MLK Day Special: Martin Luther King's 1951 GRE Scores: Verbal 350, Quantitative 270
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From Stanford’s Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute:

Graduate Record Examination Scores for Martin Luther King, Jr.
Author: Educational Testing Service
Date: March 6, 1951
Location: Princeton, N.J.
Genre: Report
Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr. – Education

King took the examination on 3 February. A table enclosed with the test report indicates that his verbal aptitude score is in the second lowest quartile and his quantitative score is in the lowest ten percent of those taking the test. In the advanced test in philosophy, King’s score (on a scale of 100) places him in the lowest third, while his other scores (on a scale of 800) are in the lowest quartile in all the subject areas except literature, where he placed in the top quartile.

Source: CSKC, INP, Coretta Scott King Collection, In Private Hands

Anybody remember how GREs were scored 70 years ago?

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