Thurgood Marshall: "Now It Is Our Turn”
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Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas says in his Autobiography that he was the only one to vote to grant certiorari in a reverse discrimination case:

"saying to the Conference [the other Justices] that racial discrimination against a white was as unconstitutional as racial discrimination against a black. The only one who replied was Thurgood Marshall, who said, “You guys have been practicing discrimination for years. Now it is our turn”.

The Court Years, 1939-1975: The Autobiography of William O. Douglas, P. 149

This is quoted a lot, and like many famous quotes, it has only one source, who may have been lying.

However,  there's nothing in the jurisprudence of Thurgood Marshall, first black justice of the Supreme Court, to show he felt differently.

It's obvious that Obama and Holder feel that way too.

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