Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Continued Unequal Justice For Charlottesville Five (Now Six)
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The trial of Charlottesville VA Unite The Right rally leader Chris Cantwell set for today (Thursday February 22) turned out to be merely a court appearance at which yet another new trial date (August 13) was set—a further sign that Charlottesville Narrative Collapse is undermining the prosecution’s case. But it’s been almost exactly six months since the much-demonized Unite the Right rally which, as reported by at the time and subsequently confirmed by a report from former Federal Prosecutor Tim Heaphy, descended into chaos because of culpable (in)actions by Democrat-controlled state and city government and their politicized police [Charlottesville Response to White Supremacist Rally is Sharply Criticized in Report, by Joe Heim, Washington Post, December 1, 2017]. Incredibly, four UTR participants are still being held without bail although all indicted AntiFa were released. This is what the late Sam Francis called Anarcho-Tyranny. Here’s a complete update:

Chris Cantwell

Chris Cantwell, host of the popular Radical Agenda podcast and Unite the Right speaker, was charged with three felonies. Two of those felonies were dropped when it came out that his accusers, Kristopher Goad and transvestite Emily Gorcenski had been less than truthful about Cantwell spraying Goad “directly in the face” [Two Charges Dismissed Against Cantwell, by Lauren Berg, The Daily Progress, November 9, 2017]. Further, Gorcenski’s claim that it was Cantwell’s pepper spray that allegedly landed on her/his arm could not be verified since there were at least 4 other pepper spray incidents involving people other than Chris Cantwell.

Within a week, Cantwell’s charges were brought back to two when Albemarle Commonwealth Attorney Robert Tracci brought another indictments for “Illegal Use of Gas” before a Grand Jury [Bond Granted for Cantwell, by Courteney Stuart, CBS 19, December 4, 2017].

James Fields

Fields has been accused of intentionally driving his Dodge Challenger into a crowd during a State of Emergency, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. In addition to the ten felony charges he was facing as of our last VDARE update, his second degree murder charge has been upgraded to first degree murder i.e. he woke up that morning intending to kill an AntiFa. This is precisely the sort of overcharging that let Kate Steinle’s killer go free, although in Field’s case the prosecutors certainly want to convict.

Shortly thereafter, it came to light that Dwayne Dixon, from the Communist group Redneck Revolt, had chased James Fields with a semi-automatic rifle just prior to the crash. Dixon’s (now-deleted) Facebook comment:

“I take a perverse pleasure in having carried this Spike’s [Tactical Gunshop] lower [rifle receiver]in defense of Justice Park on August 12th. I used this rifle to chase off James Fields from our block of 4th St before he attacked the marchers to the south.” (Emphasis added)

[A Durham man brought a semi-automatic rifle to a rumored KKK rally. Did he break the law?, By Virginia Bridges,, September 06, 2017.]

Dwayne Dixon [Email him] is currently a Teaching Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill where he was recently confronted by journalists from Big League Politics. In the video below, the Communist professor can be seen attacking a cameraman, crying about private property and then calling the police."[Leftist Professor Who Chased Charlottesville Driver With A Rifle Attacks Big League Cameraman (VIDEO), By Patrick Howley, February 12, 2018]

It continues to be entirely possible that Fields may turn out to be the next George Zimmerman, lynched by the MSM before being acquitted in a court of law.

But even George Zimmerman got bail.

The Rest Of The Charlottesville Five (Now Six)

Three of the other four UTR participants identified by Nicholas Stix as the “Charlottesville Five” because they are plainly political prisoners, are still imprisoned without bond while awaiting trial. They are:

  • Jacob Goodwin (Charge: Malicious Wounding)
  • Alex Ramos (Charge: Malicious Wounding)
  • Daniel Borden (Charge: Malicious Wounding)

One has been bonded out:

Additionally, Charlottesville has charged yet another man in relation to the Deandre Harris incident: Tyler Watkins Davis, from Florida. He was also charged with Malicious Wounding and extradited to the Charlottesville Albemarle Regional Jail—where, again, he is being held without bail. [Florida man arrested in connection to assault of Suffolk man in Charlottesville, by Matthew Twist, NBC 10 WAVY, February 10, 2018].

So now it’s the Charlottesville Six.

Deandre Harris Incident

The Deandre Harris incident made international news as a case of racist white supremacists beating up an innocent black man. But impartial observers knew all along that Harris and his associates started the fight by pulling a Confederate flag from Unite the Right demonstrator Harold Crews and bashing him over the head with a metal flashlight.

Charlottesville police refused to investigate, even as charges began piling up for the white men involved in the scuffle.

Finally, Harris’ victim Crews came forward (which most UTR participants are unable to do because of the PC Reign Of Terror) and was able to obtain a felony Unlawful Wounding charge against Harris for the attack.

Unlike the white men, Harris was immediately granted bond [Black Man Attacked by White Supremacists in Charlottesville Faces Felony Charge, by Ian Shapira and Derek Hawkins, Washington Post, October 11, 2017]. Following outcry from the Leftist MSM and Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King, the Charlottesville Commonwealth Attorney buckled and reduced his charge to a misdemeanor Assault and Battery with no chance of jail time.

Harris got off especially easy considering he was also throwing cans of frozen Coke into the crowd during UTR and violating the Virginia felony No Mask Law (see picture below).

(Despite numerous Antifa violating the No Mask law at the Unite the Right protest, not a single person was charged—evidence of total lack of political will to enforce a law that has been demonstrated to curb Antifa violence.

In contrast, four Leftists were charged under this law following the July 8th Klu Klux Klan rally, which not coincidentally was relatively uneventful. But all of these charges were later dropped after Leftist attorneys argued they were wearing masks to shield their faces from tear gas the police had deployed. [Charges dropped for mask-wearing protesters at KKK rally, by Lisa Province, C-ville Weekly, January 11th, 2018]

Interestingly, only one MSM outlet reported a recent incident where Deandre Harris was pulled over for speeding. [Deandre Harris Faces New Charges, by Courteney Stuart, CBS Newsplex, January 11, 2018] The officer searched the car after smelling marijuana and found a loaded AR-15 under a coat and a small quantity of marijuana. Harris now faces two additional misdemeanor charges of carrying a concealed weapon and transporting a loaded weapon.

Needless to say, Harris was not sent to jail for violating the terms of his bond.[DeAndre Harris Faces New Restrictions After Bond Hearing by John Early, NBC 29, February 10, 2009]

Other Violent Blacks Charged

The trouble with Deandre Harris at Unite the Right also involved several other violent black men, some of whom call themselves the Str8 Crud Boyz. Corey Long, who shot an improvised flamethrower (which he presumably just happened to have in his pocket) at UTR protestors forced by police to leave the park, is one of those men.

On October 13th, he was finally charged [Black man who wielded flamethrower during white nationalist rally in Charlottesville is arrested, by Jenny Jarvie, Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2017] with a measly misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge for firing the flamethrower and misdemeanor assault for ripping the Confederate flag out of Harold Crews’ hands. He’s retained notorious Black Panther Malik Shabazz as his legal counsel. [Black nationalist lawyer accused of anti-Semitic remarks to investigate response to rally, by Chris Suarez, The Daily Progress, September 28, 2017]

Additionally, another black man named Donald Blakney was charged on January 19th with Malicious Wounding for hitting a Unite the Right demonstrator in the head with a stick. [Charlottesville Man Accused of Malicious Wounding During Aug. 12, 2017, by Lowell Rose, NBC 29, January 22, 2018]. Unlike the white men charged with the same crime. he was released on a personal recognizance bond.

Kessler Press Conference Attackers

On August 13th, the day after the UTR rally was repressed, while I was holding a press conference disavowing political violence and blowing the whistle on government sabotage of the rally, I was attacked by a mob—much to the delight of the Main Stream Media who took sadistic pleasure in the attack. (The NY Daily News started a straight news report of the incident with the words “Run, Fascist, run!”)  [White nationalist ‘Unite the Right’ organizer flees Charlottesville news conference after he's shouted down by angry protesters, by Terence Cullen and Stephen Rex Brown, August 14, 2017,]

Despite the entire ordeal being filmed live in front of a global audience, Charlottesville police refused to investigate or make arrests until I demanded warrants from a magistrate.

These cases are a rare exception to the judicial corruption involving Antifa defendants. I demanded a special prosecutor and got a by-the-books Commonwealth Attorney from conservative Augusta County. Here are the results:

  • Brandon Collins, GUILTY of Assault and Battery for pushing me twice
  • Jeff Winder, GUILTY of Assault and Battery for striking the back of my head
  • Phoebe Stevens, GUILTY of Assault and Battery for charging me from behind

Three convicted for assaulting Jason Kessler, Charlottesville ‘Unite the Right’ organizer, By Andrew Blake, Washington Times, February 3, 2018

Winder and Collins were given suspended sentences with probation while Phoebe Stevens was ordered to 50 hours of community service.

Despite the prosecutor’s best efforts, the case against a fourth attacker, Robert Kenneth Litzenberger, was continued for a year with the condition that charges be dropped if he maintains good behavior. Litzenberger had spit on me in front of multiple witnesses, but the Charlottesville Commonwealth Attorney’s Office sabotaged the case by failing to submit the special prosecutor motion in time for trial.

Civil Lawsuits

Two civil lawsuits have been filed against Unite the Right organizers, speakers and participants, including myself.

  • The first, done in conjunction between the City of Charlottesville, area businesses, and Georgetown University Law School, seeks to receive an injunction preventing pro-white groups from holding further rallies in the city.

We have filed a motion to dismiss.

  • The second lawsuit, seeking $3 million in damages, was filed by well-known left-wing attorneys Roberta Kaplan and Boies, Schiller and Flexner. They are representing a number of individuals who “emotional distress” or physical injuries, mostly related to James Fields’ car wreck.

Motions to dismiss are being filed in that case as well.

Additionally, another Unite the Right participant, National Policy Institute’s president Richard Spencer, acting pro se,  has filed a motion for the civil litigation to be dismissed on the grounds that it is harassing “lawfare” designed to exhaust defendants financially, and noting that he has been unable to find legal representation [White nationalist can’t get a lawyer, wants Charlottesville suit tossed, by Eliott McLaughlin, CNN, January 31, 2018]. As American legal ethics disintegrate under Cultural Marxist pressure, finding attorneys is becoming an increasing problem for many Politically Incorrect groups—for example, during the Defense of Marriage Act litigation.

(Full disclosure: Spencer has distanced himself from me and we no longer co-operate).

A legal team representing myself and most of the groups involved with the Unite The Right is planning to file a §1983 Civil Rights counter-suit against the City of Charlottesville, the Charlottesville Police Department and others as soon as the motions to dismiss have been heard in court.

Donations to aid Chris Cantwell can be made here.

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Jason Kessler is a freelance journalist and activist who has written for, Daily Caller and GotNews as well as his own site He’s also the president and founder of the America First non-profit Unity and Security for America.

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