Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Mounting Proof That Alt Right Charlottesville Five Are Political Prisoners
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At the end of August, Editor Peter Brimelow gave me three tasks: Peter and I assumed that the main charge against Fields would have to be reduced to manslaughter. But we were operating on the assumption that the law and the facts would determine things. Instead, I found that the law and the facts have both been suspended for all those deemed enemies of the state.

Conclusion from my investigation:

  • the five Alt-Righters, who have been charged with felonies and jailed without bail, are nothing less than political prisoners.
  • The ten Alt Lefters, who were charged with trivial misdemeanors and are all free, are at best simply useful idiots for the emerging American Cultural Marxist anarcho-tyranny.
Staffers in the Charlottesville (434-970-3176) and Albemarle County (434-972-4072) Commonwealth Attorney’s offices simply lied to me, denying that they had any lists of the Charlottesville defendants. But of course they had given lists to Main Stream Media Narrative Enforcers, who otherwise would not have been able to report on the charges.

The only help the staffers gave: directing me to the online Virginia court system. But some of the defendants listed by the MSM did not turn up there either.

A Charlottesville Commonwealth Attorney’s staffer denied that an autopsy had been performed on Heather Heyer—adding that if an autopsy had been performed, she still wouldn’t say anything.

Of course, Heyer has been autopsied—Virginia  laws would require it even if she’d died in a road accident.

I was ultimately able to distinguish between Alt-Right (political prisoners) and Communist/Alt Left defendants based on the charges. The Alt-Righters were all charged with felonies—and all held without bail—while the Communist/Alt Lefters were all charged with piddling misdemeanors—and all released.

Apparently, if a Communist/Alt Lefter accused an Alt-Righter of a crime, the authorities took his word as Gospel. Conversely, Alt-Righters’ charges were ignored, no matter how much video and photo proof backed them up.

Remember that the Alt Right Unite The Right Demonstrators had a permit to hold their anti-Confederate desecration protest. The Alt Left did not have any such permit. Although most (arguably all) of the resulting violence was initiated by the Communist/Alt Lefters, the MSM and authorities have never referred to them as what they are—rioters—as opposed to “counter-demonstrators,” “demonstrators,” and as “heroes” who were fighting against “hate.”

One might say that my reasoning is circular, since I have no independent standard for knowing who is who, among the defendants. I welcome corrections from the prosecutors’ offices, which should have helped me in the first place.

Another emerging way of determining who’s who: the punishment. The C/As are not getting any punishment. As has reported, Alt-Right victims cannot even come forward against their attackers even when they have video evidence, because the curious capitalist-communist-government alliance that has emerged would then ID and destroy them. But there is so much video and photographic evidence available that were prosecutors interested in serving justice, they would have already charged scores of felonious, violent C/As.

At, we have spoken for several years of the need for “exemplary sentencing” to stem the rising tide of Leftist violence. But instead we are seeing ever more draconian punishment of patriots, even when they are crime victims, and none of violent, anti-American Leftist revolutionaries.

The Alt-Right Defendants, in Chronological Order

  • Christopher Cantwell has been indicted on three felony charges of “illegal use of gas: unlawful”; “asslt: unlaw inj by acid etc.”; and “illegal use of gas: malicious,” based solely on claims by Communist/Alt Left activist Emily Florence Gorcenski (and, though the indictment doesn’t mention him, C/A activist Kristopher Cheney Goad), regarding alleged incidents on the evening of Friday August 11, when Unite The Right had their surprise torchlight rally. [Case # GC17011628-00, GC17011629-00, GC17011630-00.
Cantwell maintains that he acted in self-defense. He had a hearing on August 24, and his next hearing is scheduled for November 9. This reporter has never heard of felony charges for using mace or tear gas; then again, this is a political show trial, in which the law means nothing.

Note that in a lengthy interview, Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler told me that it was Cantwell who had insisted on going by the book, and fully cooperating with law enforcement although it had, in a criminal conspiracy, utterly betrayed the lawful demonstrators.

Oddly enough, the Daily Beast article cheering on Cantwell’s prosecution quotes Goad and Gorcenski asserting that Cantwell could not possibly have been acting in self-defense—but later in the same article, Daily Beast Narrative Enforcer Jackson Landers writes

Cantwell was the main subject of a Vice News documentary on the rally, where he is seen getting maced, fighting with protesters, showing off an arsenal of guns, and calling blacks “savages.” [Protesters Got Christopher Cantwell Arrested, Cops Didn’t Even Try by Jackson Landers, The Daily Beast, August 25, 2017. My emphasis].
Landers ignores the contradiction, and deliberately confuses readers, by referring to the Communist/ Alt Lefters as “protestors,” when the only protestors were the Alt-Righters—the C/As were rioters.

On August 31, a judge bonded out Cantwell, but allowed for Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci to appeal the decision. Later that day, in a four-hour hearing, Tracci argued that Cantwell was a flight risk, even though he had surrendered himself voluntarily, and that he should not be bonded out because of his “hate speech.” Of course, there is no such legal category as “hate speech” (yet). But, incredibly, Judge Cheryl Higgins agreed and revoked Cantwell’s bond.

This was clearly a political punishment of Cantwell, violating his Fourteenth Amendment right of equality before the law, not to mention the presumption of innocence [Update: Judge Denies Bond for Cantwell on Charges over Aug. 11 Rally, by Meghan Moriarty,, Aug 31, 2017 11:28 A.M. EST Updated: Sep 14, 2017 11:30 A.M. EST; Nicholas Stix Interview with Cantwell’s attorney, Elmer Woodard III.]

  • James Alex Fields Jr. is presently indicted on ten felony charges in Charlottesville District Court, for driving into Heather Heyer and numerous other Communist/Alt Left rioters on August 12: One count of Murder Two; three counts of aggravated malicious wounding; three counts of malicious wounding; two counts of felony wounding; and one count of failure to stop at the scene of a fatal felony.

At this rate, before state and federal prosecutors are done with him, they’ll have charged Fields with murdering the Lindbergh baby.

Fields has had court hearings on August 14, 16, and 25; his next court hearing is slated for December 14. His original defense attorney had conflict of interest—he is one of the plaintiffs trying to stop Charlottesville from removing the statue of General Robert E. Lee. Fields’ new lawyer is Denise Lunsford, the former Commonwealth’s Attorney for Albemarle County (2007-2015).

Again, Fields is being held without bail.

  • Daniel Patrick Borden, 18, and
  • Alex Michael Ramos, 33, were both charged with “felonious assault,” for an alleged parking garage attack on black rioter Deandre Harris on August 12.
Never mind that Harris had followed them into the parking garage and attacked them before being driven off.

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe personally demanded the persecution of Borden and Ramos. [Gov. McAuliffe wants arrests in beating of man in Charlottesville during white supremacist violence, By Patrick Wilson, Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 21, 2017]

Borden had a hearing on September 21, which was continued, and has his next hearing scheduled for October 12. Ramos had hearings on September 5 and 12, which were both continued, with the next hearing to be held on October 12.

Both are being held without bail.

DeAndre Harris has not been charged with anything, despite the video evidence against him.

  • Richard Wilson Preston, 52, has been charged with “shoot firearm, 1000ft of schl.” (On a Saturday!)
Preston had fired a warning shot at Cory Long, the black rioter who was assaulting the Alt Right demonstrators with a jury-rigged flamethrower. Preston has had hearings on August 31 and September 8, both times getting continuances. His next hearing is slated for October 12.

He too is being held without bail.

Absurdly, despite this well-publicized picture

Cory Long has not been charged with any crimes.

Aside from the ridiculous law that Preston is charged with having broken, he was clearly acting in self-defense.

But there’s more. Preston was arrested based on agitations by the ACLU of Virginia, which lied about the incident, claiming that Preston had tried to murder Long (“Man fired at another person…”). USA Today Narrative Enforcer Josh Hafner then further embellished on the ACLUV’s lie, by depicting Preston as having committed attempted mass murder:

A man who is suspected of firing a gun at counterprotesters during the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier this month has been arrested.

[Man who opened fire in Charlottesville crowd arrested, August 29, 2017.]

Although it was the ACLUV’s civil libertarians, who had heroically fought for the Alt-Right protesters’ right to hold the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12, the organization, its name notwithstanding, is not primarily a civil liberties organization. The ACLU was founded in 1920 by Communist fellow-traveler Roger Baldwin, and has been dominated by communists ever since, in conflict with a vociferous, civil libertarian minority. The ACLUV communists have reasserted themselves since Charlottesville, in supporting the violent Communist/Alt Left war on freedom of speech, and on the Alt-Right. [Charlottesville violence prompts ACLU to change policy on hate groups protesting with guns, By Joshua Barajas, PBS, August 18, 2017.]

I left three voice mail messages for the ACLUV, but got no response.

The masked would-be murderer is Cory Long


The Ten (Presumably) Communist/Alt Left Defendants

Hoffman is free on his own recognizance.
  • Jacob Leigh Smith, Louisa VA: The Hill reporter Taylor Lorenz said that on August 12, Smith ordered her to stop live-streaming the AntiFa violence, punched her in the face, and threw her to the ground. He has been charged with misdemeanor assault in her case. Smith had a prior arrest for stealing $200 or less “not from a person,” and a hearing on December 18, 2015, but never made the $200 restitution.
Smith had a hearing on the assault case on September 25, which was continued to November 3. [Case# GC17006055-00]. He is free,
  • “Troy Dunigan, Chattanooga TN was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, for throwing objects at ‘Nazi protesters’"; he had a hearing on August 16, and another one on September 22, in which his case was “finalized” with a fine of $209. He was never held without bail.[Case# GC17006054-00]
  • James O’Brien, Gainesville FL concealed weapon: carry, misdemeanor. O’Brien had one hearing on August 14, got a continuance, had another hearing on September 22, and got yet another continuance for November 20. He is free. [Case # GC17006037-00] [See correction]
  • David Parrott, Paoli IN Charged with “failing to disperse in a riot” (misdemeanor); had a hearing date on September 22, at which point his case was finalized, with a verdict of “Guilty In Absentia” [?!], with a fine of $250 and court costs of $124, all due the same day. Never held without bail, obviously. [Case # GC17006055-00] [See correction].
  • Steven C. Balcaitis, York SC, misdemeanor assault. This case was “finalized” on September 18; guilty, sentenced to 180 days in jail, sentence completely suspended, with no probation, fine of $209. [Case # GC17006057-00]
Communist/ Alt Lefters Charged with Assaulting Jason Kessler at His August 13 Press Conference

 Robert K. Litzenberger, 47, of Charlottesville, was arrested for misdemeanor assault for spitting on Kessler. [Rally organizer punched as news conference devolves into chaos, News-Virginian, August 13, 2017]Litzenberger got a continuance at his August 16 hearing to September 22, at which he got a second continuance to November 17. He was never held without bail. [Case# GC17006070-00]

  • Edgar Brandon Collins, 44, and Jeffrey Matthew Winder, 49, misdemeanor assault. Both had hearings on September 22, where they got continuances to November 17. [Case#s GC17007079-00 and GC17007156-00]
  • Phoebe LaFroy Stevens, 35, is charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. Her last hearing was held on September 19; her next hearing is scheduled for November 17. [Case# GC17006841-00]
All free etc. [ Woman charged in Kessler press event violence, The Daily Progress,September 13, 2017]

One good, or at least ironic, piece of news: one Communist/ Alt Lefter is suing city and state officials because “police officers failed to keep him safe on Aug. 12 during the Unite the Right rally” [Charlottesville lawsuit: Police enabled hate crimes by standing down, by Alix Bryan,, September 1, 2017]. This sounds like a typical trial lawyer quest for deep pockets, but the riot clearly was the authorities’ fault and they deserve everything they get. will be covering these political show trials all the way down the line. Please support us with a generous donation.

Nicholas Stix [email him] is a New York City-based journalist and researcher, much of whose work focuses on the nexus of race, crime, and education. He spent much of the 1990s teaching college in New York and New Jersey. His work has appeared in Chronicles, The New York Post, Weekly Standard, Daily News, New York Newsday, American Renaissance, Academic Questions, Ideas on Liberty and many other publications. Stix was the project director and principal author of the NPI report, The State of White America-2007. He blogs at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

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