The U.S. Military Is Woke—Patriots Must Demand Court Martials, Forced Retirements
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The above photo, of black female West Point cadets raising their fists (and a sword or two) in support of BLM was taken in 2016.

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Sign of the times: Much-touted Biden VP possibility Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), a former Army lieutenant colonel, has announced it’s time to send the Father of Our Country down the memory hole.

And she roasted President Trump for speaking at Rushmore, “land stolen from Native Americans.” Duckworth’s comments are symptomatic of our Woke military leadership’s increasingly open distaste for the Historic American Nation. So what’s President Trump going to do about it—especially given that most combat troops, as opposed to uniformed bureaucrats, are white Southerners?

Let’s look at the latest from the Pentagon:

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, a staunch immigration patriot, recently exposed Army materials that call “Make America Great Again” as “covert white supremacy.” They were part of a program that advances “diversity, equity, and inclusion across the force” [U.S. Army Project Inclusion, Stand-To, June 29, 2020]. The same handout called “Eurocentric Education” and “Celebration of Columbus Day” forms of “covert white supremacy.” Brooks called the material “illegal, racist and politically partisan” and urged a thorough investigation.

The Army did surrender quickly, claiming the offensive pamphlets were an “error” [Army investigates handout suggesting Trump campaign slogan constitutes ‘covert white supremacy, by Howard Altman, Military Times, July 9, 2020]. But considering other initiatives aimed at the Historic American Nation, one wonders.

Last week, Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that he supports renaming bases honoring Confederate generals because they symbolize “treason” and their names offend  non-white soldiers [Top general: US military needs to take 'hard look' at Confederate symbols, by Rebecca Kheel, The Hill, July 9, 2020]. Trump to his credit opposes that, but the Pentagon is preparing to ban the Confederate Battle Flag from all military facilities. The U.S. Marines have banned the flag, and so has the commander of U.S forces in South Korea. Gen. Robert Abrams claims it “has the power to inflame feelings of racial division” [Pentagon drafting ban on displaying Confederate flag at bases, by Barbara Starr, CNN, July 6, 2020].

The military is also backing “Black Lives Matter”—although it is plainly a Blood Libel on White America. Hundreds of American military personnel in South Korea participated in BLM events and General Abrams has endorsed the movement’s general spirit [In South Korea, US Diplomats, Military Show Black Lives Matter Solidarity, by William Gallo, Voice of America, June 15, 2020].

Gen. David Goldfein, Air Force chief of staff, called the death of George Floyd a “national tragedy” in a memorandum that supported the Floyd Hoax riots, and vowed that the Air Force would do more to combat “racial prejudice, systemic discrimination, and unconscious bias” [Air Force commander calls George Floyd's death 'a national tragedy,' by Zachary Cohen, Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN, June 2, 2020].

Goldfein took his cue from black Chief Master Sgt. Kaleth Wright, the highest-ranking enlisted man in the Air Force. Wright tweeted his full support for the Floyd protests, demanded “racial justice,” and claimed his greatest fear is police racism.

Wright has nothing to fear, of course, but Goldfein enthusiastically became his wingman. Wright’s entire Twitter feed for the past several weeks has been entirely about race and Black Lives Matter.

Of course, all these serving personnel should have been court martialed. But their “leadership” is coming from the top.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper, a Trump appointee, reportedly opposed the President’s desire to use federal troops to quell the BLM riots in Washington, D.C., and the Pentagon countermanded the president’s troop deployment orders. James Mattis, Trump’s former defense secretary and a former Marine general, strongly criticized Trump’s riot response and sided with the protesters [Pentagon-Trump clash breaks open over military and protests, by Zeke Miller, Jonathan Lemire, Michael Balsamo and James LaPorta, Associated Press, June 4, 2020]. And after the usual Two Minutes Hate, Milley apologized for appearing alongside the commander in chief as law enforcement cleared DC’s chaotic streets.

And finally, after weeks of pro-BLM anarchy, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Milley ran up the white flag and backed the riots in the same testimony that bayoneted Confederate heroes:

The protests that have ensued [after George Floyd’s death] not only speak to this injustice, but also to centuries of injustice towards Black Americans. We, as a nation and as a military, are still struggling with racism, and we have much work to do.”

[No Place for Racism, Discrimination in U.S. Military, Milley Says, by Jim Garamone, DOD News, July 9, 2020].

This is a blatant intervention in domestic political debate. But none of this will shock anyone who’s been watching the U.S.  military. Its elite top commanders mouth that diversity is the core strength of the military even if they don’t believe it. They know how to stick a finger into the wind. “Equality and opportunity are matters of military readiness, not just Political Correctness,” Milley testified. The official U.S. Army website declares “America's diversity is our Army's strength.” 13 years ago, Army chief of staff Gen. George Casey’s main concern after Muslim jihadist and Army Maj. Nidal Hasan murdered 14 people at Fort Hood wasn’t that Muslims might constitute a fifth column inside the military, but instead that a “backlash” against Muslim soldiers would mean “our diversity becomes a casualty.”

Forty-three percent of active-duty servicemembers are non-white, yet the Defense Department feels that’s not diverse enough [The changing profile of the U.S. military: Smaller in size, more diverse, more women in leadership, by Amando Barroso, Pew Research Fact Tank, September 10, 2019]. Trump appointee Esper promises to increase the military’s diversity and eradicate “racism and inequality” [DoD creates board to provide concrete recommendations on race and diversity, by Scott Maucione, Federal News Network, June 18, 2020].

The military also actively recruits immigrants for the service and expedites their naturalization. Our generals ignore the lessons of the Roman Empire in relying on corps of foreign helots to fight its wars.

No doubt inadvertently, the military’s diversity programs are aiding and abetting miscegenation. Interracial marriage is much more common in the military than among the general population, and small towns near military bases report some of the highest interracial marriage rates in America [In U.S. metro areas, huge variation in intermarriage rates, by Gretchen Livingstone, Pew Research Fact Tank, May 18, 2017]. Of course, the military can appear to make integration work because it can exclude lower IQ recruits.

Duckworth is the poster girl for that development. Her father is a white Army vet, her mother a Chinese Thai, and Duckworth is married to a white Army officer.

Of course, our military academies are corrupted too. Last month, top West Points grads wrote a letter to demand the military academy do more to fight “racism”:

The United States Military Academy has not taken the necessary strides towards uprooting the racism that saturates its history. We are calling upon West Point and its leadership to redress three major failures:

  1. Systemic racism continues to exist at West Point.
  2. Anti-racism is not part of the curriculum at West Point.
  3. The conditions for an anti-racist space are not present at West Point.

Policy Proposal: An Anti-Racist West Point, July 25, 2015

Significantly, two-thirds of the letter signers were women and at least two thirds are  non-white i.e. this is not the West Point that won World War II.

Their names are David Bindon USMA ‘19, Simone Askew USMA ‘18, Joy Schaeffer USMA ‘18,  Tony Smith USMA ‘19, Care Kehn USMA ‘18, Jack Lowe USMA ‘19,  Netteange Monaus USMA ‘18 Ashley Salgado USMA ’19, and Maria Blom USMA ’18,  2nd Lt. Bindon is the only white male.

But instead of dismissing the letter as the work of insubordinate junior officers, West Point announced it was conducting a thorough review of racial issues at the academy [As nine alumni highlight racism at West Point, the academy’s IG starts review of ‘all matters involving race’, by Kyle Rempfer, Army Times, July 8, 2020].

But remember: While the military brass obsesses about diversity and eliminating “systemic racism,” it’s whites who still do most of the fighting and dying.

Roughly 83 percent of American servicemen killed in Iraq were white and 85 percent of American service members killed in Afghanistan were white [American War and Military Operations Casualties: Lists and Statistics, Congressional Research Service, September 24, 2019].

Our Woke military brass choose not appreciate the Historic American Nation’s heroic sacrifice, let alone appreciate the Southern boys whose heritage those leaders betray, although the states of the Confederacy are the country’s major contributors of men to the armed forces [Demographics of the U.S. Military, by George M. Reynolds and Amanda Shendruk,, April 24, 2018]. Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., whose father was a Confederate general, was one of three highest ranking Army officers killed in World War II. Now, the flag his father fought under and that flapped over Shuri Castle on Okinawa (pictured at right) during the battle in which he was killed, is verboten [Okinawa Confederate Flag, by Philip Leigh, Abbeville Blog, April 6, 2018].

America’s armed forces have turned into a Woke social experiment during the past 30 years because of Leftist Democrats and the cowardly Republicans who failed to stop them. Women now serve in combat, despite a presidential commission’s recommendation in 1992 that women remain exempt from such duty, and the Marine Corps’ strongly opposing including women in the combat arms 24 years later [Marine Corps debate over women in combat continues to roil, by Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press, January 8, 2016]. The military ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and allows homosexuals to serve openly, although everyone knows/ hopes this will be disastrous. Attempts to push the “transgendered” into service continue, but at least Trump administration is fighting on that bizarre front [Year after trans military ban, legal battle rages on, by Julie Moreau, NBC News, April 11, 2020]. And, as the West Point letter shows, many of the loudest advocates for the Woke measures are, of course, female officers, including lesbians.

The military claims diversity and inclusion make it stronger, but the numbers say otherwise. Eighty-four percent of women service members and 30 percent of men have failed the Army’s new, gender-neutral physical fitness tests [Men and Women Seeing Different Failure Rates on Army's Gender-Neutral Fitness Test, by Matthew Cox,, October 15, 2019]. The intelligence of military officers has also steadily declined since 1980 [Understanding the steady and troubling decline in the average intelligence of Marine Corps officers, by Delaney Parrish, Brookings Institution, July 24, 2015]. Could that be because the officer corps is less white?

Our new Woke military will become a national security threat if something isn’t done to curb its push to adopt “anti-racist” policies and its insane obsession with “diversity and inclusion.” The commander in chief—that would be President Trump—can start by sacking any senior officer who refuses to carry out an order to quell such violence.

As Gene Hackman’s character said in Crimson Tide, the military does not practice democracy, it defends it. The command in chief should remember that, and compel the Joint Chiefs and their service commanders to get in line or retire.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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