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James Fulford writes: Scott Greer, one of the early victims of doxing by Katie McHugh, was fired by the Daily Caller in 2018 for writing for a Dissident Right publication under a pseudonym, as Peter Brimelow mentions in his introduction.

In spite of that, in 2024 Greer is on Twitter at @ScottMGreer, on Substack at for both written and podcast commentary, on YouTube (so far) here, and is the author of No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination.

This is a transcript of a speech he gave at’s April Conference.

Peter Brimelow: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.

I’m Peter Brimelow, I’m the editor of VDARE. com.

I’m coming to you from the Berkeley Springs Castle, which is VDARE’s headquarters and its conference venue.

I said earlier today, twice, that one of the great things about getting old is the emergence of people who are younger and better than you are.

I said it about Dan Lyman and Keith Woods. This is another case.

In about 2014-15, I became aware of the fact that there were a lot of young people in D.C., who were, I guess the term is based. They were secretly based.

They were generally working in establishment operations, but they would occasionally get together and identify, and they’re all known to each other, so it was really interesting.

Anyway, Scott Greer here was one of them.

Subsequently, of course, like so many others of them, he was doxxed and driven out of respectable journalism. But he’s here as testimony that there is a life after the doxxing, because he’s emerged as a world historical figure with extremely popular podcasts called Widely Respected on Substack.

And various little things which I can’t get my boomer head around, so why don’t you come and tell us about it?

Scott Greer: Hello, everyone. Am I coming in clear?

I guess I’m the host of ”Widely Respected.” It can be also highly respected, but I'm the host of Highly Respected.

So my speech is going to be about Trump, but I have to make the disclosure that I’m just speaking in a personal capacity, not for VDARE.

Peter wanted me to say that.

VDARE can’t endorse candidates, but I can in my personal capacity.

So I’ll start off on the speech.

So if Donald Trump wins in November, it’d be a huge victory.

Here’s a man facing several political indictments, several criminal indictments—he’s got four.

He’s been censored. He’s been beaten down, and yet he somehow pulls off a win.

Just imagine the symbolism of that.

And I think that’s going to be a part of my speech is that the most important reason we want him to win is for the symbolism and the morale boost of that.

Now, some right-wingers dismiss this idea of Trump winning.

A lot of people, you know, they view the disappointment of the first term.

He didn’t turn out the way he should have been.

You know, maybe they don’t like some of his policies. So they’re like, “What difference does it make if he wins again? We saw what happened in the first term.”

But I’m here to prove those people wrong, because he did accomplish a significant amount when he was president.

And so this is going to be primarily about the identity issues because this is VDARE. We primarily care about immigration, Affirmative Action, anti-white racism.

That’s what we care about.

So I’m not going to be talking about foreign policy and other stuff.

So let’s start with VDARE’s favorite topic, immigration.

When he was President, it marked the first time immigration had had significant progress from our perspective since the Eisenhower Administration.

Immigration media reports said this, such as Fortune and a couple of other places.

Forbes said that, and this is summer 2020, they had said immigration had been cut by 49 percentlegal immigration under Trump [Trump Cuts Legal Immigrants By Half And He’s Not Done Yet,  by Stuart Anderson, July 21, 2020].

And he was able to do this all through executive action.

None of this was done through legislative action.

As you guys have noticed, nothing gets done legislatively anymore. You have to use the Presidential power to get things done.

And in the first few years, he wasn’t able to get things done because he didn’t really know how these things work, didn’t have the best staffers. But by 2019, he was getting things done.

So I’m going to list some of the things, good things, he did.

He brought down refugee totals from a proposed over 100,000 under Obama, when they expected Hillary Clinton to be the next president. They were going to have something like one hundred fifteen thousand.

By Trump’s final year, it was a fifteen thousand refugee intake.

And that’s been the lowest since we’ve had the refugee program in the 1950s.

It made it harder for legal immigrants to come here simply through the Public Charge Rule, which the Public Charge Rule said, if you’re likely to get government assistance, you’re not going to be allowed in under our immigration system.

Also, the increased rules they had led to a marked decrease in H-1B visa holders and other guest workers.

And he had the Travel Ban, which banned immigration from several Muslim majority countries.

And during the lockdowns, he imposed an Immigration Moratorium, which many people said he shouldn’t do.

“Oh, this is against American values”—but he did it anyway.

That was done to protect American jobs.

And that was a pretty radical move.

Nobody outside of VDARE. com was talking about the Immigration Moratorium before Trump brought it up in his presidential term.

Isn’t that right, Peter?

He always loves to say that.

He’s always like, we were the first ones for this immigration moratorium.

We need to get credit.

It’s like Trademark: Immigration Moratorium. VDARE.

On illegal immigration, Trump instituted Remain in Mexico to keep out alleged asylum seekers because all the illegal immigrants coming now say they’re asylum seekers.

But as we all know, they’re not asylum seekers.

They’re coming here.

It’s like, “Oh, my house sucks. So I need asylum.”

You know—“The house, my roof’s going to fall on me. So I need asylum in America.”

But he kept all these people out of America and kept them in Mexico.

He also appropriated parts of the defense budget to be used for the Border Wall.

Of course, much of the border wall wasn’t completed because he needed a second term to do so.

And Biden began tearing down what he had built.

But Trump was using defense budget for that.

And many Republicans opposed him—John Cornyn, many of these powerful Republicans—but he did it anyway.

And he also was deporting more illegals, which compared to what we have now, they’re deporting nobody and they’re welcoming everybody in.

So that’s an impressive achievement.

Now, for a second term, he pledges to correct the problems of Biden.

He promises to bring back the good things from his past administration and add new things.

This includes mass deportations, which he keeps emphasizing at every stage on the campaign trail, always featured in his rhetoric.

You know, he’s talking about how the migrants are poisoning the blood of our country, which, you know, imagine if someone was saying that 15 years ago, you know, they would have been like, “Oh, that person can’t be allowed for political office. That person has to resign and apologize. ”

Instead he keeps doubling down.

And the vast majority of Republican voters, when they hear that rhetoric, they want to vote for him more.

They’ve done several polls and all the media is shocked.

It’s like, “How can you vote for somebody like that?”.

But all of his voters want that.

And so restoration of Title 42, which they were using under COVID to deport people quickly, termination of Temporary Protected Status, which Biden is exploiting.

And the elimination of Birthright Citizenship, which is arguably one of the most important things you can do in immigration, because the big problem with illegal immigrants is that they can drop an anchor here through their child and get legal status through that means.

And if you eliminate Birthright Citizenship, we would solve a lot of problems like that.

When Trump hits, and as I said, he hits the trail, he’s always hammering on this issue.

This is the top-ranked issue among Republican primary voters, where they went to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, wherever every Republican voter in the primary ranked immigration number one.

More than the economy, more than inflation, more than anything else is the number one issue.

And that’s why Trump’s hitting it so hard right now.

So every politician loves to say of the next election, “It could be the last.”

Like everything’s on the line here.

And you know, they always say this is the most important election.

And CNN and MSNBC love saying that. They even said that about the midterms, as if democracy could be over next election.

But here, this has a lot of truth, because if we get another four years of Biden, you know, they’re going to bring in even more immigrants.

And right now there’s an estimated 10 million illegals that have been brought here under Biden.

So it could be even 20.

But consider legal and not just illegal immigrants, and there are millions more.

So imagine that in another four years we could easily have 30 million migrants added to this country under eight years of Biden, maybe even 40 million.

So even if you may say that Trump’s not going far enough, the alternative is just so bad that you might as well go with something that you have a fighting chance on.

And that’s something that we have to keep in mind.

So, very well, our country could be on the line for this election.

And everyone’s always joking about that and only getting people upset.

But if you deeply care about immigration, if you deeply care about the Great Replacement and demographic replacement, this election is incredibly important.

There’s also a good chance we get some form of Amnesty if Biden stays president, because now, forget the plan that he proposed at the start of his administration, you know, as a straight amnesty, no security measures whatsoever.

Let’s go to the Senate deal that they have right now, which the, you know, people like Lankford and others were like “This toughens immigration. We love this.”

But as we all know—our people focus on this—it doesn’t toughen immigration at all.

You know, it only goes into enforcement if it exceeds 5,000 border encounters per day. So that’s about 150,000 migrants you’d have every month before they started caring about this. And that would be the new normal.

And under Trump, rarely were the Border Encounter numbers more than 50,000 per month, there’s a few, like two or three months, where it was over 100,000. Under Biden, they treat that like winning the Super Bowl.

Because last year, the beginning of the year, there was numbers like 130,000, which were roughly equivalent to the highest total under Trump. And they’re acting like they had solved illegal immigration.

So the new normal allows for at least 100,000 illegals every month. And that’s not even the worst part.

The worst part about the Senate deal is that it has a backdoor way of amnesty.

And how it happens is that, as I said about the asylum seekers, everyone being dubious and claiming that their homeland is too violent or it’s just too poor. I mean, Central America, what do you expect?.And they’re just claiming that is why they should come here.

Well, there’s a whole backlog of cases because a lot of these people get court cases that aren’t even in this decade. There are people who have court cases into the 2030s.

Well, they have a way of solving this backlog by giving this power to asylum officers. And asylum officers, of course, will be hired by liberal bureaucrats and be liberal bureaucrats themselves. And so they would hear all these sob stories and give all these people asylum.

And so that would be their way of achieving amnesty, in that these people just say, oh, we want asylum.

And the asylum officers?

“Oh, sure. Your neighborhood sucks back in Guatemala. Here’s asylum status.”

And then they get to stay here basically permanently.

It will be much harder to deport them once they have legal status.

And that could all very well happen under Biden’s second term, especially if Democrats take back the House and there are enough Republican senators who want that terrible Senate deal, because they think it’s doing something. Obviously, even though the status quo is bad, the status quo is better than that deal.

And the only way we can solve immigration is just by getting Trump back into office.

So, as I flip through the sheets here:

The other thing that could happen with a Trump term is that it could effectively end Affirmative Action as we know it. The ruling the Supreme Court had on Affirmative Action  last year has created a precedent to where they can crush this.

They’re already using this in court cases where they’ve used that precedent to curb—I think it’s the Minority Business Development Agency—whose whole purpose is to give grants specifically to minorities.

But that was ruled, you know, not legal anymore because of the ruling from the Supreme Court. You can no longer do that.

So the purpose of that agency, which is designed to be an Affirmative Action agency that’s excluding whites on these grants—now they have to give them the whites.

So that’s just one example of how they can act through the government to eliminate Affirmative Action .

And they have all these plans in place.

It’s not just theoretical where, you know, maybe he’ll use the Department of Justice against them.

There are plans in place coming from Project 2025 to eliminate Affirmative Action, DEI, and CRT.

And one of the last things he did as president was go after CRT and all these government contractors and government places had to eliminate these practices.

And that was starting to impact the better way of phrasing CRT, which is DEI.

Once it’s phrased specifically as DEI, not only are these trainings gone, but also the racial quotas and everything else goes along with it is gone.

And so there are specific plans they have to deal with this issue.

And this comes from Project 2025.

  • “Bar the federal government and government contractors from using taxpayer dollars to conduct training about systemic racism.”
  • “Abolish the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which is responsible for ensuring the federal contractors comply with anti-discrimination laws.“

I’m going to flip again.

  • “Eliminate disparate impact liability, evaluating whether the impact of a policy varies based on race, ethnicity or other factors, even if the conscious intent was not to treat people differently.“
  • “Prohibit racial classifications and quotas and halt the collection of employment data on the racial and ethnic makeup of the American private sector workforce.”

All this would help put Affirmative Action in the dustbin.

So we would do a lot of good in other areas, such as foreign policy, but we keep it on the identity issues.

I’m trying to keep the speech short and sweet.

So I want to go to the most important thing beyond tangible progress and policy: A Trump win will be a tremendous symbolic victory for our side.

As previously alluded to, Trump has suffered a lot of setbacks in the last few years.

The conviction or the indictments, possible convictions, civil lawsuit, getting kicked off every social media platform, even though he’s been welcomed back on Twitter, now called X, you know, he hasn’t been really posting on there, but he was banned from everything and it still went.

So it’d be a tremendous case for him.

And that’s just a boost for us.

And the Left does view this as their worst nightmare, because even though he might not be the Antichrist that they imagine for their view, they still view him that way.

And it would be a major defeat for them because they want to have the belief or the impression that they have total power over this country, that their rule cannot be questioned and it can’t be challenged.

And to have Trump, however imperfect he is, win, would be a huge victory against them and for our side and be a morale booster.

So it’s not just about owning libs.

It’s also important to give our side a morale boost because obviously we’d own the libs.

But we’ve suffered too many black pills and defeats over the last few years: the 2020 election, the George Floyd riots, the midterms, you know, you name it, even the lockdown itself.

There’s been a lot of defeats for our side.

I mean, we’ve had some good things like the Affirmative Action ruling and a few other things, but a lot of us have been feeling downcast and feeling that it’s hopeless.

And one of the few ways to give people hope is to have millions of Americans come together to vote for the guy that the Left says is the evil fascist white supremacist dictator.

And all those people say, “We don’t care. We’re voting for him. “

And that’s the type of message you need to send.

And so all these people have, you know, problems with Trump.

You do need that.

Now, there are some people who say that the defeats are OK because they accelerate things.

And we need people to “really wake up” to get these things.

But the problem with that theory is that for a lot of people, you know, they’re very radicalized already.

I mean, most conservatives think that the government is run by satanic pedophiles.

I don’t know how much more you can wake them up.

I mean, it’s like, realize where we are.

It’s like your audience already realizes that the absolute evil people run this country.

The problem is that they think this is all hopeless.

They’re just going to focus on something else.

You know, there’s a lot of other options they can focus on.

There’s FanDuel, there’s DraftKings—I mean, sports betting has exploded in this country.

And I think that’s taken a lot of passions, violent passions of people and just directed it towards wasting our disposable income over whether the Dolphins win or not.

And so there’s a lot of options for people.

And so rather as a radicalizing element of realizing where our country is, they then become demoralized.

And they just focus on other things.

And we really need to get people back from the games to feeling hope and feeling like there is an alternative.

So love or hate Trump, he offers hope.

He is certainly not perfect.

And his first term certainly had its disappointments.

But he’s pretty much all we’ve got.

It’s the only realistic political vehicle we have.

And I think that’s why he deserves to win.

Scott Greer [Tweet him] is on Substack at for both written and podcast commentary, on YouTube (so far) here, and is the author of No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education Into Hateful Indoctrination.

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