points out in the column that you mentioned, that there actually is a long history of Americans getting annoyed with the court, going back to Jefferson and Jackson. And, of course, FDR actually tried to pack the court because he was fed up with its rulings.

What’s happened here is that, for the last 50 or 60 years, the Supreme Court has been leaning to the Left. Even though we have had Republican presidents, the judges that they appoint turn out to be no good, like David Souter—or Earl Warren. They just go native when they get to Washington.

So the Left is very happy with the courts. And, in fact, almost all of the Left’s recent legislation has been done through the courts, rather than through the legislative process. So for them the courts are now sacrosanct—but as late as the 1930s, when the courts were perceived to be on the other side, it was okay for Roosevelt to try to pack it.

By the way, although Roosevelt didn’t succeed in packing the Supreme Court, he did succeed in intimidating it. The Supreme Court backed off of its aggressive stand against what was, essentially, socialist legislation. This was the famous Switch In Time That Saved Nine—judges started the voting with the Left to take the pressure off the Court.

Curtis: The same thing happened with the Obamacare case with John Roberts.

PB:  That’s right. It looks like it was a purely political decision. And that’s because of the sheer power of the Left in the MSM. They can really just set the agenda.

One of the things that really fascinates me: at we have been discussing the issue of impeachment—not just for judges, we talked about how Obama should have clearly been impeached when he didn’t defend the borders two years ago and for Executive Amnesty and so on. Well, everyone said that impeachment is impossible, it’s un-American, and that sort of thing.

But as soon as it looked like the Supreme Court was going to rule the wrong way on Obamacare, guess what? All over the Left, and all over the MSM, people started discussing the possibility of impeaching the Supreme Court justices if they rule the wrong way.

I think that if and when Donald Trump is elected—and I think he will get elected—we very may see impeachment efforts against him.

Curtis: I agree. I think Trump will win. But, as you said earlier, this is the defining moment.

PB: As far as the Republican leaders are concerned, they are people who just don’t think at all. They just seem to take their cues from what they see in the MSM.

The more general question here, Steve, is the direction America is headed in. The man who founded modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, who was president of Singapore for many years, once said that when you have racially divided societies, all politics become tribal. What’s important is what tribe you belong to. You don’t have abstract debates about tax policies and so on. You just have people competing on the basis of ethnicity.

Now, we see this happening in the U.S. right now, because of the racial changes that have been introduced by the 1965 Immigration Act.

You see it within the Democratic Party. I don’t know what’s going to happen in California today [June 7 primary], but I do know that the great bulk of the minorities—Hispanics and blacks—are going to vote for Hillary and Sanders is going to get mostly the white Democrats. That’s the pattern that has been shown all across the country. And there are places, like here in Connecticut, where Clinton won because there were enough blacks who showed up, even though she lost among Connecticut whites. In Indiana, it was reverse.

Well, this is a very odd situation, and unstable for the Democrats. They have a coalition that is deeply divided. They’re going to have trouble holding that party together.

The only problem that they may destroy America first.

Curtis: When you look at a Trump rally, you see all kinds of people. You see black people there, you see Hispanics.

PB: Well, they are overwhelmingly white. But Trump does have minority support. The curious thing about the polls right now is that he actually isn’t doing worse with minorities than Romney did. The reason he has gotten so close to Hillary in recent polls is not that he is getting the white vote in enormous numbers—we haven’t seen that yet, his share of the white vote is not extraordinarily high, it’s in the low 50s and I believe it will get to be over 60%—but what he is getting right now is surprising support among minorities.

He’s nowhere near a majority of their support, but he is getting significantly more support than Romney did. Of course, he could hardly get less.

Curtis: Let’s go to Brad in East LA.

Brad: I was just wanting to ask your guest, after Trump is elected—which I think he will be too—how riotous this country will become?

PB: Well, first off, America is riotous right now. The real scandal about what is going on is the way in which the MSM and the Democrats (and Republicans too for that matter) are not denouncing these attacks on Trump’s supporters that we’re seeing, particularly in California.

People are openly crying out that Trump is Hitler. They’re inviting for him to be assassinated. [‘Kill Trump’: Enraged Left Calls for Assassination, by Douglas Ernst, WND, December 8, 2015] There’s an excellent chance someone is going to have to have a go at him in this campaign. That’s really the scandal.

But I actually think that if Trump is elected, things will calm right down. And the reason for that is what happened in 1968. If you remember then, there were tremendous race riots—what we now call race riots, which is basically blacks burning down their own neighborhoods, not a clash between the races. But after Nixon was elected, they all suddenly went away. And the reason appears to be that they just realized that the kind of thing we saw in San Jose, for example, where the police simply refuse to enforce the law and arrest these people who are attacking Trump demonstrators, is not going to continue once Trump controls the Executive branch, that he would actually crack down on these things, call in the National Guard, impose martial law and so on.

So I think people will be surprised how calm it will be after he is elected.

Curtis: There are still people talking about the possibility of Ted Cruz. It’s nutty.

PB: Yes, indeed. The thing that really upset me about Cruz was that when Trump had his Chicago meeting called off because of Sanders’ supporters, Cruz blamed Trump for it—just like the MSM. If it was Trump’s supporters shutting down Clinton’s meetings, there would be martial law and Trump would be under indictment. But the reverse just simply doesn’t hold true.

You’ve got to see through this MSM bias. I think that Trump is exactly right to attack the MSM. They are the leaders of the Left in this country.

But, look at this, Steve: I just happened to see on the computer screen a few moments ago a report from Connecticut, which is where I’m talking to you from: Trump is only seven points behind. [Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 7 points in Connecticut: poll, By David Sherfinski, The Washington Times, June 7, 2016] This is very surprising, because this state that has not gone Republican in forever. It’s the kind of state that Trump has to win, the Republicans have to win. They have to win in these heavily white Northern states and they have not been able to do it. But now Trump is within striking distance in Connecticut.

So it’s not over yet.

Curtis: Ted Cruz’s supporters think he is this great constitutional scholar, who if he’s not President ought to be on the Supreme Court. But when Donald Trump’s First Amendment right to assembly was being squashed in Chicago, Cruz jumped right on.

PB: Well, I have to think that Ted Cruz would be better on the Supreme Court than Sonia Sotomayor! (I don’t see why we have to pronounce her name in a Spanish way. Is she in an English-speaking country, or not?) She looks to me like she might be the worst appointment in terms of judicial temperament that has been made yet on the Supreme Court.

It’s not Cruz that bothers me so much, it’s really the Republican leadership. What they are doing defies common sense. Even if Trump had made a mistake, why don’t they just shut up and wait for it to go away? There are several primaries in the country today, Sanders may beat Hillary in California. The news cycle will completely change and this will go away. That’s what they would normally do.

It’s just amazing to me that they are not lying low. These are people who are cowards anyway. Why do they even want to put their heads above the parapet? It’s just very odd.

It’s almost like they don’t want to win the Presidency.

Curtis: The May jobs data—your thoughts?

PB: At we have a writer, Ed Rubenstein, who specializes in what I guess is now called “data journalism.” I’ve been working with him for nearly 30 years, at Forbes and elsewhere. Every month he looks at the job data and calculates the displacement of American workers by immigrants. It’s a substantial relentless displacement that has gone on throughout the Obama years

But in the last two months, it’s stalled. Now, of course, that’s by no means undone the Obama Era displacement. And it has happened before—there have been occasional periods when displacement reverses and Americans get more jobs than immigrants. But it is still notable, and we are wondering what is happening.

Ed suggests it might be a sign of looming recession—the housing market is very weak in large parts of the country and a lot of the illegals work in construction, so they tend to get hit first.

Or it may just literally be that illegals are afraid of Trump and that they are bailing out.

Everyone forgets that we had a very similar illegal immigration crisis in the 1950s and it was ended in just six months by President Eisenhower when he came into office through his Operation Wetback. Over a million and a half people left the country, but they actually only deported a relatively small number; I think it was a couple hundred thousand. The others just got up and left.

And that’s what we would expect to see now. You don’t need to deport all these people. You just need to start enforcing the law and deporting a few rioters and send a message. And most of them will leave.

Curtis: Can you imagine that today, the President calling something Operation Wetback?

PB: You know, one of the great things that Trump has done is that he has shown that everybody knows what Political Correctness is and that nobody likes it. He has said right now when he is being attacked over all this Mexican judge, “We have to get past all of this Political Correctness.” [Trump on "Mexican" Judge: "We Have To Stop Being So Politically Correct In This Country", by Tim Hains, RealClearPolitics, June 5, 2016]

And he’s completely right. I think people understand that at a very deep level.

If the MSM was actually in American hands, we’d be asking questions that aren’t asked now. One of them, of course, is exactly how jobs go to immigrants? You shouldn’t have to read to find out how Americans have been displaced by foreign workers.

Another question the media should be asking every time there is a riot like there was in San Jose last week: how many people were arrested? And what happened to them?

What seems to be happening is that there are almost no arrests. And the ones who are arrested are let go with a slap on the wrist. That’s not sending a message.

Curtis: If I threw a brick at somebody’s head today, I would not expect a pass from the police force. I would expect to be brutally arrested, right on the spot.

PB: We have a blog up right now by Patrick Cleburne pointing out that the police chief of San Jose, who is Hispanic, has said that we need to be able to identify these people, send us pictures. And the conservative bloggers immediately pointed out that there are videos all over the Internet. They could have watched them already. But they just haven’t.

Curtis: Right. It’s a lack of will.

PB: There’s an excellent chance that some of these “protestors” are going to try to kill Trump in this election. That’s what happened in Holland with Pim Fortuyn, the anti-immigration leader. He was assassinated right when he was going to win the election—and the entire European Establishment shrugged it off.

Another point: the Democrats have moved very far to the Left on immigration during this campaign. Hillary has said openly that she is going to enact mass Amnesty and a big immigration Surge. They are going to enact the kind of things that the Gang of Eight bill wanted to do.

Obama has already simply stopped enforcing the law, and there is a great surge of illegal immigration going on, because he wants to get as many non-whites into the country as possible to vote Democratic. And Hillary is going to continue the same thing.

They want to knock out any possibility that GOP—or what I call the GAP, the Generic American Party—can win national elections.

If I were advising Trump, I would just tell him to keep saying it over and over again that if Hillary wins she will go for Amnesty and an immigration Surge—that immigration is the key issue in American politics right now.

Curtis: Well, immigration is the thing that propelled Donald Trump into the forefront of this race a year and a half ago!

PB: Actually, I don’t think it’s been a year yet since he has announced. I think it was June 16!

Curtis: Yes—it only feels like it has been going on that long! Peter, I’ll give you the final word.

PB: Well, I would say that it’s not just illegal immigration. One of the things about Trump is that he’s adopted Jeff Sessions’ immigration policies and he is calling for cutbacks in legal immigration.

Which is absolutely needed. We need immigration moratorium for ten, 15, 20 years—like in 1920s, when there was essentially no immigration for 40 years until the disastrous 1965 legislation.

Peter Brimelow [Email him] is the editor of His best-selling book, Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, is now available in Kindle format.

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