A Reader Says Pre-MLK America Needed Not Redeeming But Destroying; Peter Brimelow Comments
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A Reader Says Bah! To Michelle Malkin and Gulf War II; Peter Brimelow comments

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I'm sitting here looking at photo of Emmett Till in his coffin. He has one eye and a mouth that is a jagged gash. His hair is mostly gone and it's obvious that something has been eating his flesh. Pre MLK America didn't need redemption [see "Did Pre-MLK America Really Need Redemption?" by Paul Gottfried]; it needed destroying and thank God that it was.

Peter Brimelow comments: I know I'm supposed to feel guilty about this, but (possibly because I'm an unassimilated immigrant) I don't. Instead, I wonder what the four white victims of the December 2000 Wichita Massacre looked like.

For the plain fact is that their fate is overwhelmingly more representative of the American reality. This point has been most powerfully made by American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor, in his book Paved With Good Intentions. How overwhelmingly representative? I asked Taylor. His reply:

In 1994, the last year I looked into in detail, there were 1,140,000 acts of single-offender violence committed by blacks against whites (not including murder). Of these 173,374 were robberies, 30,000 were rapes, and the rest were assaults, simple and aggravated.

In the same period, whites committed 135,360 violent crimes against blacks, of which 5,400 were rapes, 11,186 were robberies, and the rest were assaults, simple and aggravated.  [PB note:“whites” includes Hispanics, for some reason known only to Federal government statisticians.]

Given the differences in population sizes, this means any given black was about 60 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa.  Any given black was about 100 times more like to rob a white than vice versa. The multiple for rape was 38.

For murder, I have numbers for 1997. That year, there were 15,289 murders. 1,100 whites were killed by blacks and 480 blacks killed by whites. This means the average black was about 15 times more likely to kill a white than vice versa.

VDARE.COM does not, as it happens, advocate lynching. But it cannot be denied that Till was lynched for what would now be called the sexual harassment of a white woman. And elementary math suggests that, in the almost five decades since his death, up to 1.5 million white women may have been raped by blacks. Perhaps 50,000 whites may have been killed.

In my unassimilated way, I wonder when we'll see a Till-type PBS Special about this.

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