VDARE.com's Martin Luther King Archive: 48 Items!
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We've been writing about Martin Luther King, Jr. for years, because worship of him is more or less mandatory in American schools, and a "career test" for Conservatism Inc. types.

While we have lots of fascinating stuff about MLK's plagiarism, pro-Communism (King "colluded" with Russia during the Cold War and especially the Vietnam War) and his personal life, which included adultery and rape, his aims and methods in fighing Southern segregation and Northern poverty weren't that good either.

UPDATE: See also Helms, Jesse. "Remarks of Senator Jesse Helms." Congressional Quarterly, based on Sam Francis's research and information about King the FBI was willing to release to a Senator. Helms also circulated a 300 page document with more details, that Daniel Patrick Moynihan called a  "packet of filth" and physically stomped on.

See for yourself:

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