Anti-Trump People Consider New Approach: Beat Trump Supporters, Kill Trump
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In various blogs commenting on posts by ZeroHedge I have usually said that the site in my professional opinion is worth more than the rest of the financial media put together.

Recently ZeroHedge has become much more immediately relevant to’s interests and is bringing its keen news sense and acute headline judgment to bear here as well. My latest citation was in EU, US Border “Enforcement” Now A Magnet For Immivaders where ZeroHedge had found a report on the reliance by illegals on the re-instituted “Catch and Release” outrage.

Today ZeroHedge has two goodies.

'Dilbert' Creator Sees Trump Landslide, Warns Clinton Scaremongery "Gives Citizens Moral Permission To Kill Trump" links to My Endorsement for President of the United States  Scott Adams’ Blog June 5th 2016

This past week we saw Clinton pair the idea of President Trump with nuclear disaster, racism, Hitler, the Holocaust, and whatever else makes you tremble in fear…

The only downside I can see to the new approach is that it is likely to trigger a race war in the United States. And I would be a top-ten assassination target in that scenario because once you define Trump as Hitler, you also give citizens moral permission to kill him. And obviously it would be okay to kill anyone who actively supports a genocidal dictator, including anyone who wrote about his persuasion skills in positive terms. (I’m called an “apologist” on Twitter, or sometimes just Joseph Goebbels).

If Clinton successfully pairs Trump with Hitler in your mind – as she is doing – and loses anyway, about a quarter of the country will think it is morally justified to assassinate their own leader.

Adams artfully concludes
But Clinton supporters have convinced me – and here I am being 100% serious – that my safety is at risk if I am seen as supportive of Trump. So I’m taking the safe way out and endorsing Hillary Clinton for president…

My prediction remains that Trump will win in a landslide based on his superior persuasion skills. But don’t blame me for anything President Trump does in office because I endorse Clinton.

This grim prospect became grimmer considering ZeroHedge’s second goodie of the day: The "Unthinkable" Excuse Given By San Jose Police Why It Did Not Crack Down On Violent Anti-Trump Protesters which links to San José police dept. gives unthinkable excuse for decision to let criminals beat on Trump supporters June 5, 2015 Tom Tillison June 5, 2016. This very effectively counters the barrage of rank hypocrisy San Jose has put down to hide their mishandling of the June 2 anti-Trump riot by highlighting the escape hatch the San Jose PD awarded itself
“While several physical assaults did occur, the police personnel on scene had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight [sic] the crowd and produce more violent behavior,” a SJPD statement read.

Which all but equates to giving protesters space to destroy … the faces of Trump supporters.

( emphasis)

Tillison goes on to shred another tactic of San Jose:

To assure residents that San José is sincere is protecting others from the “reprehensible” actions of the anti-Trump thugs — albeit after the fact — Garcia and Mayor Liccardo are asking for video or audio “tips” to help them identify the culprits.

Never mind that a quick scan of social media would do the trick, as seen here:

(Four video clips follow)

The fact is San Jose is under Minority Occupation Government. Traditional American values do not apply.  The Police Chief, Eddie Garcia, is Puerto Rican – and tellingly, seems to have disabled his email.


But the lethal impulse spreads further. ‘Red State’ Editors Support Democrat Mob Attacks on American Trump Supporters: ‘Deserve to be Beaten’ by Katie McHugh 4 June 2016 reports

Neil Stevens, a contributing editor to the “Red State” blog, believes that Americans should be attacked by Mexicans for supporting a candidate who promises to enforce U.S. immigration laws….

Similarly, “Red State” contributing editor Ben Howe sneered at a woman who supported Trump attacked by a mob…

Like most of the “Never Trump” lickspittles, Stevens and Howe appear to exhibit aggressiveness mostly towards voters who protest against mass illegal immigration and the severe criminal, cultural, and economic problems it brings to America.

Given the political heritage of Commissar Leon Wolf, now controlling REDSTATE, seeing his minions behaving like this is not a surprise.

Scott Adams/Dilbert’s remarks need considering. As Peter Brimelow said observing the attempts at violent disruption during Trump’s Worcester MA rally:

I also thought it notable that two of the (male) protesters inside resisted removal, after being deliberately disruptive—one of them, in Turtleboy’s words, “like a wild cow that wouldn’t be branded.” Given that the MSM is obviously trying to construct a false meme that Trump crowds are violent neo-Nazis, it’s worth emphasizing that America’s Leftists really are violent—an aspect of their clearly-increasing sense that they are entitled to repress alternative viewpoints and openly wish death on their opponents…

This not headed in a good direction.

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