Refugee Resettlement Watch News Roundup For January 17, 2022
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 Earlier from Ann Corcoran: Nebraska: Afghans Descending On The State (And Your State Too!)

Good morning from a snowy/icy Maryland!

As I bring you refugee news that interested me over the last week, I want to urge you to stay calm.  My goal is to keep you informed and not to cause you stress-related health problems.  There is too much anxiety these days on too many fronts.  In fact, my great hesitation about posting anything is that I don’t want to add to your worries….

So first, let’s have a laugh!  If only these elected officials would do more than talk about sending refugees/migrants to Delaware, a state that has taken only a handful of refugees in the 40 plus years since good ol’ Joe helped Ted Kennedy mastermind the refugee resettlement monstrosity, it would go a long way to highlight the hypocrisy of the Left.

Always on a hunt for more refugees….

Another Minnesota Somali goes to Washington…

While refugee placements are declining in South Dakota, they are increasing in places like Vermont (that is as it should be, since the voters there are eager to have them, or why else send Bernie to the Senate year after year).

I predict we will see more and more unhappy Afghan stories like this one, as taxpayers foot the bill to care for tens of thousands of Biden’s airlifted Muslims.

Those Afghans have swamped the system, but other refugees will be coming in hot and heavy soon, says the Biden gang in the State Department.  But can you believe this, finally some Republicans are asking for explanations about the airfare “loans” the refugees receive and the windfall it brings the contractors!

And, now taking on the "compassion" mythology behind refugee resettlement, here are a couple of interesting reads.  I had a laugh about how in the second story a Catholic Lefty writer discovers that meatpackers are using and abusing refugee workers.  Gee, where have we heard this before!

And, last, but not least, news from the Invasion of Europe…

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