“They Don’t Let Low-IQ People Immigrate”—Why China Has Soared Past The U.S.
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VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance focus on explicatory journalism that should have flowed out of The Bell Curve but didn’t because of the resurgent Reign Of Terror, and they are accordingly even more censored than VDARE.com (but we’re catching up). Recently, Taylor produced three videos with transcripts discussing “The Taboo That Could Break America”—the utter inability of the American Ruling Class to accept any explanation for black underperformance other than white racism. (Here, here, here—comment at AmRen.) I was particularly taken by his discussion of what the absence of native and imported low IQ groups means for China.

If you want to know where the U.S. is headed, think about this: In the 12th grade, the average black or Hispanic student is reading and doing math at about the level of the average white 8th grader. And blacks and Hispanics will be an ever-increasing percentage of our workforce.

Which brings me to China, our number-one competitor. China doesn’t have a lot of blacks and Hispanics. It doesn’t have race riots. It’s not spending billions on “diversity.” It isn’t trying to turn unteachable Somalis and Hondurans into anesthesiologists

All the billions and all the incredible moral energy we waste on racial goose chases, the Chinese have used to build their country.

Look at this comparison by the IMF of the sizes of our two economies. In 1980, just 40 years ago, China’s economy was one ninth the size of ours. It zoomed past us five years ago and is set to keep sailing ahead.

Look up the longest bridges in the world. Four out of the top five are in China and the fifth is in Thailand. 

China has built a national network of high-speed trains. There is nothing like this thing in the United States.

The colored lines on this map are high-speed rail with trains that go up to 200 miles an hour. China has more miles of high-speed rail than all other countries in the world combined. And every mile went into service just in the last 15 years.

Has China neglected air travel? Nope. It has the biggest domestic air travel market in the world and has plans to build 200 more airports in the next 15 years.

But we’ll sell them the planes, right? Good luck trying. China has just introduced the C 919—as a direct competitor with Boeing and Airbus. Twenty-eight airlines have already ordered 815 of them.

If it ever comes to a shooting war, believe me, the Chinese are already laughing at the idea of Affirmative Action or “Diversity” and “Inclusion.” They have a simpler goal: build the best and toughest army in the world. We’re turning out social workers who carry rifles.

Our competitors are serious.

They don’t let low-IQ people immigrate.

They don’t rewrite their history or demonize their founders.

They don’t coddle people who hate them.

If anybody ever talked about building something based on Afrofuturism, they’d put him in the nut house.

And the Chinese understand IQ. The Beijing Genomics Institute is leading the hunt for the genes associated with intelligence. And when they find them, the Chinese will use genetic engineering to make their people as smart as possible.

We can’t compete with China while we are bound and gagged and hobbled by terrible taboos about race. Pretty soon we won’t be able to compete with, heck, Brazil.

And that’s why this is a taboo that could wreck our country.

Jared Taylor [Email him] is the editor of American RenaissanceYou can follow him on Parler and Gab

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