NPR's Steven Inskeep Denies Genocide In South Africa—Don't They Criminalize That Kind of Stuff in Some Places?
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Another coffee-spewed-on-the-windshield moment happened this morning when NPR's Steve Inskeep, in an interview with Twitter official Carlos Monje about the banning of Alex Jones, flatly declared it "false" that white genocide is happening in South Africa, as Jones has tweeted.[Twitter Public Policy Director On How Company Monitors Content, NPR, August 31, 2018]

On what basis does Inskeep claim that it's "false" that white genocide is occurring in South Africa?  Not enough whites killed?  No charts kept by black South Africans?

Can the term "genocide" be used rhetorically, to highlight a situation in which white farmers are in fact being killed by blacks at rates that go well beyond regular crime rates, against a backdrop of government-proposed white land confiscation?

As a journalist, why is Inskeep so eager to censor anyone who makes the claim of white genocide, even if the claim is exaggerated?  As a humanitarian liberal eager to see both the free flow of information and the stopping of racially-targeted killings, shouldn't his question be  "What's really going on in South Africa?"

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