VDARE - MLK Competition
January 19, 2000, 06:31 PM
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Alexander (8) came home from school yesterday (January 18) and told us that he`d been in some kind of play to dramatize an African American being turned away from a restaurant in the bad old days of the segregated South. In honor of Martin Luther King day. Sort of like a Christmas Pageant. (Remember Christmas Pageants?)

When John O`Sullivan was Editor of National Review, I persuaded him to run an annual contest for the most egregious attempt to suppress Christmas. It`s been abandoned now, of course. But VDARE would like to hear of the most pious attempt to sacramentalize MLK. Ask your children. Brace yourselves.

Prize: an autographed edition of Jared Taylor`s Paved With Good Intentions plus champagne.