A Tennessee Reader Says Historian David Garrow Concurs With VDARE.com's Peter Brimelow On MLK’s 2027 Problem
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s Time, Once Again, To Rethink Martin Luther King Day–The 2019 Edition and Clayton Bishop’s On Martin Luther King Day: Will #MeToo Do To The MLK Myth What Plagiarism, Adultery, Communism, Haven’t—Yet?

From: David in TN [Email him]

There is a piece today in the NY Times on the Garrow-King Affair. [His Martin Luther King Biography Was a Classic. His Latest King Piece Is Causing a Furor, June 4, 2019]

It ends with historian David Garrow saying what Peter Brimelow said previously:

"People will not know the historical verdict until 2027," when the tapes are unsealed, he said. "This is a warning message as to what's coming." 

Garrow has been one of the left's favorite historians for decades, but he grasps what other don't: that this is on tape, and the tapes may include, as the FBI told JFK, King laughing as one of his companions commits forcible rape.

James Fulford writes: In his "Time To Rethink Martin Luther King Day" piece, first published in 2015, Peter Brimelow wrote about 

MLK Day’s 2027 Problem

It is obvious to everyone that there is a reason King’s FBI files were sealed for fifty years back in 1977, and only the Main Stream Media’s typically relentless Politically Correct air cover prevented this flagrant maneuver from discrediting the Martin Luther King Day legislation in 1983.[More]

At the time, Peter was thinking more of King's relationships with Russian Communists than forcible rape.  See also my When Records Are Sealed: A Meditation On Martin Luther King Day, for some stuff about unsealing things. 


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