What I saw At The Justice For J6 Rally: Cucks, Cranks, Some Real Patriots—And Leftist Totalitarian Power
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Arriving in DC about 9 a.m., I noticed that streets were empty. I had never seen it this quiet. Then, weirdly, I drove past an electronic traffic sign set up by the Washington DC government displaying the message "No Pasaran"… i.e., "They shall not Pass."


Where had I seen that before? Ah yes, it was the message slung by Communist militias across the streets of Madrid in 1937 while awaiting attack by Franco’s Nationalists.

Then I got it. Washington DC was a city under siege—at least in the fantasies of the Biden regime and its adherents. Yes, it’s Madrid 1937 all over again and the forces of light and progress are besieged by "hate" and "intolerance" from backward people who live in the hinterlands of Iowa or Alabama.

Yes, this really is how the Ruling Class sees themselves. Enlightened, broad minded… Why can’t everyone accept Gay Marriage, or its natural follow-on movement, Transexual Self-Mutilation? Or White Genocide via Open Borders?

Their answer: because we are stupid. And that’s why they think they can get away with a pro-Communist in-joke.

But if you want a parallel to the present situation, the Spanish Civil War is worth pondering. It too was a war of propaganda and media lies and proxy armies behind which shadowy forces operated. The Left regards Republican Spain as the “Last Good Fight.” But in truth it was a power play to spread World Communism controlled from Moscow. The Antifa in Portland has much in common with the anarchist militias of Barcelona, who were tools of an atheistic, satanic Communist regime that hated Spain, burned Spanish churches, destroyed the culture—and killed off every Spanish Leftist that got in the way. Read Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia for that one.


Thinking of such things, I parked the car and began walking toward the Mall. No need to hurry. I didn’t expect the whistle of incoming Fascist shells, but the residents of DC clearly did. "State of Emergency! Closed September 18" said the blue sign in the Fed Ex window, along with "Report Any Suspicious Activity!" Then another shop window "Arrest Trump" and then "Racists Not Welcome." Then a closed and boarded restaurant with the tables stacked on the sidewalk and "No Fascist USA" signs taped along the railing. The Washington elite take their lunch sitting at those tables.

And then finally perhaps the most important political message in DC: a 20-story sign "End Racism" draped from the World Bank. A big sign that says it all, if you understand why it’s up there [World Bank ditches second round of pandemic bonds, Financial Times, July 5, 2021].


Globalist bankers who gather in Swiss ski resorts need high-sounding ideals to camouflage their plan for central control of the world economy. In order to facilitate the flow of capital and labor across all borders, nations and races and constitutions and religions have to go. And what better way to crush white countries and cultures than to call white people racists? Because nothing crumples a so-called "Conservative" faster than being called a racist.

You would think that the Social Justice Warriors and the idealistic young minds of the Woke Generation just up the street at George Washington University or further up the street at Georgetown or across the way at the Brookings Institute or any of the other Leftist franchises would wonder why all their slogans end up fluttering from Central Bank skyscrapers and being used in corporate advertising campaigns to sell bank loans. But they never do.

Or perhaps they know what’s coming and just want to be on the right side of the new totalitarian power structure.

Walking to the rally, I noticed all the traffic signals had been set to green, no doubt to allow needed police and military reinforcements to be rushed to the Front. Turning onto the Mall, I came upon the first police car with its lights flashing parked up on the sidewalk. Then every fifty feet another cop car with its lights on. I jumped aside as a squad of police bicyclists raced past heading toward the Washington Monument, black clad, grim, pedaling furiously to meet some threat breaching the outer perimeter wire.

I kept walking past dozens of cop cars, their radios alive with coded messages. And then, ahead, I spotted it—the Ring of Steel.


Dozens of DC city dump trucks and snowplows were parked bumper to bumper, forming a steel barrier across the Mall. Manning this fortification were policemen ready to repel The White Nationalist Supremacist Armies that exist in the fantasies of the Regime propaganda mill.

And so began the nagging thought that never left me: "Who is paying for this idiocy?" But everyone in DC knows the answer: "Who cares? The yokels, I guess. Anyway, not us."

Then came more steel barricades, more cops and then a patch of grass with the stage, such as it was. High school bands practicing in their garage have a better stage and much better sound system. During the entire event, you could not hear anything if you were more than 50 ft away.

I guess the idea was to keep the speakers' voices low and non-threatening. And that’s what the rally was. Non-threatening.

Beyond the stage, the Capitol loomed, but standing between were more steel barriers and rings of cops ready to stop the lawless mob from achieving its goal of seizing the Capitol, shredding the Constitution and looting the Treasury. Again pointless. That was accomplished long ago by the very best people, with all the right credentials, holding the very highest ideals and all of them rewarded handsomely for their treachery, which they accomplished with nary a bit of police interference.

Sadly, none of these good folks could be at the rally. They were spending this warm late summer day on their estates in Cape Cod or maybe on Martha's Vineyard partying with Barack Obama, now retired to his 28-acre private peninsula on an all-white island:

President Obama Buys Home on Edgartown Great Pond,  by Julia Wells, Vineyard Gazette, December 4,

The physical intimidation surrounding the “Justice for J6” event was impressive, but the psychological intimidation was sinister. The rally organizers capitulated to the PC control that they pretended to be protesting. They Loved Big Brother.

All that manpower and hardware could have been of real use in Del Rio, TX, where even on September 18th all of the Third World was pouring in to replace white America. But Conservativism Inc. can’t even use the W word.

The VDARE.com crew got off to a rough start. Noah Arnold asked Look Ahead America’s Matt Braynard, the organizer, for an interview. "What group are you with?" demanded the gleaming cueball perched on the worst fitting suit since Jethro Bodine declared himself a Big Hollywood Producer. "VDARE!" said Noah. "Sorry I'm not talking to you guys" came the reply. Obviously, a man of principle.

The Regime’s central commandment to its opponents is "Prove you are not racists!" But the fine print is: “Prove you are not racists by giving us all your money, fight our wars and then commit suicide while proclaiming allegiance to PC." Which Braynard did by marching in (wait for it) a phalanx of BLM members to guard the stage. After all, you can’t be a racist if BLM is on your side—as long as you don’t mind becoming BLM in the process.

For a good laugh, watch Noah’s video report Matt Braynard Is A Jerk, But Some Speakers At “Justice For J6” Rally Were Actually Pretty Good. The BLM security get agitated when Braynard shows footage of a BLM riot in which they had undoubtedly participated. Baynard comments: “Can you believe it? None of these BLM people were arrested or charged!” His security is doing everything they can not to laugh.

The rally began with a near schizophrenic speech by Baynard, who kept saying that January 6th was a tragic event which for some reason just happened. No mention of righteous anger over the theft of an election or placing the country into the hands of globalist tyranny, the catastrophic consequences of which are now apparent. Instead Braynard wanted to make sure everyone knew that the Capitol cops were really great guys with a really tough job and have no doubt about it, some of the January 6th arrestees were very, very naughty.

They deserved punishment. In fact, if Braynard caught anyone else being naughty he would turn them in himself.

Needless to say, the Regime described him a Far Right White Supremacist trying to falsify history [Organizer of planned Washington rally looks to rewrite Jan. 6 history, Brian Slodysko, Associated Press, September 17, 2021]. Oh these Normie-Cons... they just never learn.

But not all was not cucking and charade. The bright spot of the day was the touching speeches by the parents and friends of arrestees. Theirs was a rending tale of sadness, anger and bafflement. How could this happen in the USA? they asked. I also liked the great speech by Joe Kent [Tweet him], who seems like the real thing.

 I would like a Congress full of Joe Kents.

But do any of these people understand what happened on January 6th has happened before? The Department of Justice hounded and jailed the Charlottesville Unite The Right protestors for wanting to save their history, holding them for months as "violent" when they defended themselves against Communists bused in by Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Most whites and the entire GOP play roles that have been assigned by Regime propaganda. You can be either Bob Ewell or Atticus Finch. The GOP chooses Atticus Finch every time. I wonder if they practice in front of the mirror? Their speeches sound like it. (Other permitted roles for white people are Blonde White Supremacist Nazi Death Camp Commandant and Goober Pyle.)

Yes, the DOJ operates for the best of genocidal reasons, just like the banner fluttering from the World Bank. This is why it is keeping the J6 prisoners in jail without bail when there no real charges—the real charge is they are white people who want their country back.

In a war, you are at a fatal disadvantage when your enemy hates you as a group and wants you dead and you agree not to even mention the group you belong to defend yourself. But this never dawns on Conservatism Inc., for whom the best way to fight the tyranny of Cultural Marxism is to agree to its terms, internalize its ideology, give it more power, and grovel before its false gods.

And so the rally drew to an end. A really impressive squad of police dressed in gladiatorial gear appeared and moved forward to disperse the crowd of fruitcakes, frail octogenarian hippies, and random citizens holding flimsy cardboard signs as well as the conspiracy nut holding photos and shouting "9-11 Inside Job!" and the guy dressed as Davy Crockett, and the other guy dressed as Bat Man.

And the MSM hordes were already filing their reports, like the CBC lady I overheard saying into her recorder: "Dateline. September 18, 2021, Reporting from Washington DC. The US Government has finally shown the resolve to use force to contain the Insurgency." No joke.

I exited back the way I came. Overhead a Park Police helicopter was circling the area at roof top level with its blades wop-wop-wopping as it made practice gun runs, ready to unleash real firepower against the White Supremacist Insurrectionists a.k.a. American patriots the next time they cause any trouble.

J.R. Kipling (email him) drove across the country to help Paul Nehlen’s primary campaign against Paul Ryan.

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