Yes, Virginia (Dare), COVID Could Have Been A Chinese Race-Based Bioweapon
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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has just told Steve Bannon that, based on a briefing from Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan who defected from Hong Kong in 2020, she believes that China is developing bioweapons and that COVID-19 is “just the first one” [Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Was Briefed About ChiCom’s Race-Specific Bioweapons Program, by Jamie White, Info Wars, July 21, 2021].

Is this really possible? And are the Chinese capable of such ruthlessness? Answer: probably.

“They want to target these bioweapons by race. If they can target bioweapons by race, that means they can create these viruses that can say, take out white Americans, black Americans, or Asians,” Greene told Bannon. She added: “There are many bioweapons being worked on.”

This, however, was Greene’s speculation. She, Congressman Mo Brooks (who put out a press release) and others were not exactly told that there was a race-specific bioweapons program in China. But they were briefed that China has an active bioweapons program based around developing viruses. It would logically follow that the Chinese might try to ensure that such viruses did the least damage to their own people and the most damage to their enemies.

Greene’s speculation got remarkably little attention in the corporate media. Maybe the White House has passed the word that it is “misinformation”—you know, like the notorious misinformation that the pandemic might have originated with a Chinese lab leak (oh, wait…) Or maybe this is just more evidence of our Ruling Class’s fanatical Race Denialism.

“Races” are genetic clusters that differ in the frequency of various gene  forms because of adaptation to different environments over long periods  of time. (A good discussion is Race Differences in Intelligence, by Richard Lynn, 2006). Thus a race-specific bioweapon is indeed technically  possible because there are race differences in  susceptibility to different viruses for genetic reasons. For example, South Asians in general and Bangladeshis in particular turn out to be especially susceptible to Covid apparently because they have a high Neanderthal admixture.

However, the nature of “race” is such that there are no absolute borders between different groups. So any bioweapon might kill some of its diabolical inventor’s own race—but it could wipe out far more of an enemy’s population.

Surely, such a bioweapon is something for the most dystopian kind of science fiction movie: A deranged, “white nationalist” Ted Kaczynski-type unleashes his crazed invention and a valiant fight to save Multiculturalism from biological destruction ensues.

But perhaps this is not science fiction. Perhaps this was exactly what the Chinese government were experimenting with—probably to be deployed as an absolute last resort—and that it leaked out, maybe in an early stage of development.

If this sounds like “conspiracy theory”-thinking “on steroids,” to use a metaphor so beloved of the media, then we should not forget that the idea of any kind of “lab leak” as the explanation for Covid-19 was a heinous, “fact-checked” and utterly false, “conspiracy theory” until relatively recently, long after compelling evidence that Covid-19 was a “lab leak” had amassed.

Similarly, asking questions about Covid’s racial incidence was denounced as CrimeThink, until it turned out that the disease disproportionately impacted minorities. Ironically, Ruling Class Race Denial cost minority lives.

Often “conspiracy theories” are far from the simplest explanation for a series of events [see Voodoo Histories, by David Aaronovitch]. But sometimes there really is a great deal of malevolent conspiring, especially in a Cold War involving a secretive, technologically developed, high IQ dictatorship such as China.

Not only are the Chinese more intelligent on average than us, they are also extremely high in “ethnocentrism” compared to Europeans [Demographic, economic, and genetic factors related to national differences in ethnocentric attitudes, by E. Dutton et al., Personality and Individual Differences, October 2016]. Ethnocentrism involves valuing the in-group and acting lethally towards the out-group.

And we know that the Chinese are notorious for their amoral cruelty to out-groups—whether it is puppies skinned alive and even cooked alive as part of the “Yulin festival” [Playful puppy pleas for attention... unaware it is about to be skinned alive and cooked, by Simon Tomlinson et al., Mail Online, June 22, 2015] or criminals suffering death from a thousand cuts, a state punishment until 1905 [See Death By a Thousand Cuts, by Timothy Brook et al.].

So this means that any evidence that Covid-19 might be a leaked racial bio-weapon should not merely be dismissed out of hand.

Especially because there does seem to be a suspiciously low deathrate among the Chinese. Even allowing for government lying, as Patrick Cleburne has noted, if China’s death rate was anything like India’s, the information would surely have leaked out. (This is one reason I’m doubtful of Ron Unz’s contrary theory that COVID-19 is an American bioweapon unleashed in China).

Perhaps we can understand why our rulers were so hesitant to allow any of this to come out and so fixated on the “Wet Market” natural origins theory. They found themselves in an unprecedented situation in which they had very little idea what to do. The Wet Market meant that Covid-19 could be portrayed as one in a long line of flu viruses that had come out of China. To an extent, things were kind of business as usual. The public wouldn’t panic.

But a Chinese Lab Leak meant that things were not “normal” and governments were not “in control,” which could lead to the questioning of their authority.

It would also mean that President Trump, at that time campaigning for re-election, was right to be cynical about China. Obviously, that could never be admitted.

Bioweapons are not a new idea. More than twenty years ago, there were reports that both Israel and white-ruled South Africa had looked into the possibility.

More recently, here’s a report from an (understandably worried) Indian:

It is high time that the international community takes strong measures to curb China’s expansionist and biowarfare strategies which pose a threat to global security. The 1982 Biological Weapons Convention also needs to be relooked so stringent measures can be initiated against China for its failure to comply with international law.

View: COVID-19, China’s bioweapon warfare strategy and global security, by Dr. Nalin Kumar Mohapatra, The Economic Times, June 8, 2021, emphasis added  

It’s also high time, of course, that our Ruling Class dropped its blind and stupid Race Denial—before more people die of diseases they should have been especially warned against, let alone before the Chinese figure out a way to use race to wipe us all out.

Lance Welton [email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

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