Thanks To Mark Steyn For Supporting Against The Tech Totalitarians' "Big Shut-Up"
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Earlier: Thanks To Mark Steyn For His Kind Words On Network Solutions' Attempted Deplatforming Of

UPDATE: As of Sunday at 4:00 PM, Credit Card Donations are still working!

The Weekend edition of The Mark Steyn Show has a segment on what Steyn calls the "Accelerating Big Shut-Up." See Surrender Nothing, The Mark Steyn Show, December 18, 2020, which covers the threat from's payment processor to cut us off.

Steyn's theme: "Unless you're prepared to surrender everything, surrender nothing!"

Listen below to the segment that concerns us, and the current Monumental Destruction.

Listen to the whole thing here.

Quote from Steyn:

"Peter Brimelow did the right thing he lawyered up and sent a strong legal pushback. That's all you can do. They don't want any chitchat with you. They think you're a loser, they can crush like a bug. And the only thing that will give them pause is a legal threat from a real lawyer. And so the gutless fairies is at the merchant processor have fallen silent and for the moment donations are still going through. And VDARE is monitoring the situation hour by hour. So if you weren't had been planning to chip in a few bucks for those guys, you had better hurry!"

If you're inspired by that call to action (real lawyers cost money) click the button below:

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