A Talk Radio Listener Wants Trump To Release Sealed MLK Records As Well As JFK Archives
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Re:  Peter Brimelow's article Time To Rethink Martin Luther King Day

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

After Trump releases the JFK files, he should release the sealed MLK dossier.

Peter Brimelow wrote in 2015

  • MLK Day’s 2027 Problem
It is obvious to everyone that there is a reason King’s FBI files were sealed for fifty years back in 1977, and only the Main Stream Media’s typically relentless Politically Correct air cover prevented this flagrant maneuver from discrediting the Martin Luther King Day legislation in 1983.

The problem that these sealed files pose, the MSM/ Ruling Class determination to repress it—and incidentally the unimpeachably reasonable nature of the MLK Day opponents’ position—emerged at President Ronald Reagan’s famous October 19, 1983 press conference:

[Sam Donaldson, ABC News]. Mr. President, Senator [Jesse] Helms has been saying on the Senate floor that Martin Luther King, Jr., had Communist associations, was a Communist sympathizer. Do you agree?

The President. We’ll know in about 35 years, won’t we?

We could know now. What can they do to Trump besides impeach him—which they're planning to to try anyway?
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